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Up to 50% off selected products @ Dogs Trust Store (£2.48 delivery with code)
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Posted 26th Dec 2020Posted 26th Dec 2020
Up to 50% off selected products @ Dogs Trust Store (£2.48 delivery with code)
Up to 50% off selected products. Half price P&P with the code HALFOFF*
FREE Microchipping at Your Local Dogs Trust!!
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Posted 18th Mar 2019Posted 18th Mar 2019
FREE Microchipping at Your Local Dogs Trust!!FREE£0.01
FREE Microchipping at your local Dogs Trust!! In April 2016, it became compulsory for every dog to have an up-to-date microchip. A microchip is a small electronic chip, around t… Read more

I posted my comment as a warning the dogs trust registered the dog initially but after nearly 10 years we discovered he hadn't been registered or to put it another way he wasn't registered at this point in time. I know nowadays you get your dog chipped by someone and then you register him or in some cases the vet registers him. Some companies went bust over the years and were supposed to pass your details on so as I have said it would be wise to check your dog is registered yourself. I know all about the different companies but as I have said my dog wasn't registered with any.


Nope unfortunately not. Even my vet wouldn't put one in me. For that you have two options; The first is to find a tattoo studio that does piercings, see if they do subdermal implants. It's quite common now for them to added between the finger and thumb, or some even add small magnets to their finger tip(s). Alternatively, you can buy the dog id chipping kits off ebay for a few quid and do your wife yourself lol. You'll have to register yourself as the person who chipped her and become the first owner at the same time.


There are several different places that track chipping and you're free to decide who you want to register your dog's chip id number with (all of them if you really wanted). Some provide additional services if someone calls/checks their database with your found pet, such as automatic return to your local vet for example. 01904 487600 0800 9751960 01296 336579 0800 652 8 977 01208 420999 0330 123 9924 0844 414 2262 01279 219777


Will they do the wife for free?


Just a word of warning my kids had our jack russell chipped nearly 10 years ago by the dogs trust they had to make a donation of £15 at the time, and ive only just found out he wasn't registered so if we had lost him we wouldnt have gotten him back. So every so often you should check online that he has been registered

Free microchipping through Dogs Trust
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Posted 16th Feb 2019Posted 16th Feb 2019LocalLocal
Free microchipping through Dogs TrustFREE£0.01
Check their FB page for news on events Losing your dog is one of the most upsetting and stressful experiences for any dog owner. Ev… Read more



It is mandatory now but I've not heard of anyone being prosecuted as yet because of it.


It is ;)



You are right, it should be. I think there is a law being passed about it and that's why they are doing the free microchipping.

Microchipping for Dogs FREE at Dogs Trust
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Posted 3rd Jul 2018Posted 3rd Jul 2018
Microchipping for Dogs FREE at Dogs Trust
Our teams visit areas within London, Wales, Northern England and Northern Ireland to offer FREE microchipping as a part of our Community Events programme. The teams can also advise… Read more

Is it dogs only? Could do with getting my bitch chipped for when she out on the lash :D


Please do not feed your dogs micro chips... they need a proper diet of dog food in moderation. Human food is very dangerous for them....


you could apply that to any law in this country, they cant stop you doing anything, but if caught you will suffer the repercussions of breaking that law aka fine or prison but then again you will probably say they cant make you do time or pay the fine and will be shouting that as they drag your ass to the cells


You are stating the repercussions of not having it done, just like you'll be fined should they find out you don't have a tv licence, that still doesn't mean you have to do either.


no mate you do have to have it done its now the law or youll be fined and hopefully your dog is taken off you

Free Easter family dog training classes with DogTrust this Easter
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Posted 13th Mar 2018Posted 13th Mar 2018
Free Easter family dog training classes with DogTrust this Easter
Spotted this and thought it was a rather fab freebie for anyone with dogs in and around Manchester. There are lots of other areas of the UK where this is taking place at different … Read more

Siiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttt! :) Cheers Andy (y)


The one near me is just a fun day


I wanted to take the dog to obedience class, but it wouldn't go rip Ken Dodd :(


No didn’t (embarrassed) but will, thanks


Did you follow the link in the OP? There's other events throughout the UK - might be one nearer.

Free dog Micro-chipping @ the Dogs trust.
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Posted 12th Jun 2016Posted 12th Jun 2016
Free dog Micro-chipping @ the Dogs trust.
The law's now changed (as of Apr 2016)... All dogs in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland must be micro-chipped. . This will normally set you back around £20 at your loca… Read more

Dog's Trust also offer a free service where they will come to your home and microchip your dog or litter of puppies for free. This isn't advertised but if you phone they give you the implanters phone number to make an appointment. I'm not sure if this is nationwide, but definitely covers all of Yorkshire. I breed dogs and they've come out to me 4 times this year.



Why would you want to do that? It means someone brings them back!!


