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Whyte Sussex Disc Sora Road/Gravel Bike 50cm/52cm - £699.99 delivered @ Discount Cycles Direct
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Posted 20th Jun 2020Posted 20th Jun 2020
Whyte Sussex Disc Sora Road/Gravel Bike 50cm/52cm - £699.99 delivered @ Discount Cycles Direct£699.99£799.9913% off Free P&P Free
This lightweight aluminium frame offers large tyre clearances, great geometry and reliable disc braking, making it a perfect companion for big rides out in the hills. Whether you’… Read more
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Oh and if you have Portify you can get 7% off potential 20% if you can persuade them that it’s an accessory


Worth asking people on ‘road cycling uk’ Facebook group if they’ve had it, I assume someone else has tried it


I've been going back to this for the past couple of weeks and debating buying it, I just can't tell if it's that good a deal or not. The lack of reviews on the Jareen is kind of putting me off but on the other hand I absolutely loved my Wilier 503X Pro mtb and trust the brand. The big thing for me at the moment is value for money and it feels like the gravel bike market is a lot less value for money than the road bike market? Having been cycling a fair bit in the past few months and being overtaken on every hill by everyone who's not on a mtb like me I feel I need to make the move across!


I had hoped to pick up a Triban RC 520 Gravel bike from Decathlon for £850. Cable-operated hydraulic brakes rather than full hydraulics a minus but 105 groupset a big plus. Waiting on them coming back in to stock before pulling the trigger. Thankfully I have my road bike in the meantime..


Theres no definition of what a gravel bike is. But is commonly accepted that it has to have an easier gear for climbing off road. 34x32 to 50x11 is standard road bike gearing.

Whyte Sussex Disc Sora Road/Racing Bike £599.99 @ DiscountCyclesDirect
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Posted 19th Jul 2019Posted 19th Jul 2019
Whyte Sussex Disc Sora Road/Racing Bike £599.99 @ DiscountCyclesDirect£599.99£79925% off
Ride London is just around the corner and I think this would come in handy for those taking part. My colleagues at work (they know a lot about bikes) highly recommended it. Plus it… Read more

A very good point I just assumed it would be CF at this price. Saying that it is fitted with 700x28 tyres so they should provide additional comfort and may even have the capacity to increase on that slightly. Still seems penny pinching not to have a CF fork at this price.


2016 model I think, judging by the model number


It’s got an aluminum front fork. Please be wary, could be a bone shaker!?


Not familiar with this retailer but seems to have some good deals I wonder how much more they will discount end of season into September etc.


Given how long it takes some to complete... it might prove cost efficient to buy this bike over riding a BB (cheeky)

Marin Bolinas Ridge 6.2 2015 £249.99 delivered @ Discount cycles direct
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Posted 1st Aug 2016Posted 1st Aug 2016
Marin Bolinas Ridge 6.2 2015 £249.99 delivered @ Discount cycles direct£249.99
Nice Marin bike. Free Postage to All of England and Wales and the following postcode areas in Scotland: DD, DG, EH, FK, G, KA (Except 27 & 28), KY, ML, TD, AB1 to AB16, AB21 t… Read more

If as you say you just want something simple and won't be going on anything rougher than a gravel track then don't bother with sus fork. As I said if you can stretch to the Marin Fairfax, you won't regret it, it'll feel light and nippy, the frame is much better than bog standard. The 700c wheels are probably the best size for what you need with lots of tyre size choices.


Makes up for having to trawl though pages of people arguing about the best type of fork ;)


Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it.


Simple, that would do the job.. Best bet is this for £300, because it has internal hub gears, yes bit more but very nice. That extra £50 would soon be forgotten.. Its at quite a discount and the rear hub on its own is the best part of £100 on its own. Info about the internal hub gears.


Personally I'd look at the bikes at decathlon - such as this: I've found them good value for money. The type of riding you're talking about would be fine with a basic bike like that - no need to spend a lot.

Proviz Reflect 360 high visibility cycling Jacket £55 @ discountcyclesdirect
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Posted 11th Oct 2015Posted 11th Oct 2015
Proviz Reflect 360 high visibility cycling Jacket £55 @ discountcyclesdirect£55
I was in the market for a high visibility jacket after recently becoming a born again cyclist. This is a highly recommended jacket by the cycling community and this is the cheapes… Read more

I ordered small and it fits me like a medium/large would. Which is fine because I can wear a warmer jacket/sweater underneath.


What's the sizing like on these? true to size or should I go a size up? thanks


Received my jacket today.Very fast deliver.Very pleased, check out the pics below.Normal photo without flash.With flash to show reflectivity


Got this for my brother at Christmas, he is currently cycling from John O'Groats to lands end. He says this is the only jacket that keeps him dry and its going to keep you safe as you are lit up like a Christmas tree. Worth every penny for keeping yourself safe.


