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I’ve ordered a couple of things and was decent! Delivery was good and products are really good given they’re not extortionate prices

fame Anyone used this before?? Would anyone reccomend??

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VonHaus 130 piece Socket + Bit Set Including 72-Teeth Ratchet Handle - £14.99 delivered at VonHaus
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Posted 1st Sep 2019Posted 1st Sep 2019
VonHaus 130 piece Socket + Bit Set Including 72-Teeth Ratchet Handle - £14.99 delivered at VonHaus£14.99£19.9925% off
Good quality kit for the price. :) Comes with 2 year warranty ( Registration Required ) Be prepared for the unexpected with the VonHaus 130pc Socket + Bit Set. The comprehens… Read more

Got mine delivered today, nice bit of kit cheers OP


I have £14.99 no delivery charge.


Try ordering it...


Showing free for me in N.I.?


That comment was uncalled for.

Set of 3 Bamboo Chopping Serving Boards With Stand + 2 Year Warranty - £12.99 delivered @ Vonshef
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Posted 9th Jun 2019Posted 9th Jun 2019
Set of 3 Bamboo Chopping Serving Boards With Stand + 2 Year Warranty - £12.99 delivered @ Vonshef£12.99£14.9913% off
Good Reviews on Amazon 4.5 out of 5.0 (y) A twist on the traditional chopping board, this set of 3 uniquely designed boards make kitchen prep and serving a whole lot more styli… Read more

Thank you @n15hu (y)


Lovely (y) :)

VonHaus 800W Paint Sprayer £37.99 @ Vonhaus (DOMU)
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Posted 23rd Apr 2019Posted 23rd Apr 2019
VonHaus 800W Paint Sprayer £37.99 @ Vonhaus (DOMU)£37.99£44.9916% off
Become a painting pro with the powerful tool that can deliver a flawless finish, in a faster timeframe and with much less effort than a manual paintbrush Use this effective paint s… Read more

They're finishing tomorrow so I'll see what he says. He's told me to go ahead and just roll the Crown trade white stuff on without watering it down, at least two coats, at least 12 hours between each coat. Then I'll hit it with the Dulux a few days later.


Are you sure you want to paint it so soon, better to ask the plasterer for advice on that.


This one says it is suitable for car parts


I have one of these. It was ok for base white layer and ceilings, however getting the correct paint/water ratio is a complete pain in the a. I mean I managed to get my main walls painted but nothing beats a good roller in my opinion. Do not use these in confined spaces, I tried to paint my narrow hall with this... it went everywhere, set my smoke alarms off and everything haha. It was a complete nightmare. This may have just been user error though as I was in a rush to get the hall painted and it didn't go to plan at all. If you can get the ones where you can just put it straight in to the paint pot that would be better... however I think they are more industrial and a LOT more expensive.


Are these good for in door decorating? I see people painting fences and furnishings but not a bedroom wall. Appreciate any feedback.

128pc Household Tool & Fixtures Kit £17.99 Delivered @ Domu
-110° Expired
Posted 25th Jan 2019Posted 25th Jan 2019
128pc Household Tool & Fixtures Kit £17.99 Delivered @ Domu£17.99
An essential for any home, this 128 piece kit has everything you need for finishing off your home from hanging pictures to pegboards and more. A starter tool kit containing… Read more

So 11 tools and 117 bits of crap that will likely never be used. Paper clips in a tool kit? Whoever created this kit must be a MacGyver kid


Two year warranty though! I don't wish to sound snobby, but I have seen better quality merch down the town market. Very (poo) Soz OP


For those of us that appreciate 5S.......for the rest of us, we’ll probably PaSS have some heat all the same


I can go to b&q and buy cheap tat

4 Pieces VonShef Grater & Zester Set was £14.99 now £4.99 delivered with 2 years warranty @ Domu UK
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Posted 1st Jan 2019Posted 1st Jan 2019
4 Pieces VonShef Grater & Zester Set was £14.99 now £4.99 delivered with 2 years warranty @ Domu UK£4.99£14.9967% off
VonShef 4pc Grater & Zester Set Take the effort out of grating, zesting and slicing with the VonShef 4 Piece Grater & Zester Set. No more struggling with a bulky box grate… Read more

Grate deal! (lol)


Where do you think ready grated Italian hard cheese (imitation parmesan) comes from...


4.99 isn't going to be top end worth a punt I'd say


Same price on Ebay - glad to see someones done a bit of research. Ahhhh... Just noticed this is a 'deal' from APUR32 - that explains it :D


Vonshef stuff is pretty poor quality. £4.99 is about what this set is worth imo.

