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Meet Bing and Flop various dates around the country at Toys R Us and The Entertainer - free stickers and Bing Ears!
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Posted 19th Jun 2017Posted 19th Jun 2017
Meet Bing and Flop various dates around the country at Toys R Us and The Entertainer - free stickers and Bing Ears!
** Update - seems that half the tickets will be available 1 week before the event and the other half on the morning of the event which kind of makes things fairer ** Meet Bing and… Read more

Ring and ask and explain the situation


Do you think they would hold tickets? Glasgow is a good 2 hours drive away for me I don't want to drive all that way for nothing...


What about Northern Ireland? :(


​Bing should be able to give you directions.


Down south somewhere, just outside Luton I think?

205/55 16 Uniroyal Rain Sport 3 91V TL Car Tyre £36.90 + £3.50 Delivery @ Ears Tyres Macclesfield
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Posted 11th Mar 2016Posted 11th Mar 2016
205/55 16 Uniroyal Rain Sport 3 91V TL Car Tyre £36.90 + £3.50 Delivery @ Ears Tyres Macclesfield£36.90
Wet Grip - A Economy - C Noise - 71dB Excellent for the price. 50+ in stock RainSport 3 Maximum safety in all weather conditions. The latest-generation rain tires with Shark Ski… Read more

Just tried to do a U turn hit curb and blew a tyre lol. Ordered two with next day delivery £83.They were on the limit anyway. Now I have to find a way to get the alloy locking wheel nut off without a bloody key haha I should have been more organized. I will be bus-ing it for the next few days (The HORROR) Or maybe get the AA out. :) Thanks Op heated


They can fit them at their premises, they have a motorsport shop/garage on the outskirts of Macclesfield, East Cheshire


Not a problem, get on the big blue coach (forgot its name ) to England and bring it back with you stored in the boot of the coach.


I was very close to buy a pair of tyres but delivery charge is £24 to Scotland. I'm sad now :(


ears ordered from them before no problems, great tyres these.

235 45 17 Yokohama V105 only £87 Delivered @ ears.co.uk
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Posted 7th Oct 2014Posted 7th Oct 2014
235 45 17 Yokohama V105 only £87 Delivered @ ears.co.uk£87
Cheapest I've found for this size. A rated wet grip as well
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I have them on my 5 series :) love them


Very good grip and allround fun to drive with with great feedback from the road. Iv had these on my car in the past prior to having a company car would deffo fit on another car. Great tyre great price.


More expensive with delivery though and I prefer the V105s


Goodyears for £86 if you collect. http://www.tyretraders.com/tyreInformation|ItemID|GOO23545R1794YF1ASY2.html


My dad has these on his VW Passat

215 55 17 Tyres £40 each (When buying 4) @ ears.co.uk - £160
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Posted 1st Oct 2014Posted 1st Oct 2014
215 55 17 Tyres £40 each (When buying 4) @ ears.co.uk - £160£160
Ears are offering these 215 55 17 Tyres at £40 each delivered when you buy 4. B Rated for Fuel Efficiency and Wet Grip.
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You strike me as someone who puts money before the safety of other road users and your own family (if you managed to find someone desperate enough to allow you to procreate with). Off you pop little man, enjoy your smartprice beans and sandpaper bog roll.


You strike me as a bit of a smug bar steward, with an attitude problem, and no money sense.


I found out quite a while ago that my using the following companies I could get a decent branded tyre for only a little more than my local garages were doing budgets for. http://www.tyresavings.com/ http://www.asdatyres.co.uk/ Both companies offer an order online and pay at fitting garage of your choice. I like this idea.


Well said. Just to add the cost difference of budget to mid-range/premium tyres is less than most peoples insurance excess.


With some top brands you are paying for a name. With budgets you get what you pay for. Tyre manufacturers should be forced to show their stopping distances done by independent test reports. I have seen a few of these reports done with a vw golf testing several tyres. Budgets are budget for a reason. Some will be better than others but what good is wet or dry grip or how long they last if they take up to 7 to 8 metres further to stop at 70mph. That's the difference in writing your car off or worse compared to a near miss. 8 metres is 26 feet in old money. That's probably long than your living room. I won't buy budgets no matter how skint I am. The test I saw was on a dry road. The branded tyre was a Continental and the budget was starred out but you could make out the name which was A***LERA. Save your money and put it towards a cheaper brand name Dunlop or Goodyear and know you will be safe when you hit the brakes.

