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Give up smoking. Free E-lite curve- Worth £6.99
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Posted 5th Feb 2016Posted 5th Feb 2016
Give up smoking. Free E-lite curve- Worth £6.99
Grab your free E-lite curve while stocks last. 10000 available for a valentines promotion.

Just arrived. They're alright, don't taste as well as another i tried before. Wish I could remember the brand.


Mine arrived safely on Thursday. No charger though


Thanks. Got like 30, all have shipped. Royal Mail - Tracked Don't agree? Too bad.


Used topcashback tracked at 1.27


if you have a voc its valid till 31st march

Giving up smoking? Free e-lites curve
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Posted 27th Jun 2015Posted 27th Jun 2015
Giving up smoking? Free e-lites curve
E-lites have a limited time offer on their new e cigarette, apply now to get one free!
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"Safe," "risk-free"... You realise you're the only contributor who's used these words? In two years of vaping, I've never heard a manufacturer, retailer or even vaper make these claims. But I'm obviously biased. Why not seek the opinion of the manager of Stop Smoking Services for Leicester City Council? - "Scaremongering about e-cigarettes is not in the best interest of patients".


Mine arrived today, it doesn't come with a charger so pretty pointless. As far as the taste, bloody awful and hardly got any vape from it (maybe needs a charge but pointless to try this for free of you need to buy the charger). It went in the bin after I felt a loud popping when I inhaled it deeply though it actually made me jump.


Got a tracking email from Royal Mail, so should get soon. Coolio!


Well I claimed they weren't safe by implication as I stated they contained many toxins. You stated "Only if you read the daily mail" which, although it's a fine paper, I'm assuming you meant as a witty comment intended to imply that they don't actually. The evidence is clear that they contain many different toxins. Separate research on the effect of these is well known and has been established for decades so it's safe to say that these are not completely safe. It is a good thing if they're safer but too many people think they're risk-free and then have no intention of giving up e-cigarettes once they're on to them from real cigarettes.


yes because your previous comment was very informative wasn't it ...(_;).... At which point did i state they were completely safe again?? I can't see that it my previous comment?? Nope they aren't completely safe not at all...but whatever evidence there is that they are safe or otherwise is still very uncertain due to the lack of long term research...what every one of your studies will tell you though is that they are FAR safer than normal cigarette smoking which surely is a good thing is it not?

E-Lites Winter Essentials E-Cig starter kit £11.99 delivered (with code) @ E-lites.
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Posted 6th Jan 2015Posted 6th Jan 2015
E-Lites Winter Essentials E-Cig starter kit £11.99 delivered (with code) @ E-lites.£11.99
This is a great value starter kit at £10. It comprises 1 x G9 battery, 1x USB charger and 3 x E-tips. Regular prices are: G9 battery - £6.99 USB Charger £6.99 2xTip/Refills £7.99 Total ind…
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the problem with the unbranded istick that you mentioned is that its basically a knock off which i advise people to stay away from. these devices contain high power batteries which can be dangerous and safety is not a concern to the people that make the knock offs. they will cut corners where possible and put crap electronics in unlike the real deal


Just filled a tankfull of this 'Virginia Tobacco' and its not bad at all...... finally found a tobacco flavoured juice that I can vape. I'll deffo be getting some more of this. A million times better than the 'British Tobacco' juice I got from 'onepoundliquid'..... that was truly disgusting.


It might actually be more of a crackle than a gurgle now you mention it X) Yeah, I'm not getting burnt or raw juice in my mouth so I'm sure it's fine. Cheers Jeff


My Aspire K1 will crackle as its heating the juice, but it doesn't gurgle. But as long as your tank is vaping ok for you, and you're not getting any unburnt juice in your mouth then it sounds ok.


Also the tank could be flooding the coil, in which case its a badly designed tank....... some tanks are better than others, some tanks go through juice quicker than others and some tanks kill their coils faster than others..... its a learning curve to find out what tank suits you.

E-Lite E40 Reusable electronic cigarette Was £20 now £15 INC delivery with code
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Posted 4th Dec 2012Posted 4th Dec 2012
E-Lite E40 Reusable electronic cigarette Was £20 now £15 INC delivery with code£15
Been searching for cheap presents for the family and found this... Use code NHS20 to get 20% off Was £20 went down to £15 plus and extra 20% off using code which means £15 including deliv…
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10%of vape escape quote RAFFLE and be entered into prize draw


Get an ego - t much better generic fitting available on lots of sites including jap sites


10% discount too code: ukvapers


take a look on here http://www.vapeescape.co.uk/


go to the forum i put on far better on the market to be had like vape escape riva 1000

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Posted 19th Nov 2012Posted 19th Nov 2012
The whole basis of this deal is the Voucher Code 200BL, which will get you 5 free re-fill cartridges (equiv of 200 regular cigarettes, they say)... e-lites normally sell these 5 re-fills at …
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i have been off cigarettes for a year and a half now with the help of electronic cigarettes i couldnt believe how easy it was ...ok so i still use an electronic cigarette to feed my nicotine habit but at least i can safely say i wont be going back to smokes the deal in the OP isnt that great and i would suggest like others have to visit somewhere like vapeescape.co.uk who will advise you on the best setup for you i now spend £15 a month on electronic cigarettes and feel great as opposed to £7 a day when smoking


@SHOWMAN36 'one step at a time',but what I have done is cut out all the other dangerous chemicals contained in cigarettes. now I'm just reducing the nic level in the liquids. oh, not to mention saving loads of cash. :-)


provari and a genesis atomiser thank me later.


Pack for pack comparison, these are very expensive.


I've just given up (for one week) and am using these: http://www.treatyourskin.com/nicolites-disposable-electronic-cigarette/#fo_c=61&fo_k=8138ec11524846b8b066afa621bfe565&fo_s=gshuk Much more cost effective and disposable, so you don't need to mess around with charging. Just keep a spare on you in case it runs out. ;)

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