VonHaus Rustic Coffee Table + 2 year Warranty £19.99 delivered @ Domu
642° Expired
Posted 30th Dec 2018Posted 30th Dec 2018
VonHaus Rustic Coffee Table + 2 year Warranty £19.99 delivered @ Domu£19.99£39.9950% off
Coffee table with double leg design for £19.99 delivered and includes a 2 year warranty upon registration. Selling for £40 on Amazon/eBay as a price comparison. Handy coffee t… Read more

Do they do a cup of tea version as I don’t drink coffee?


Rub them over with a car wax/polish.


Bargain :)


you better buy some paint to go with it then


I need a new one Heat added (y)

4.5ltr humidifier £26.99 @ Domu
63° Expired
Posted 21st Dec 2018Posted 21st Dec 2018
4.5ltr humidifier £26.99 @ Domu£26.99
Saw the earlier listing and though the bigger 4.5l might suit some requiring bigger tank

Lots of moisture in this weather can cause black mould buildup


These things are brilliant when the kids have coughs and colds for the bedroom at night.. I've got a smaller sized tank and it doesn't last half the night. Great price for what it is.


You could just dry your washing on an airer. It will make your room smell nice and make your room damp!


stick this next to the dehumidifier to cause a singularity


Even in the summer humid air makes it sultry....

VonHaus 2L Dehumidifier £29.99 Domu
166° Expired
Posted 21st Dec 2018Posted 21st Dec 2018
VonHaus 2L Dehumidifier £29.99 Domu£29.99
VonHaus 2L Dehumidifier This dehumidifier is the small, simple solution to damp, mould and bad odours. Whether you want to maintain the ideal conditions in your wardrobe or combat… Read more

Does anybody know of a really quiet one please?..I paid £160 for a meaco one and it’s like torture at night as it’s so loud ;( despite it saying it’s a low level noise it sounds like a kettle is constantly boiling it’s that loud


Mine is like this too it amazes me where it all went before we brought this 🙀


Mine iv found out was old stock, the new 1 is £80.99 (but make them an offer) on ebay and its 1.2 lts. Its the same sec as mine just a diff body. Hope that helps you out


Not forgot u, cant find the 1 i got seems to of been an old model but the 1 on ebay at £80.99 1.2lts is the same spec as mine just a differant case plus dont pay that price make an offer.


Hi Ronald, what one did you get for that price? At the moment I have one of those unibond tablet ones right next to the window and it helps a tiny but but it's pretty rubbish Plus I dry clothes indoors now and the amount of condensation that builds up is crazy. I karcher it away but it comes back quickly and then tiny spots of mould start to appear!

VonHaus Capri Slim Sideboard with 2 year warranty (was £79.99) now £39.99 delivered at Domu
836° Expired
Posted 21st Dec 2018Posted 21st Dec 2018
VonHaus Capri Slim Sideboard with 2 year warranty (was £79.99) now £39.99 delivered at Domu£39.99£69.9943% off
Gets great reviews on their site and you get a 2 year warranty when you register your purchase online. Its £69.99 on their Amazon shop. Now £39.99 with Free delivery direct from D… Read more

Shame, missed this deal


It now shows as £59.99 ! Wished I had bought it and not waited :(


its gone upto £49.99 now!


As long as they are under 32cm long, they will fit.


Do you think shoes will fit in it? I’m looking for a small shoe cupboard

VonHaus 700W 2.5L Bagged Vacuum Was £34.99 Now £19.99  Delivered @ Domu  2 Year Warranty
263° Expired
Refreshed 21st Dec 2018Refreshed 21st Dec 2018
VonHaus 700W 2.5L Bagged Vacuum Was £34.99 Now £19.99 Delivered @ Domu 2 Year Warranty£19.99£24.9920% off
Nice price 5/5 review snapshot. Accessories are now only £6.99 see OP The last generation of high powered vacuum cleaners, the VonHaus 700W Bagged Vacuum offers 700W of cleaning … Read more

I will try this, BTW getting the bagless as recommended. I need to replace my 4 yrs old VAX


Ordered the bagless late Wednesday. Arrived this morning! Quite a tidy machine, powerful suction!


Yeah they didn't even want me to send the item back. I remember another problem was that no one was selling bags for these kind of vacuum cleaners so get a bagless if possible.


Thank you n15hu :)


Thanks summer. :)

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