Discount Voucher Code for £5 Off £30 Spend @ Flowers Direct !

Discount Voucher Code for £5 Off £30 Spend @ Flowers Direct !

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A word of warning. I ordered a bouquet of flowers for my mothers birthday to be delivered on Sat Feb 16th. They arrived on Thursday......yes Valentines day. My mother phoned me up to say that if i had paid more than a fiver for her flowers, I had been ripped off. They actually cost me £34. She received ,in her words.....the scrapings from the florists floor after all the valentines flowers had been delivered. She said she had to throw more than half the foilage away as it was dead & all that was left was 2 white carnation, 3 tulips, 3 chrysanths & 2 unidentified lilac flowers plus 2 pieces of fern. I have spent more than 2 hours on the phone trying to complain but as it's their busiest day, I can't get through. Will have to try tomorrow, which is better for them as at least my anger may have subsidied a bit by then.

:thumbsup: Thanks for tip! Was just about to order some of these, but on second thoughts...

I ordered Mothers Day flowers and they didn't arrive. Now all the phones are off the hook. BAD COMPANY. Lucky I paid by Paypal...
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