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Dulux is the go-to online store when colourful paints are needed. Dulux, based in the UK, boasts an online catalogue of over 1000 different paint colours, which are developed to transform its customers’ houses into works of art. Customers can get their own paint products at reduced cost using the codes listed on the hotukdeals pages.
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there was a £5 voucher in the print edition of yesterday's metro newspaper (or was it the london evening standard?). the ad says £50 worth of vouchers can be downloaded from the d… Read more



thank you :)


Printable Vouchers


oops - i omitted DULUX

-25% Discount
-25% Discount
Dulux Decorator Centre - 25% off everything in-store

Surprised this isn't hotter. I guess because they are not as well known as the big sheds; however, even before discount they are cheaper than the likes of B&Q so this is a great deal. :thumbsup:

-25% Discount
-25% Discount
25% off everything 6th-14th April Dulux Dec Centres. Download voucher.

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Bartoline White Spirit BS 245 3 x 2litre for £6 (Free Collection) at Dulux Shop
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Posted 9th MayPosted 9th May
I went to pick up some white spirit from the Dulux Centre yesterday; I went to pay for 2 litres at £3.72, when the bloke said there was an offer on at 3 bottles for £5.00 (plus VAT… Read more

3.4% TCB at Dulux Decorator Centre For comparison, Dulux £1/litre Asda £1.50/l B&Q (or Wickes TradePro) £1.75/l (4l = £7) Wilko £1.88/l (2l = £3.75) Halfords trade price £1.92 (2l = £3.83) Wickes £1.94/l (4l = 7.75)


Safer than antifreeze.


It was quite a night. Never been drunk like that before or since. Literally, could not see more than 1m in front of me. It wasn't until later in the holiday, that people said that it was suspected that meths were used for mixed drinks in some of the bars. Whether that was an urban myth, or not, I've no idea.


I'm surprised you survived. Going to Benidorm would be the end of most people (lol)


Had it with orange juice in Benidorm decades ago, the morning after was horrific! In mitigation, I did actually order vodka and orange.

Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt 7.5 Litres £27.59 delivered @ Dulux Shop
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Posted 2nd MayPosted 2nd May
7.5 litres of Magnolia or Pure Brilliant White at Dulux Decorator Centre (In-store & Online) with 23.44% discount. Delivery is free over £24 incl VAT I believe or free collect… Read more

If that's a serious question you probably need to pay someone to do it for you and ask the landlord for permission. May be start by buying a tape measure.


There appears to be lots of contradiction here - similar to the misuse of PVA. If you watch the Leyland video, at around 7 mins & 20 seconds he claims that the contact Matt (good for fresh plastering) is a Vinyl based product. Is the expert wrong? If you watch till the end, he actually thinks that using the hardwearing waterproof acrylic watered down is the best for dry new plaster. Acrylic is similar to vinyl with even more non breathable plastic!


Can I ask why this is called vinyl Matt? Is it the same as standard Matt emulsion paint?


Didnt see it was white or maggy only!


Good price for a quality paint. I tend to get the armstead durable mixed for most of my customers these days as its the best paint for the price. But if youre not bothered about a scrubbable paint this looks like the best option out there for vfm

2.5L Cuprinol Garden Shades £16.79 (£6.25 delivery / free over £20) @ Dulux Shop
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Posted 22nd MarPosted 22nd Mar
2.5L Cuprinol Garden Shades £16.79 (£6.25 delivery / free over £20) @ Dulux Shop£21.91
I struggled to get any fence paint in Cuprinol Muted clay last year but this time it’s on offer and in all the colours with 40% and free delivery (£20 spend). I picked up 4x pots o… Read more

Thanks for this, I’ve been looking everywhere for it, last year had loads in just before lockdown, 2 for £30 at B&Q. So I’m happy with that price


Homebase 5L for £28 click and collect at the moment


I ordered for click and collect at my local store so was a bargain for me


Agreed, I ordered and paid 7.95 delivery from Wickes for paint just to save the trip!


