Easter voucher giveaway at CD-WOW.com

Easter voucher giveaway at CD-WOW.com


Only got 50p but then again that's no real surprise. Anyone get anything higher?

Nope, 50p all the way!

Original Poster


50p (three times!)

50p, yet again (same for the last year or so...)

I ain't that desperate for 50p
what a con,I've deleted mine

I've yet to hear of anyone getting £8.75 out of one of these things. Actually, I've yet to hear of anyone getting more than £2 from one of these things!

I did get quite a few £8.75s during one of the offers around xmas. About 5 of them in fact. Which was nice.

I got £5 once...........and about 30000000 50p's - lol

haha, just got another 50p to my work account!

Strange, I didn't get any voucher sent :roll: Might try it again later

lol, did you answer the question right?

Hehe I think so :roll: Now I HAVE to check it out again lol


The answer's not Gary The Postman then? Hehe

It's funny, I know it's the bunny

Why does a bunny deliver Easter Eggs anyway?

For an extra voucher code type your address in again with a full stop "." after it.

There's something else you can do too, but I'm not going to be the one to say it... :lol:

Create a lot of hotmail accounts, lol.


Create a lot of hotmail accounts, lol.

Yes, but that's not what I mean.

Flying bunnies and egg laying birds that can't fly :roll: no wonder I'm confused lol But it's interesting and I like mythology

Thanks Gary!

I didn't read it all... Was a bit too long. Was hoping for bullet points

Im just tooo Lazy!!

50p x 10 for me, gave up on this one

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