Dominos - 20% off of £20+-20%

Get code & visit siteDJJ


+PLAYDEAL for a £5 play voucher, assuming two vouchers work of course.
Is this a generic code for everyone? or is it like the last 20% (barclaycard holders only last time)

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as far as i know its for everyone, i got it in their newsletter :thumbsup:

Every now and again Dominos send out 50% off £20+ vouchers. We just call them up, tell them we have a voucher and order some pizzas.
They have NEVER asked to see the voucher or collected it off us and we never pay more than half price for food from them.
Try it and see if it works! If the worst happens and the deliveryman asks to see the voucher just tell him you can't find it and pay the full price.
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