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Dolu Big Splash Water Slide 6.5FT Kids Outdoor 2-In-1 Slide - with Water Jet - £44.99 delivered (UK Mainland) @ e-bikesdirect
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Posted 20th AprPosted 20th Apr
Perfect for playroom & indoor fun on those rainy days, until the sun comes out & you connect a hose to the chute, converting to a fun splash waterslide! Made from a sturdy… Read more

Thanks for this, i hope its the same item as the pictures look different but in the video it shows same product, so not sure until i receive it.


its £40 on studio right now if anyone is still looking for this https://www.studio.co.uk/shop/toys-games/outdoor/kids-slides/2-in-1-65ft-wavy-slide-with-water-sprinkler-multi-coloured @Polly05


My order got cancelled too! Frustrating!!


Nope, got an email saying actually they didn't have any. Order cancelled.


Hi have you had yours delivered and been able to get the water to come through the slide? I have tried connecting it with a standard hozelock connector but the water doesn't run through

Bestway Fast Set Portable Outdoor Inflatable Swimming Pool - 13ft x 33in - £79.99 @ e-bikesdirect
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Posted 26th Jun 2020Posted 26th Jun 2020
Bestway Fast Set Portable Outdoor Inflatable Swimming Pool - 13ft x 33in - £79.99 @ e-bikesdirect£79.99 Free P&P Free
The Bestway 13ft Fast Set Pool Set is the ideal fuss-free family swimming pool. This outdoor pool sets up in only a matter of minutes on a flat surface as only the top ring needs… Read more

Apparently they made a mistake on the website and sent us this instead..... No extra charge and a real bargain for £80 😁


Shorty wetsuits (lol)


Has anybody found a good heating solution for Pools like this?


Didn't realise you have to put "tablets" in the water for it to be safe to use (horror) . I'm in Scotland, so no water bills :) (other than the fixed water charge in the council tax)


Aye my 10ft Bestway cost £60 with pump so that’s still 21.66 pools to one proper tub arctic spa so if as U say we only get 2 years out of our poor quality pools that’s over 43 years of fun for in around same cost (y)

Bestway swimming pool heater £149.99 @ e-bikesdirect
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Posted 18th Jun 2020Posted 18th Jun 2020
Bestway swimming pool heater £149.99 @ e-bikesdirect£149.99 Free P&P Free
These have been selling for silly money on Ebay as there are hardly any of them anywhere. Took me ages to find them. These guys have them in stock with free delivery. Sent via DH… Read more

Thanks for sharing @Justin_wells and welcome to the site! <3


Stop being silly , you get a pump with some pools already


Apart from the expense of an electrician to install and sign off (for the average Joe), a cheap residential shower would not be rated for a continuous use duty cycle.


It's expensive, about £10/day, and takes a couple of days for a 12ft pool. Worth it though. Make sure you invest in a decent cover to keep the heat in/ leaves out.


Seems expensive for what is little more than a kettle which costs £10. I think if it was me I would run a 10mm cable from the consumer unit to a commando socket on the back wall of the house. Then I would mount a cheap 9.5kw shower in a box. So 3 times the heating capacity (including a pump) for probably half the amount.

Tiger Quantum 4.0 Mens Road Bike Black/Green, Alloy Frame - 700c, 14 Speed - £239.99 @ e-bikesdirect
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Posted 3rd Jun 2019Posted 3rd Jun 2019
Tiger Quantum 4.0 Mens Road Bike Black/Green, Alloy Frame - 700c, 14 Speed - £239.99 @ e-bikesdirect£239.99£295.9019% off
Looking at doing the ride 46 in London as got a place in the ballot and found this after quite a bit of research, seems a great spec road bike, welcome thoughts or alternatives

The main issue with the freewheel based bike is that the smallest rear fog is only 14t, versus 11t or 12t on cassette type bikes, this generally means you'll be spinning out on the flat or slight declines so speed will be limited. 2300 style shifter with the thumb shifters are a bit dated, I still use them on one of my bikes, and must say i hated them at first as you can't change down a gear while in the drops, but I've kind of got used to it now and just change down earlier. I'd definitely advise finding a deal on a claris equipped bike tough, they often come up around £300


Thanks guys, great spec bike and really appreciate all your tips


I was referring to the bike I listed in the thread earlier. This one; https://www.nrgcycles.co.uk/71197/products/bh-sphene-67-claris-xl.aspx I don't think much of the Tiger Quantum bike to be honest.


I just don't like the look of it personally and not sure why you are going for disc brakes extra weight you don't need. Never heard of ebikes direct either and I doubt their weight is true. Good luck with your sportives.


Good value but I think the BH bike is better I linked to despite being old stock (2015) and having some Microshift components in place of Shimano. Apart from the £50 saving the bike is 1kg lighter which makes me think the frame is a much higher specification and lower weight. BH is a Spanish brand and a fairly major brand in Europe especially Spain obviously. Despite being lower weight it has much higher weight limits and has a lifetime guarantee on the frame. Assuming the quoted original price is correct at £619 and this is being heavily discounted because its old stock I would expect the wheel rims, carbon forks and other parts to be slightly higher spec, more costly components hence the overall 1kg weight saving that takes it sub 10kg. As a heavier rider wanting to lose weight I'm not bothered about bike weight myself but for many cyclists they are happy to pay extra to get a 1kg lighter bike. Also the BH bike has smooth welds which gives it a premium look and bragging rights over the Rivelin, yes it's not that important but does show the manufacturing technology and quality level is well above the more basic Rivelin frame which while hydroformed may not have butted tubes and has standard weld beading. Sometimes some of the best deals are where you discover old stock that retailers are clearing out at huge discounts especially since in 2015 the £ had more buying power. https://issuu.com/bhbikes.com/docs/bh_general_dealer_en_sr_99m

