Dominos Pizza - 50% off £15 spend with voucher code

Dominos Pizza - 50% off £15 spend with voucher code

Found 1st Oct 2012
The usual offer or those who like fresh, hot and tasty pizza quick.

Save 50% off a £15 spend, pizzas only. So you can get a pizza for £7.50!. Please note minimum spend may be required to get free home delivery.

50% off does not apply to:


Code valid for one week only, enter: YQHEXXWY in checkout to apply discount.
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Where for?!
As stated in main title.... National. :-)
Wrong section
Mmmmmmm I love National Pizza, nothing better than a good recognisable brand. I think OP, the previous post is in reference to the lack of company name in the title

Its Dominos yes?
Ah right, never heard of them... Thought it was just a national deal! Sorry
Not just me then
Oh yes Robswld. I ended up adding website and tags but forgot the title. Doh!.
Knickers thoroughly twisted! Ha!
Sorry. Just to clarify its for DOMINOS. I thought you meant where as in which store lol
I've edited it to show Dominos in title lol
Its all good fun!

Heat added as well, handy little offer if theres not enough of you to fulfill the high minimum spends usually attached to the 50% offers.

Or more to the point, means I dont have to order 6 packs of cookies and 4 bottles of coke to justify the spend.....stupid dominos
Minimum spend is only £7.99 in my town so I can get dips or spend more on toppings.
This doesn't work for me. Keeps saying voucher isn't valid.
Works for me! Thanks :>

Type the code without any spaces at the front!
Woop de woop. Pizza tonight for me.

Works for me! Thanks :>PS.Type the code without any spaces at the front!

Thanks. Works now. I was just copying and pasting.
Sorry I must have put an extra space in :-( least it now works for you
greg james, you only post dominos codes, do you work for them
The code is has an extra space in prefix " YQHEXXWY", the correct code is "YQHEXXWY". be careful if you are copying/pasting.
deal seems almost pointless on a tuesday :P
unless you only want one pizza
Minimum spend is £10 at our local Doms with this deal. Or at least it was the other week.

Orcinus no I do not work for them I'm a Lecturer/Nurse I just happen to get Dominos usually once a week and I find out codes. Always better to share. I do in fact get 40% all other items if I collect from store, used to be 50%. They will only delivery with discount if I get it sent to work and I never do that.

Neil it isn't completely useless as if you only want one pizza and get it cheap you can buy just one. Save the other half of money for another night and least your getting another fresh and hot pizza :-)
Taksim it's down to franchisee who chooses minimum spend. I think it should be uniform across the whole organisation and one amount as opposed to whatever they choose, after all it's not like you just get a £5 pizza is it. You can always collect from store and then minimum spends are not applicable.
thanks, saved me a packet since it wasn't Tuesday!
Thanks for the info Paul.
Glad you saved ££££ armaita
worked for me, and I only spent £13.49 on the actual pizza, got a can and chicken wings with it :-)
Tried it over the phone and they wouldn't do it, but worked fine online.
It works, just placed my order from domino.
brains were in short supply in this post!!
minimumm order £9.99 for free home delivery br carefull !
Ibrahim each store has its own minimum delivery spend. You still get the pizza for half the price!. If you only spend £7 the in a starter or dessert to reach the minimum spend.

And sorry to hear that infernozeus, the stores should accept them, they have exactly the same operating system as anyone else plus the fact they have a few added extras. If you ave a problem with ordering via app or online then you can always ring the national dominos no and they will sort it
Just got code KFFUDRCR for same deal
Thank you SO much greg_james!! Happy and i knw it....
Thx for sharing your code @dealsearch

Sampoysden your very welcome X)

Thx @mgregory904 for sharing. It appears that the link is store specific though :-(
Thanks greg_james for sharing. HOT
Works in darkest Wiltshire - many thanks!
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