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Discount Supplements is the online store that sells health and nutritional supplements, sports supplements & training accessories as well as body care, fragrances, and sports clothing. The store is a one stop shop for health and sports products and strives to offer quality merchandise at competitive prices and quick deliveries. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or get help getting healthier, find all that you need at Discount Supplements. 
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Efectiv Nutrition Whey 2kg £32.99 + £2.99 del at Discount Supplements
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Posted 11th Dec 2020Posted 11th Dec 2020
Efectiv Nutrition Whey 2kg £32.99 + £2.99 del at Discount Supplements£35.98
My smart scales are telling me I am low in protein, so I have been looking for some protein supplements. These look good, and come in a wide variety of flavours. Description Lea… Read more

I either use these or MATRIX NUTRITION You can normally get a good deal from one of them.



I am going to try and sweet them on the Chat function, and see whether they will offer me the price from last week


Haha, you must have read my mind. I did try that one, but the price has increased now to £53.29 (after code), which is why I did a quick google and found this other one.


I got this delivered last week. my protein

Grenade Carb Killa Brownie BOGOF at Discount Supplements Now £22.90 delivered
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Refreshed 11th Mar 2019Refreshed 11th Mar 2019
Grenade Carb Killa Brownie BOGOF at Discount Supplements Now £22.90 delivered£22.90£27.9818% off
Grenade Carb Killa Brownie 12 x 60g x2 Box Deal BuyOne Get One Free deal Works on multiple purchases Add extra discount code Discount5 for 5% off (no limit) 24 bars for £22. Th… Read more

17.5g of sugar - are you having a laugh mate? (cheeky)


Just as an aside, if you are vegetarian, these contain beef gelatine.


I don't think you can beat these from Aldi TBH Slightly less protein, but almost half the price of these!


This is deal is also on


It’ll make you fat

Grenade Carb Killa bars BOGOF £14 + £1.99 delivery at Discount Supplements
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Posted 22nd Jan 2019Posted 22nd Jan 2019
Grenade Carb Killa bars BOGOF £14 + £1.99 delivery at Discount Supplements£14
Grenade Carb Killa bars BOGOF 24 bars for £14

crap, thoguht this was the normal bars, wasn't expecting the brownies!


£22 for 2 boxes still pretty cheap, can use discount5 for 5% off then add 1.99 for delviery


£1 a bar


Think they’ve adjusted the price, it was £14 this morning


Then why pay these prices if you can get it cheap elsewhere.

Antioxidant Capsules £9.99 / £11.98 delivered @ Discount supplements
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Posted 3rd Apr 2018Posted 3rd Apr 2018
Antioxidant Capsules £9.99 / £11.98 delivered @ Discount supplements£9.99
Antioxidant Capsules, Acai Berry 120 x 500mg capsules
Avatar deleted1930346
Get deal*Get deal*

I reported the other one which has now gone but this one has stayed, very strange


Just who eats a balanced diet these days? Most "fresh" vegetables have been harvested days before arriving at a supermarket by which time any vitamin content has long since gone. Most grain for bread comes from Europe as a result of which it lacks selenium a known anti-cancer agent.


Yeah, I said in my post that if you've problems, a doctor will give supplements. If you're eating an unbalanced diet, you'd probably get better results by eating better than spending money self medicating on supplements. If you're healthy and eating a balanced diet, you might be doing more harm than good taking unneeded supplements, as your body needs to get rid of the excess to maintain balance.


I agree. Eat a balanced diet and if you're healthy, your body will get everything it needs to maintain itself. You should only need supplements if a doctor finds a problem. If you take in too much of most things, you'll probably put stress on the body's waste management systems as it tries to remove the excess.


"The body normally produces the correct levels of everything it needs". There in lies the need for these supplements, because sometimes things aren't normal.

144 Grenade Thermo Supplements - £26 with code at Discount Supplements
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Posted 11th Jul 2017Posted 11th Jul 2017
144 Grenade Thermo Supplements - £26 with code at Discount Supplements£26
100 capsules currently on sale at Holland and Barrett for £44.99. This gives you 144 capsules delivered (+£1.99) for £28.99 "SRP £46.95 | You Save £16.96 (36%) TODAY ONLY: EXTR… Read more
Avatar deleted1613279
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That's regular Grenade Thermo detonator, not Black Ops. Which is 23.95 for 100.


£16.99 on amazon (if you have prime)

Optimum Nutrition Gold standard whey 4.54kg £71.99 @ Discount supplements
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Posted 2nd May 2017Posted 2nd May 2017
Optimum Nutrition Gold standard whey 4.54kg £71.99 @ Discount supplements£71.99
This one's for all the muscle heads out there getting ready for the summer. This deal won't be for everybody but I thought it was a really good price. Optimum Nutrition Gold stan… Read more

thanks, I was going to buy 2 of the 2.27kg for just under £60. But buying the one big pack works out much cheaper. :)


Cancelled my order. Thanks for letting me know about the Amazon deal


Oh wow! Thanks for heads up!