HardSeven 1.0 2018 Electric Mountain Bike - £1494 @ e-bikesdirect
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Posted 25th Jul 2018Posted 25th Jul 2018
HardSeven 1.0 2018 Electric Mountain Bike - £1494 @ e-bikesdirect£1,494
Excellent price for a great quality electric mountain bike. I posted a deal several months back and this tops it. I've had one for a year now and use it 4 or 5 times as much as I … Read more

Thanks, it's a shame I missed the closing date for my workplaces cycle to work scheme or I'd almost certainly get a fat bike and put one on. As it stands I may try and get a cheap single speed for ultra low maintenance and just take it easy with the throttle.


http://www.pedelecs.co.uk/forum/ ? Thanks


I love this site because I've posted a deal on an E Bike I actually have and the amount of tangents it has spoked (sic) would have made Leibniz proud. Its interesting (and depressing) for me to see how much prices have fallen and how many more options are out there. No point just a statement....


OMG... Have a look here... Pedelecs.com


BBS Hd is bullet proof, they just don't break, the bbs02 is a little more delicate although newer models are better. I just watched a few YouTube videos.

Claud Butler Urban 200 hybrid was £359.99 now £219.99 at e-bikesdirect
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Posted 13th May 2018Posted 13th May 2018
Claud Butler Urban 200 hybrid was £359.99 now £219.99 at e-bikesdirect£219.99£252.4913% off
Seems like a decent deal or can someone put me right.

Okay, get your point. Funnily enough I see as a hobby too, exercise and an A to B mechanism but appreciate some take that hobby further. All the best.


You race as in Lance Armstrong-esque?! Good luck with that.


Don't forget Boots


The Carrera hybrid that Halfords are selling at the same price as this is certainly no worse, and probably a shade better.


Currys will be totally confusing!

Viking Scirocco 300 Mens Road Bike £249.99 @ e-bikesdirect outlet
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Posted 13th May 2018Posted 13th May 2018
Viking Scirocco 300 Mens Road Bike £249.99 @ e-bikesdirect outlet£249.99£289.9914% off
Have been searching gravel or cyclocross bikes and came across this. Don't know whether its good or bad but not a bad price. All sizes available at the moment.

That's good to hear.


Had my bike a week now and it's great... This thread really sorted me out


Just bought this bike and love it, especially if you're starting out!


People talk about road bikes as if they're motorbikes sometimes. Your legs are the motors and there's marginal gains once you get past bottom of the barrel group and wheelsets. My bike cost £500 and I've better Strava times than my mates with £2000 ones. Put a top level rider on this and your Di2 groupset will look like Tourney compared to them. Personally I'd just buy a used brand name bike if you're looking to get into cycling. If you don't get into it, you won't lose too much on resale. I can't see anyone paying even £150 for this used. If you do get into it then as long as you've got a decent frame and forks the rest is just bolt on upgrades.


Not sure if I'm allowed to link to my own website here but I bought a Virtuoso a while back as my first road bike and wrote a review on my blog here: https://www.improdia.com/reviews/halfords-carrera-virtuoso/ I submitted the review to Halfords but they rejected it! If my link isn't allowed you can google for "Carrera Virtuoso review rejected" and you'll find it. Still loving the bike, a few thousand km's in Cyprus later.

Cheapest E-Bike - Viking Hopper City Electric Bike £399 - Save on petrol, tax, maintenance etc at e-bikesdirect
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Posted 17th Jan 2018Posted 17th Jan 2018
Cheapest E-Bike - Viking Hopper City Electric Bike £399 - Save on petrol, tax, maintenance etc at e-bikesdirect£399.99
Owning a car can be pretty expensive... riding a bicycle can sometimes be seen as a lot of effort. So... why not chose an e-bike which can take the expense and effort out of both..… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Another cheap option here; https://bicycles4u.com/collections/electric-bikes/products/elan-electric-explorer It's smaller wheels but has a more powerful motor, higher voltage battery although unsure of actual Ah capacity. It's lighter and has a protected battery stored in the frame for security. Pretty much the same drivetrain quality. Worth considering too. Viking bikes are part of Avocet bikes, I don't have a problem with them but assembly can sometimes be a bit rough and may need a bit of a service to get everything right before riding. An internet purchase like this really requires someone who is mechanically minded to give it a good check. One good thing about this Viking folding bike is in a few years when the battery has worn out (2-5 years) or the motor has died (?) you can replace the front wheel with a cheap standard 20" front wheel and remove all electric parts and you are back to having a standard bike which can be used for many years.


That is very true. I took a 7.5 mile journey by car the other morning, leaving at 7am to North Manchester General Hospital, and that journey took 1 hour 5 mins


Although I cant comment of this particular bike, an ebike is excellent for normal commuters. Im not talking about the inconsiderate lycraclad butt'r smeared (they put cream on their anus's!!) sweaty road clogging fools. But for normal people, its a real benefit.


Yes - perhaps I should have been more explicit. What I mean is that in some areas of the country 15.5mph really isn't that far from the official speed *limit* of the roads you'd be on anyway.


We're talking about two different situations. Do you have 200W assistance when going from 0mph at the lights, yes. Do you have 200W assistance when going at 16mph down the road, no. Will you reach 16mph on the road? Who can say, in my city absolutely not. So let's stop saying "your commute" like it's universal, let's try "your commute down 20 miles of country lanes" and "your commute across 2 miles of horrific traffic in central Manchester at 8:30am, going 20m between red lights at a time". This bike is rubbish for the former, great for the latter. Probably why it has "City" in the name.