Do you also have to be a woman?

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No, but I personally would make my wife go and buy the magazine before giving it to me :-p


Great price....hot

Is the 30th june magazine available in shops right now? :thinking:

Thanks in advance.

Ladies, remember not to read it at the same time as driving.

Provisional licence required>?

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Or planned to make one by November.

Well you can't have a lesson without one can you?!

is it only 1 lesson?


Is the 30th june magazine available in shops right now? :thinking:Thanks … Is the 30th june magazine available in shops right now? :thinking:Thanks in advance.

Yes and it has a front cover of "Posh", Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole (amongst others), just incase any guy wants to buy it without browsing too long

Driving lessons for 90p in a womens magazine, what are they trying to say? :thumbsup:

Surley limited to one lesson per applicant....:p I may well send the missus along to learn to drive for about £10 otherwise.:thumbsup:

Rupee Man;2394444

Provisional licence required>?

Rather silly question.

You need your counterpart and provisional driving licence to drive.

Had a look at the article and there is an option for a free lesson, Buy 2 get 2 free and various other offers also..

Great find. I was looking for a deal like this.

This is quite a handy post. Just the thing to get the missus started on her long overdue lessons.

excellent been meaning to start this year - was new years resolution but think I may take this up and get on the go finally!!

The petrol prices have well put me off as well as the driving cost and all the cots for cars to keep em on the road!
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