Easyjet - 5 Euros per person each way discount if booking in euros

Easyjet - 5 Euros per person each way discount if booking in euros



Why so cold...? if you're booking for 2 adults and 2 children, this is a saving of €40. With their exchange rate it doesn't work out at quite so much, but for me, booking for 2 people it made an actual saving of £6.59 compared to booking it in sterling and paying full price, so thanks!
doesnt this depend what exchange rate your bank gives you when converting to sterling?
really cold from me, check your bank rate, mine was a terrible rate, I would have actually lost money doing this
Yes it does depend on exchange rate, but I was talking about the actual saving made!
doesnt work even using euros on flights to lanzarote

There are no flights which are valid for this promotion currently in your basket.
Booked a flight to Amsterdam last week and another one just now in Euro's, with €10.- discount on each. Good deal!
this voucher code is still working for me so why expired? Otherwise would have heated this up for ya
I just used this to save 10 euros on a return flight. Can it be unexpired. Paying by Nationwide card allows no extra charges so a great deal for me.-
Aug 14th worked for me heat addded
only breaks even after card charges and exchange fees, alls this does is persuade mugs to make easyjets life easier.
got a great deal on flights because of this.

i have a card that doesn't charge on european transactions so worked out superbly for me.
brilliant saved on flights to Bulgaria :-) heat added.
Just used this to book one way from UK to Finland - worked, 5€ off the price, no questions asked.
I am just wondering if anyone has noticed this - sometimes it is cheaper to book in £s especially if booking a flight returning to the UK. Went out with RyanAir, back with easyJet. easyJet were quoting £22.99 one way but about £30 in Polish Zloty. I had to pretend to book a return flight and then remove the outbound flight to get the cheapest option. A lot of faffing about but save a few quid. I wonder why that is? Oh, and for once easyJet was the cheaper option!

It pays to try all combinations!
Used it again. Still working for me.
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