225 40 18 infinity tyres £40 each when you buy two @ Ears Motorsport
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Posted 29th Aug 2014Posted 29th Aug 2014
225 40 18 infinity tyres £40 each when you buy two @ Ears Motorsport£80
I've had these on my car before and they were excellent. Tyres from ears Motorsport
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http://russia.prochan.com/dash_cam/t/2c6_1409275457 http://russia.prochan.com/dash_cam/t/e1d_1408669109


yeah i know the cars only done less than 5k in last 3 years i only ever drive it at weekend just for fun, your prob right tyres prob been on there for years never thought of that lol


If you can't afford to put decent tyres on your car then you can't afford to drive a car. It isn't about how powerful your car is (although that has an effect), it is about how long it takes the car to stop in both wet and dry conditions under heavy braking. These tyres took an additional 18.9 metres (62') to stop from 70mph in wet conditions, and 4.4m in dry conditions, than the best rated tyres in the 2012 autobild tyre test. In a motorway situation that is the difference between stopping with a huge gap between you and the car in front and ploughing up their backside and breaking your legs.


Please please please why 18" tyres on a fiesta??? haha bet it looks good lol


Check the age of the Bridgestones on the RX8, there's quite alot of those cars with very low annual miles so the tyres could possibly be aged. I'm running Bridgestones as my summer tyre at the moment, would say they are better but close to some Kumho KU31s I had several years ago, gonna try Good Year next.

EarsMotorsport CentralTyre  - £42.99
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Posted 3rd Jul 2014Posted 3rd Jul 2014
EarsMotorsport CentralTyre - £42.99£42.99
Great value for money and handle very well in all conditions, look well when fitted also.
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Remould crossply even better.


Not an understatement, if I had said "another excellent South Korean tyre company" that would have implied Nexen are also excellent. I was actually pointing out they were both Korean rather than Chinese. I'm more impressed that Mini fit Kumhos to the John Cooper Works GP edition.


Better still - although mostly on commercials - a re-cut..........................:)


Love the understatement " another good South Korean tyre company is Kumho" they are an excellent tyre choice but prices have increased especially as Mercedes fit them as OE.


You can't whack a remould..........................

225/40 18 Toyo PXT1-R 92Y Car Tyre £79.99 @ Ears
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Posted 23rd Jun 2014Posted 23rd Jun 2014
225/40 18 Toyo PXT1-R 92Y Car Tyre £79.99 @ Ears£79.99
Describe the deal in your own words and explain to members why it is a good deal! Please don't just paste in marketing text or specs. Remember: this is a community site, self-pro… Read more
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I used Toyo T1-R on my S2000 terrible tyre, car felt like a blamanche going around corners very soft side wall! Wouldnt use again, although could not Fault wet and dry grip the car just felt unsafe, Very unstable and dangerous on cornering


Went for 235/40/18 ultrac sessantas for the RX8, big improvement over the Bridgestone re040's. EARS is a name from the past - bought bits for my RS2000 from them in the early 80's oO


seems a good price. Heat given... Has any one used Maxtrek Maximus M1 245/40 R17??? going for 54£ with roll resistence category of C and wet grip category Of B on EU tyre label??


92 load rated = 500kg per corner side wall should be stiff enough, wet grip diabolically poor, fuel efficiency poor not really a good tyre even at this price doesn't say what wear rate is either assumed to be a soft tyre so quick me thinks! Not really much for this tyre pattern as they can't shift the water at high speeds hence why a lot are going back to the asymmetric pattern.


These are a great tyre for grip but quite a soft sidewall. Had these on an Leon Cupra years ago and were really good but on an RX-8 (in 225-45R18) the sidewall wasn't stiff enough and compromised the handling. For a hot hatch (Golf, etc) for which this is a common tyre size then recommended.