That's a good deal. My Homebase is 15 miles away, and stock is always a problem when you need to buy loads of paint. I've got 20-30 metres of fence to paint, never sure how much I need. The fences here are open and offset to let the air pass through, which means I need to paint the sides of each timber length :(

Dulux Trade Weathershield Smooth Masonry Pure Brilliant White or lovely Magnolia 7.5lt £26.39 Free C&C / £7.50 delivery @ Dulux
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Posted 8th Dec 2020Posted 8th Dec 2020
Dulux Trade Weathershield Smooth Masonry Pure Brilliant White or lovely Magnolia 7.5lt £26.39 Free C&C / £7.50 delivery @ Dulux£26.39
This price is only for the 7.5ltr in Brilliant White or Magnolia. Free to collect from store or £7.50 under £70 or free above £70

This gear does leave a good elastic like finish. The Decorators Forum rates it very highly for coverage. Its useally this price and always on offer at decor centres spring. Loss leader tp get punters in then fleece them with overpriced rollers undercoat gloss masking tape etc


Just watch the three Dulux vids and all will become clear, ish. XD


To be fair, the issue with the DT Weathershield in that case was the scandalous cost of shop-mixed paints for customers without huge trade discounts (£115 for 10l). In essence the same issue as a retail punter walking into a Travis Perkins and being quoted prices 150% higher than volume trade accounts, because the entire business model is extortionate list price minus massive trade discount to reach an acceptable actual price, with the high list prices keeping the small volume buyers / retail customers away and shopping where the group would rather serve them: at Wickes. For the factory-mixed stock colour paints (PBW / Magnolia), the 7.5l promo tubs of DT Weathershield were £25 odd everywhere for a good few years. Just seen they're now charging £35, which is a joke, and makes this a good deal. Also seen retail Weathershield has had price hiked up substantially. Sandtex is still at the previous price point.


Open an honest remember


interested! please elaborate? Saw his content and immediately subscribed haha :)

7.5L Dulux Trade Weathershield Smooth Masonry Paint (White/Magnolia) - £26.39 @ Dulux Shop
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Posted 3rd Nov 2020Posted 3rd Nov 2020LocalLocal
7.5L Dulux Trade Weathershield Smooth Masonry Paint (White/Magnolia) - £26.39 @ Dulux Shop£26.39£3525% off
Picked this up in-store this morning at my nearest Dulux Decorator Centre. 7.5L tubs available in Pure Brilliant White and Magnolia. Gives me something to do in lockdown (rain perm… Read more

This is incorrect information. The Dulux Trade Smooth masonry is an excellent product used by professional decorators. The Dulux Trade All Seasons (Pliolite) is also an excellent product. I agree that the All Season is the the perfect product to use at the moment as it can be applied at a low temperature. The smooth masonry is designed for the summer months but is an excellent product. This promotion has been running throughout the summertime.


great deal. Bought. Anyone know of any good deals on masonry?


You shouldn't be buying this product for painting houses, you need the 'all-weather' oil based version or Pliolite. This is the one the cowboys like to use because its cheap. https://www.thedecoratorsforum.com/dulux-weathershield-masonry-paint/

Dulux trade vinyl matt pure brilliant white or magnolia 7.5 Litre at Dulux Shop £33.89 delivered / £26.39 C&C
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Posted 18th Oct 2020Posted 18th Oct 2020
Dulux trade vinyl matt pure brilliant white or magnolia 7.5 Litre at Dulux Shop £33.89 delivered / £26.39 C&C£26.39
Seems a good price when a 10Ltr is around £50 elsewhere.

thanks OP, ordered. ready for lockdown :)


Not really no, if you want washable go with the diamond variety.


Isn't this one washable with it being vinyl?


Haven't tried the trade paint but the easy are washable was not very washable! Would not go for that again.


