Discount voucher for £5 off anything at Gizoo (no min spend)-£5

Get code & visit siteses


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Currently also free delivery too!

thanks, anyone found anything good for around £5

The whole site looks overpriced to me:x

I just checked a few items and they were all a tleast £5 or 50% cheaper at play and amazon

Thanks very much - I just bought a tea tool (£6.95) so only cost £1.95 delivered as free delivery as well. Best invention for a tea bag! Had one before from Lakeland but it got melted on the hob by accident and grudged paying another £5 for it! Someone has posted a fridge monkey (for cans/bottles) which only cost 95p with the code.


Thanks, I bought a moonlight for £4.95 which is a good price, last time I bought one it was £7.50, plus I got 31p via topcashback too.


This is … This is goodhttp://www.gizoo.co.uk/Products/EcoFriendly/EnergySaving/EcoStapler.htm

Thanks, just placed an order for one of these - we get through loads of staples and not bad for £1.95.


thanks, been wanting one of those stapler thingies

yay thanks got a stapler for my dad


I got three battery powered fake candles for a fiver H+R

I was tempted by the stapler but it said it only works on 3 pages maximum... not much use it seemed

Dont forget Quidco!!!!


]This looks interesting for £1.95

Thats what I got :thumbsup:

Drumstick Pencils are quite funky ... That's what i've ordered for 95p after the voucher :thumbsup:

Can you provide link for Drumstick Pencils? Unable for find it on site.


Drumstick Pencils are quite funky ... That's what i've ordered for 95p … Drumstick Pencils are quite funky ... That's what i've ordered for 95p after the voucher :thumbsup:

I ordered these last night & quidco tracked - great little stocking filler for 85p delivered/quidco'd :thumbsup:


they've disapeared...i'm guessing when something sells out they just take it of their website? :?

Cheers. The site is overpriced, but with codes you can usually save a little. I bought this: - gizoo.co.uk/Pro…htm
Have been meaning to get something for ages so I can watch movies on flights. With the voucher, and Quidco, it works out less than £3 which is ok.

ordered the anti snoring thingy! thanks

any idea on expiry date

Thanks! I'm pretty excited about my incoming Garlic Twist - ended up at £4.95, which is cheaper than I could find it elsewhere online.

EDIT: I wanted to be the first to add the obligatory "Don't forget Quidco."


Also another if you spend min £30 get £5 off.

"topcashback 2010"


the garlic crusher looks very much like a weed grinder!! lol
everything seems very over priced, maybe ok for using the voucher but after thats gone cant see thatweb site lasting too long

I got the moviepeg, useful for when the world cup starts - watch it at work :thumbsup:


Grabbed a moviepeg too, Green colour was £6.50 so after quidco was £1.41 delivered ! Nice find :roll:


]http//ww…htm ordered these,Thanks!
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