Do you think they'd chip the kids for me? :)


Regardless of whether you think some of the management are paid too much, they are a registered charity and will have a certain level of scrutiny over the way they are run. However as a charity it amazes me how many dog owners just milk them for free chipping and free neutering and other things they have done. If you want to own a dog, then you have to pay for the costs of owning that dog and shouldn't be taking money from a charity to do so. I have no idea why DT don't means test it, or link it to benefits, but perhaps the administration for that is a nightmare, but anyway, people should just take a moment and think about it before they jump in and take the freebie.

Low Cost Neutering with the Dogs Trust £35 (conditions apply)
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Posted 5th Mar 2016Posted 5th Mar 2016
I guess this is not really a deal but not really sure where to put this (please move to wherever it should be :-) ). It is quite specific but hopefully it's information that may he… Read more

what vets can i use for this offer please as i am on esa


Folks we have a bite


Page3092 I am no scrounger, I have empathy for people,but then you would have to look that up, it's called a dictionary, try looking. you are so ignorant. The very fact that someone on a low budget is willing to pay to have their pet neutered shows they are responsible loving people. Otherwise they would just abandon the animal. Money doesn't make a good owner or parent for that matter. I have been fortunate enough to always have a good job but I see many people who purchase the latest animal as if it's a fashion accessory only to discard it when bored with it despite the fact that it has been expensive as money is no object to them. As for their children money is also lavished on them but not their time.




Hi Jim, we have several vets in the family, for instance "big" animal (horses, cows etc) who obviously treat dogs etc too.. doubtless the opinion formed is from experience on both sides of the fence, due to our own folk being busy attending calls we don't burden them with care, but we do report back on costs & the like. The latest "incident" from a big practise was to ignore a longstanding prescription & give a different spec of tablet, (supposedly checked off by two competent people) ..which has potentially lessened the animal in questions life, ..frankly the response from the practise's head vet was risible. We don't mind the blood, frankly tails spraying blood from knocks on everything are far worse (boxers since the docking ban), ..longlasting trauma in several of our dogs, like having a junkie shooting up for months on end, on every surface. Plus, we tiled & put down wood floors, bleachy mops are par for the course where paws are concerned. very little actual carpet. ;)

Free Dog Chipping!! laws changing from April 2016
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Posted 9th Feb 2016Posted 9th Feb 2016
Free Dog Chipping!! laws changing from April 2016
The law's changing - from April 2016, all dogs in England, Wales and Scotland must be microchipped. It's already compulsory in Northern Ireland. While this normally costs £15-£20 a… Read more

This can still be done for FREE. Do a Google search or just ask on the book of face. As far as I am aware the only exception is a "professional breeder". They have to pay. I don't know why they are the exception unfortunately.


Spot on.


Not been funny pal but I find that hard to believe!! Especially if the dogs registered in your name?


I chipped my last dog, it was stolen and someone changed the owner details without my concent and wont tell me where she is! total ****!


are you really being that dense ? I do carry bags with me to clean up. l like the vast majority of dog owners I carry at least 6 bags with me every time we go out. .my comment was that people seem to think you can make them disappear by magic. I clean up and then (if there is no dog bin within10 minutes walk) put the bag in any bin I see. some people get annoyed that I have put it into their bin tho. my point was quite simple. if I am out for a two hour walk I'm not going to carry it home with me or carry it around like some smelly talisman for around an hour. do you understand now ?

Free microchipping of your Dog
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Posted 31st Dec 2015Posted 31st Dec 2015
Free microchipping of your Dog
From the 6th April 2016 it becomes compulsory to micro chip your dog within the UK. Free chipping available at many places, but I trust dogs trust.… Read more

Is this eligible for humans too?


Wood Chipping your dog FTW oO I'm only joking... or am I?


Thanks for the info OP


So if you dressed your child/baby up in a dog costume and got them chipped, you get to see where they are 24/7 for the rest of there life ?


Sure, If you want them returned that is. Most complain they can't get them to leave, being returned would be a nightmare.

Free Microchip at Dogs Trust
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Posted 3rd Jun 2015Posted 3rd Jun 2015
Free Microchip at Dogs Trust
Compulsory micro chipping comes in force soon but you can get one free at dogs trust rather than pay £25 (at our local vets this was the price)

She's very level headed got one on both but I doubt that come in handy when she strays !!!(_;)


What a poor argument!


My Staffie is now 14 but many years ago we were advised against having her chipped. Apparently cruel dog thieves were digging the chip out of the back of the neck to stop stolen dogs being identified. I decided to exercise the same level of care over my dog as my child....or are they going to have to be microchipped too now?


Seriously? So you have read that a chip can cause cancer but you haven't read about dog theft/baiting/fighting? A collar can be removed in a split second. Read a newspaper maybe. Chips help return lost pets every single day. They aren't a replacement to a collar. It's an additional safeguard.


Not if she already has one on her shoulder. ;)