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Canon ImageProGraf IPF5100 A2/17" roll & cut printer £1126.80 @ dpsb.co.uk
76° Expired
Posted 30th Nov 2016Posted 30th Nov 2016
Canon ImageProGraf IPF5100 A2/17" roll & cut printer £1126.80 @ dpsb.co.uk£1,126.80
Not a deal for everyone, but if you was considering buying an A2 roll printer, are prepared for the cost of the ink cartridges and have room for it, it's probably worth considering… Read more

I really thought it was going to be +VAT. Good price, heated


They cost more to maintain than a set of ink cartridges lol.


Throw the kids on ebay


Nice, need a mortgage for the inks though

WACOM Cintiq 24 HD The Mother Of all Drawing Illustration Tablets £1799.99 @ dpsb
58° Expired
Posted 13th Dec 2014Posted 13th Dec 2014
WACOM Cintiq 24 HD The Mother Of all Drawing Illustration Tablets £1799.99 @ dpsb£1,799.99
You cant even buy this product used at this price. the base is heavy beast, total weight is over 50 LBS. The box it comes in is massive. Also a further discount if you have an educ… Read more

Not the most mobile at 50lbs, other than that 'I'd like to make you an offer'. ( deep weegy voice)


I would love one of these but it's still a rip off price. the monitor is worth about £200, the pen about £300 (something they make themselves) and the base is worth about £100. I thought you're supposed to save money by combining things, not multiply by nearly 3 to get an apparent bargain. don't get me wrong, I love Wacom stuff. It's the best, but value is not one their strong points. If only they had some competition...


This is the mother, father, aunt and uncle of drawing tablets. Could never justify the price, but I think some bright spark is missing a trick but not hiring them out; I'd rent one.


I'd love to have to money to buy one of these, i still use my wacom intuos 2 but this would be fantastic to draw and edit with.


"who would use the wacom cintiq HD 24" ANYONE who wants too, you aren't obviously related to me as you'd have worked it out but would you like me too repeat it so it eventually sinks in as you obviously have comprehension issues so a little out of your depth, maybe a Samsung Tab would be what you are looking for but would you need to know who uses one before thinking about it....and the deflection just confirms what everyone knows....you can now carry on talking to yourself.

Wacom Intuos4 Medium: DPS Business: £263.80 delivered
-3° Expired
Posted 18th Jul 2011Posted 18th Jul 2011
Wacom Intuos4 Medium: DPS Business: £263.80 delivered£263.80
The cheapest deal I can see out there at the moment.

This one is A5.


How does this compare the the Intuos3 A4 tablet? Same size or smaller? I find these new sizes confusing...


That is the small one, and aside from being smaller misses out on a couple of features.


cold as £ 154.14 @ pixmania - http://www.pixmania.co.uk/uk/uk/2662164/art/wacom/intuos-4-s-graphics-table.html?srcid=867&key=Mhx6cRI4bufdKdooU2JXAXtIEyINF97hGe0VMVZnMh0sJBYgbOTfKI1zATcMXCweFCUJDQ==