Proviz stuff is the way for night riding

Marin Bolinas Ridge 6.1 mountain bike £224.99 @ discount cycles
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Posted 19th Aug 2015Posted 19th Aug 2015
Marin Bolinas Ridge 6.1 mountain bike £224.99 @ discount cycles£224.99
Decent spec for the money, normally £300+. Butted alloy frame, butted alloy handlebars, alloy stem, not steel, stainless spokes. Shimano Altus gears, not basic tourney. Frame: Ser… Read more

i got a marin palisades trail for £500 from formby cyles, When i noticed no disk brakes they asked for another £150. Even though it should of came with them. Just watch out for these scams when buying a bike.


The series 1frame on the Marin can certainly take a disc brake as its the same frame used on much more expensive Marin's.


This GT Aggressor Comp might be worth considering against the Marin: At £238 it has £100 off and, like Marin, GT is a well-known, respected brand. The main differences are that the GT uses disk brakes, and 27.5" wheels instead of 26". The GT has a shorter travel fork than the Marin. Very loosely speaking, I'd say the GT might be better for speed on road & light trails, whereas the Marin might cope better with rough stuff. A slight problem with the Marin is that if you ever want to add disk brakes you'll need to change the wheels as they're not disk-ready. EDIT: In fact it might be impossible to add disk brakes to the Marin, if the frame and forks don't have suitable mounts. Disk brakes are not essential, but they cope far better than V-brakes against wet+mud.


'Hybrid' covers many different specs and can be exactly what someone needs, eg my Specialized 'hybrid' is a good road bike but without the drop bars as I dislike them. Equally many 'hybrids' are more like mountain bikes but usable on the road too. Most people here in the real world, who probably have only one or, maybe, two bikes will find a 'hybrid' in some form which is the best fit for their mix of riding. It's just a name, read it as 'not dedicated to a single, specialist purpose'.


I would advise avoid hybrids. They do nothing well. Either get a road bike or a mountain bike. I agree at this price avoid suspension, it lowers the spec of other components and adds weight. And cheap suspension will not be effective and likely fail. This is a good bike for the price.

Marin Lucas Valley £499.99 @ Discount Cycles Direct
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Posted 30th Jun 2015Posted 30th Jun 2015
Marin Lucas Valley £499.99 @ Discount Cycles Direct£499.99
I believe this is the 2012 model, which has been discontinued, but still a very capable hybrid bike at this price. I have the Mill Valley (model up from this) and it is a joy to r… Read more

Comment Unless it's rocky, rooty or anything other than fire road or fields ;-)


To some :D


cyclocross is where it's at


Madam98 it's horses for courses. It's an all rounder ( or jack of all trades, maste rof none if you prefer). A hybrid will handle a far more varied range of terrain than a road bike but will be faster than an out and out mountain bike. As an all rounder for someone who wants to commute, do light trails and some longer rides in comfort it is a single bike which covers all those possibilities and therefore will make perfect sense to someone who wants to cycle but doesn't want to start their own specialist bike collection(or can't afford to) to cover every possible type of ride. I'm guessing this will be significantly lighter than a much cheaper hybrid with the ride benefits that brings. You could always add end posts to the bars if you needed different hand positions. I have both a hybrid and a road bike. The first is great for around town, on country bike trails and rides up to abut 25 miles.If that's mixed terrain with any off road sections my road bike wouldn't handle it and would become a liability. If it's just a road ride I take the road bike but for all sorts of other purposes the hybrid is a handy piece of kit.


Comment I ride a £500+ hybrid, better than a road bike because of the up right position and better than a MTB as its still light and fast. Saying that this bike doesn't look that good compared to what other hybrids are in this price range.

Bobbin Noodle Hybrid/Commuter Bike £264.99 @ discount Cycles direct
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Posted 17th Apr 2015Posted 17th Apr 2015
Bobbin Noodle Hybrid/Commuter Bike £264.99 @ discount Cycles direct£264.99
I've been considering getting one of these for a while, they seem to be £375 everywhere else so this looks like a great price. I'm not at all clued up on the technical side of bik… Read more

My wife had an old Triumph Traffic Master in the 1980's that looked like this. It had a 3 speed Sturmey Archer hub gear changer. It was a bit dated in the 80's. I'd agree with johnstalvern - you should look for a second hand bike. I suspect there are plenty of good secondhand bike shops in Manchester! Failing that if you are limited to less than £300 a 2 minute search of the web reveals something like this - Not saying its great but looks better than the Noodle!


Thanks, I appreciate that a lot. I'm in Manchester. You could ring and ask how much they would charge to fit some for you? I would be in the same situation if I decide to order.


No mudguards and rear carrier. Need it to cycle to work.


Look for something with Reynolds 531 frame tubes. It's a bit reductionist to say this, but without going into spectacular detail on the subject (and I haven't got time unfortunately) suffice it to say that bikes using this frame tubing are usually good quality and were mid to high end bikes in their day. First tip: Raleigh made A LOT of **** bikes. I mean, a lot. Lets say pretty much 90% of what you'll find on eBay/gumtree will be just total ****. Essentially if you see shiny chrome rims on a vintage Raleigh, avoid (unless it's from earlier than the 50's, if that floats your boat). Second: just tell me your location roughly and I'll browse gumtree to give you a few examples (if possible).


I did try that once before with an old Raleigh. It was a bit of a pain to be honest. Any recommendations about what to look for in that market?