Discount Code for a 6% off all Vouchers @ HotelVoucherShop!

Discount Code for a 6% off all Vouchers @ HotelVoucherShop!

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Try and pick a hotel from there site. Use the redeem voucher tab at the top of the page, next use To view a list of hotels and destinations you can use your voucher at CLICK HERE it's at the bottom of the first paragraph.As an example pick L for a search.
Llanberis Llandudno and Llaangollen all show as destinations with hotel names but try and enter any of these places into the destination search engine on the redeem vocher page and all you get is "please select a valid location" this happens for loads and loads of thee so called locations with hotels.
Try typing a letter in the search bar then look for any hotel in the UK , C for eg - the first place in the uk is "Caernarfon Wales UK" select and hit enter no hotels found for this request.
This goes on and on and on use this company at your peril worse than useless
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