This prompted me to check the price on Amazon.. With the current 25% off they have combined with my 15% saving with subscribe and save, I got this for £47.69 Thanks :)


Cheaper at Amazon, they are doing 25% off over £50 and currently you can get Strawberry at £79.50 and it comes to £59.62 That deal went cold though due to the wrong link. I posted the correct link in the comments.

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Quest Nutrition Protein Bars - Dated Nov-Dec 16 - Buy One Get One Free  Discount Supplements
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Posted 21st Dec 2016Posted 21st Dec 2016
Quest Nutrition Protein Bars - Dated Nov-Dec 16 - Buy One Get One Free Discount Supplements£14.50
Cheapest I've seen these bars - most flavours in stock still at time of posting. Free delivery over £50, or cheapest delivery is £2. Equiv £7.25 a box (12) !

great deal, best before does not mean expired


why so cold... its a good deal. thanks OP


good deal. full price is £23 a box, so 2 for less than £15 is fantastic. All natural ingredients mainly whey, almonds and stevia. Still the best protein bars on the market!


[image missing]


Best Before is 'Nov - Dec 16', but if like me you don't pay too much attention to BBE then this is a good deal. :)

Up to 40% off on proteins, MRPS, protein bars, flapjacks and more @ Discount Supplements
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Posted 25th Oct 2016Posted 25th Oct 2016
Up to 40% off on proteins, MRPS, protein bars, flapjacks and more @ Discount Supplements
Avatar deleted1563985
Get deal*Get deal*

Don't forget to use code OCT20 if you do decide to order them ;)


I could do with the help sleeping, especially after leg day, I get restless legs for 3 days after lol might give these a go, thanks


I've been using ZMA for longer than I can remember now. I'm not sure if I can feel any direct effects but I know it helps with sleep. Some people report having very deep and vivid dreams, but I don't seem to have these.


Glad you found something Narcotix, I haven't used ZMA before, have you? If you have do you see a positive impact like less fatigue? Thanks


Picked up some ZMA and Whey protein.. Thanks OP!

Fuel One 100% Whey Build + FREE Mega Men Sport Vitapak 30 Day Supply 1.8kg Tub -52 Servings !! Ends tonight - £29.49 - Discount Supplements
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Posted 23rd Oct 2016Posted 23rd Oct 2016
Fuel One 100% Whey Build + FREE Mega Men Sport Vitapak 30 Day Supply 1.8kg Tub -52 Servings !! Ends tonight - £29.49 - Discount Supplements£29.49
• Ultra-Premium Whey Blend • 24g of Protein • For Muscle Growth & Mass Fuel One 100% Whey Build is a top quality pure Whey Blend. Each serving provides 24g of ultra-filtere… Read more
Avatar deleted1563985
Get deal*Get deal*

The one you suggested is still a great product and definately well worth the money


Crap product. Vitapak is so under dosed it's useless!


I suppose you could look at it like that :)


Depends what your after, for me personally I'm consuming around 260 grams of protein a day so the higher the protein content the better and with the vitapak too which pretty much has everything you need including all the fat burning components if your looking to trim up instead of bulk up this is a good one for the price


This one is better and cheaper

NSC Olympic Barbell 140kg Set - £115.00 @ Discount Supplements
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Posted 24th Sep 2016Posted 24th Sep 2016
NSC Olympic Barbell 140kg Set - £115.00 @ Discount Supplements£115
Have been hunting for an Olympic set for a while. Was considering purchasing 100kg Olympic set from amazon, Priced range 150-170. Logged onto hotdeals to investigate the £183 14… Read more

I only got round to opening the packages a week after I got them. I found 3x5kg weights were missing and one of the other weights were chipped. They are refusing to send out the missing weights because their t&c's say I should have checked the goods within 5 days! I paid with PayPal so have raised a dispute


I got all mine fine 2 days after I ordered. I think I saw this Sunday night and ordered then it all came Tuesday afternoon via DPD. I was able to track the delivery and see the arrival time. It came exactly inside the 1 hour slot. The poor guy that delivered it all ran back and forth from his lorry about 5 times lol. Was out of breath when done. I offered help and he said no. The boxes are absolutely battered haha. To be expected though as the weights are only really wrapped in cardboard with some strapping, which people pick them up by mangling the cardboard. Comes as an 8 part package in 8 different boxes/wraps. The only thing with this kit, is I might swap the bar for a 6ft Olympiuc one in the future as I have limited space. Have to see how I get on. Good deal though cheers. Been meaning to buy some stuff for a while.


This is probably an issue with the courrier not Discount Supplements 2bh


You got these for half price and at a stupidly low price as well with free delivery and complaining??????


Yep same here received only 1 of 8 parcels today and was told the others should turn up tomorrow. Defo not "express" delivery!

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