Domestos  24HR Bleach - 14p again at Tesco with voucher

Domestos 24HR Bleach - 14p again at Tesco with voucher

Found 19th Apr 2010Made hot 19th Apr 2010
Domestos 750ml bleach is half price again at Tesco (49p)

So use the coupon below to print off your 35p off vouchers = ONLY 14p each!…pdf

Fill your cupboards!!


Many thanx.


how big do you print out the voucher?


thanks beekeeper

link for voucher…pdf


how big do you print out the voucher?

know what you mean sassie:-D

click on 50% - print from there:thumbsup:



thanks beekeeperlink for … thanks beekeeperlink for voucher what you mean sassie:-Dclick on 50% - print from there:thumbsup:

thanks holly, wonder if you could use 2 in one transaction, for two bottles i mean :thumbsup:

doesnt say nowt in t & cs - just need 1 voucher per bottle:thumbsup:

Original Poster

I just picked up 6 bottles in one transaction - 35p off each, no problem :-)


ok thanks guys, will try 2, heat and rep to the op, thank you

bargain! have some heat.


Did u need to take it customer servicE? didnt work for me last time rnd.

I hate the 'at participating stores only' crap. It allows them to just get away with anything

They refused to take it at the brent park tesco!!!!!

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Did u need to take it customer servicE? didnt work for me last time rnd.

I just went through the self-serv' checkouts, the barcodes didn't scan for me either but I have been printing them a bit too small (4pr A4 sheet).
The assistant has always taken them from me though & manually input a 35p discount for each bottle.
Been a few times now, no problems so far

normally do 20 discount vouchers at once - they have never said anything as the form say's one per bottle. The only issue they have is when they struggle to get them in the till !!


Thanks, I'll give it a shot after work.

just brought six from my local tesco, had to use a voucher for each one but what a bargain!

guess it depends on who is at the till. either a nice person or a bottomhole

Fantastic, heat & rep! 20 bottle tonight, here I come!!!


who hoo managed to get 4 and that was ok, but the bar stewards dont take farm food vouchers no more, so had to be happy with just the four vouchers used for the bleach

great post, thank you

Good find!
They called over a supervisor but he waved it thru

great find so happy im going today to get mine let you know later .... thanks again i do love a bargain lol

They don't accept these in our Tesco!
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