Anyone with experience of using both the easycare washable and trade paint? How do they both compare in terms of the ability to scrub and durability? Also how many coats of each would be needed of each? Looking to go for polished pebble in easycare range but if the trade is better quality albeit slightly more expensive and ease of use, I can go for the trade quality. TIA

Free Greggs Breakfast when you shop at a Dulux decorator centres
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Posted 15th Oct 2020Posted 15th Oct 2020LocalLocal
Free Greggs Breakfast when you shop at a Dulux decorator centresFREE£0.01
Free greggs breakfast when you shop at dulux decorator centre. Presume you need to make a purchase with the ‘when you shop’ but struggling to find ts and cs. They do sell dust mask… Read more

I got the email this afternoon, and it’s saying ‘ we open at 7am’ so that implies it starts tomorrow, but it doesn’t explicitly say the date, just while stocks last. They’re vouchers, so possibly worth you popping in and asking could you have one seeing as you spent the £100 yesterday


Interesting deal. I wonder what the cheapest item is?


How do you claim this ? I bought £100 worth of mixed paint today


Howdens used to do bacon butties on Fridays.


Ye after thinking about it it's aimed at the trade market, give them something free to get them in the door for their mates/colleagues to buy something else

Dulux wallpapers 20% off week at Dulux Decorator Centre
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Posted 5th Oct 2020Posted 5th Oct 2020
Dulux wallpapers 20% off week at Dulux Decorator Centre£10£1217% off
Plus double nectar points
Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt - Pure Brilliant White / Magnolia 7.5L £26.39 at Dulux Shop
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Posted 26th Jul 2020Posted 26th Jul 2020
Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt - Pure Brilliant White / Magnolia 7.5L £26.39 at Dulux Shop£26.39
Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt 7.5l Pure Brilliant White and Magnolia available Usually £29.16 Ex Vat 24.59% discount making it £21.99 ex vat Can also collect Nectar Points and free de… Read more

As someone stated previously any oil based paints yellow quite quickly now due to Eu regulations. I only use water based paint now. Leyland one from Toolstation seems to be ok.


Been doing it properly for decades mate.. it was the paint itself. Sometimes... It's just the obvious and nothing more...


Same price at Brewers. Johnstone's Trade Covaplus Vinyl Matt 7.5l PBW £23.99. Albany Vinyl Matt 7.5l PBW £20.99. (without any trade discounts)


And 3.3% with Quidco


Been doing a lot of painting lately. I did my house in Dulux (oil gloss) 8 years ago , it yellowed within months as apparently they had issues as they had just changed their formula. Just did it again and went over with wickes undercoat and truewhite top coat.Came out well but it was hard to work with as oil based goes on easier and smoother. Wickes own brand (oil)gloss and undercoat is the best so try that, used in another house and still good 3 years later. As for walls the normal dulux matt emulsion was great. Went over with one coat. Used the cheaper large 10l tubs of crown which wasn't great, sometimes needing 3 coats. Used a 10l crown grey in one room, that actually comes off the wall with a little wipe of a cloth, that was the worst.

20% off event at Dulux decorator centre
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Posted 11th Nov 2019Posted 11th Nov 2019
20% off event at Dulux decorator centre
20% off event 11th - 17th November discounts applied to the prices you see.

I never tried Johnstone's paint , theres literally 1 next to Dulux decorator shop. I know its cheaper per tin but i have read reviews that its not as good as Dulux, just my opinion. Im an experienced diyer not a tradesmen. I've stuck with Dulux after trying lots of other brands & imo you get what you pay for (y)


I signed up a while back as i needed a specialist paint i couldn't get elsewhere. Its a trade account as far as i know, but i dont get trade prices. Trade paint has more tint added it goes further and you can thin it down. Great discount op. (y)


Be vary of Dulux decor centres, experts at charging full whack. Sale or no sale.. Your local Johnstones centre would beat them on price day in day out, new state of the art 32k colour matching, all brands into johnstones trade a lot cheaper and pretty good gear across the board, some products actually better than dulux trade. Own brand zinnser primer etc also at johnstones is half the price.


I think accounts are only for trade. I'm not in the trade so for me 20% is great.


I got account and the 20% off was a few pence more than standard trade price.

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