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BITTBOY PocketGo (Pocket Go) Retro Gaming Handheld on sale £31.94 Inc shipping at DroidBOX
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Posted 30th Oct 2020Posted 30th Oct 2020
BITTBOY PocketGo (Pocket Go) Retro Gaming Handheld on sale £31.94 Inc shipping at DroidBOX£31.94
Looks pretty cool if you fancy some 8/16-bit retro games on the go. I fancy a bit of Pokemon Pinball myself! Some of their other handhelds that pack a bigger punch also on sale. Ch… Read more

I wouldn't buy powkiddy on the name alone. Sounds a bit... dodgy




I agree. The new Powkiddy console (I forget the name) is similar but looks ergonomically better with the shoulder buttons much lower. But as we know, Powkiddy stuff not great quality. But I do like that portability factor.


The same JZ4770 as the RG350, but I've never been a fan of the square consoles. I find them too uncomfortable to hold my fingers on the shoulder buttons


The latest Anbernic console has been released today. Personally, I think this will offer great portability. And looks really well built as usual. But at $79.99 its too expensive considering the power and controls (no analog stick, and L/R look awkward). Sure it would be great for PS1 and below on the go though. Especially older stuff like Game Boy, NES etc.

gpd xd rebranded to droidbox just under £130 with code + £3.99 postage
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Posted 28th Aug 2016Posted 28th Aug 2016
gpd xd rebranded to droidbox just under £130 with code + £3.99 postage£133.99
anyone who is into retro gaming with a hand held will have heard of these. I bought one after selling my shield. this device gives you instant access to thousands of retro games fo… Read more

you are quite right! you can get these mobile and pc, the main winner for this is its a purpose made gaming device, instead of relying on touchscreen or an external controller it has everything built in and for a device from china its really well made. the only downside is no Bluetooth (grrrr) :)


You can get these on your mobile/PC & DS with a simple software install.... but each to their own i guess.


when you say cheap do you mean to buy a copy of an old game? most popular retro games cost a small fortune just for the cart. in some cases more then this product alone... as far as i'm aware there are no emulators on the market that offer the portability and ease of use as this machine. something the size of a nintendo 3ds that can fit in your pocket and offers instant access to 1000s of games, no searching or going on dodgy websites, they are all in the app provided.


Don't see the point really... retro games are generally free now anyways or at least cheap so what are u paying for?... the console?... any device can run these.


​not yet I'm afraid mate. I have about 60 games on the device now and the ones I have played for over an hour are- sonic adventure 2 dc resident evil cv dc resident evil 3 dc and smash bros for the n64 all have worked perfectly aside from some fmv jumping in some games... other then that it's mostly going to be used for nes , snes , megadrive and ps1 all have these have been faultless with the exception of worms on the gba which wouldn't start

Droidbox T8 Plus with Openelec £82.46
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Posted 26th Nov 2015Posted 26th Nov 2015
Droidbox T8 Plus with Openelec £82.46£82.46
Black Friday deal 25% off. This is a top of the range S812 Android 5.1 TV box from a UK dealer with the added bonus of Openelec dual booting, 32GB rom and embedded bay for up to 1T… Read more

full UK support and active forum, as oppose to Chinese import


The op isn't saying this is THE top of the range but simply saying "A" top of the range box. And with the Amlogic S812 chip, he'd be right. It's interesting because it's the only TV Box i've seen so far with the ability to install an internal hard drive, but, spec-wise, compared to what else is out there, is it really worth paying £40-£50 quid over the top just to add a hard drive? Also assuming you've actually got a hard drive to add of course ..


​32GB rom =hard drive /internal storage


​32GB rom=hard drive/internal storage


voted cold only as that sure isn't top of the range

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