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Free delivery when you spend £5 down from £10
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Posted 5th Apr 2020Posted 5th Apr 2020
Free delivery when you spend £5 down from £10£5£1050% off Free P&P Free
I realise this might be quite niche but there are some nice gifts on here and you only have to spend £5 now to get free delivery

Looks like it's free for anyone in the UK. The offer is to encourage people to send each other Christian gifts in the post, nice idea!


I remember going into their shop 30 years ago. Any time I look to buy online I find them expensive shipping to Ireland

Which Easter Eggs actually have the word Easter on them this year? I found these for £23.94 for 6 Eggs from Eden.co.uk.
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Posted 23rd Feb 2018Posted 23rd Feb 2018
Which Easter Eggs actually have the word Easter on them this year? I found these for £23.94 for 6 Eggs from Eden.co.uk.£23.94
Anyone found any others please add below, thanks!!

Just spotted Asda are doing 3 for £10 and these are included in the deal


Plenty say “easter” on them. Just use your eyes and don’t trust what any hate peddlers say


Pagan festival nicked by Christians. :D


Easter Alsatians? They look brill (highfive) nomnomnom.


luckily I know When it's Easter , so I don't need the packaging to remind me , also I know it's an egg from the shape , so I'm good there too . Not religious , just like chocolate though , so maybe others might be more worried (flirt)

Eden Flash Sale
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Posted 29th Sep 2017Posted 29th Sep 2017
Eden Flash Sale
Lots of great offers but I think this is paerticularly good https://www.eden.co.uk/all-this-for-a-king-essential-collection/

Holy sheet a flash sale


I'm having a flash sale? Woo!


What is that? God stuff?

Finding God in the Bible 60% off £4 @ eden
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Posted 19th Mar 2016Posted 19th Mar 2016
Finding God in the Bible 60% off £4 @ eden£4
In this book Darren Wilson continues his fascinating investigation into that growing hunger that drives mankind beyond himself to engage with God in a way that confronts and confou… Read more

Quite interesting thought. I find a bit confusing. You can't find God other way just trough and by love. No ideology can describe him. He is real. Evolution is creation, manipulation. There is only one God and you can't put him in boxes, books, houses and especially into human brain. I know that it can be tough to accept that you can't control everything but unfortunately it is the reality. You can't buy love or forever life, etc.


Yes but you never find him, lol


​Because God sending himself to sacrifice himself to save us from himself???


Marx was right in this one thing. Religion and faith are like earth and heaven. Marx was a simple murderer, Jesus loves as he is the way the truth and the light. You can ask him at any time! Don't forget, evolution is religion which makes god from the people.


Bodies! Jesus loves you too. It is fantastic! Listen him.

Children of God Storybook Bible 50% off £4.99 @ eden
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Posted 19th Mar 2016Posted 19th Mar 2016
Children of God Storybook Bible 50% off £4.99 @ eden£4.99
Beautifully illustrated and simply told collection of more than fifty favourite Bible stories. Engagingly retold for young children, easy to read and speak words and phrases make t… Read more

Bible says the Truth. The truth is a person, called Jesus!

Eden.co.uk up to 75% off sale
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Posted 25th Dec 2015Posted 25th Dec 2015
Eden.co.uk up to 75% off sale£2.99
Eden.co.uk is a great place to find Christian resources for yourself and your church. Great deals on over 1600 items... Can you find a bargain?

I buy from them occasionally but they've a habit of splitting the order which costs me more money as I avail of cheaper postage to NI and forward it to the Republic.


[quote=hoglet]Like the Church of England needs to save money.... I dont think CoE run Eden.co.UK (someone correct me if wrong) so they won't be making any money off this - fret not!!


Just got to comment because...


Like the Church of England needs to save money. A yearly income of over £1 billion from its investment fund of over £6 billion!! Yet still they need to raise money for their church roofs.

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Melissa & Doug See & Spell puzzle £14.15 posted @ Eden
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Posted 28th Nov 2015Posted 28th Nov 2015
Melissa & Doug See & Spell puzzle £14.15 posted @ Eden£14.15
Great educational toy for kids, usual price is around £20 , so £14.15 posted is quite a good offer. description: Complete a puzzle to spell a word Develop a sight-reading vocabula… Read more
'Build Your Own Resurrection' 12 pack for £13.49. Free delivery @ eden.co.uk
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Posted 30th Mar 2015Posted 30th Mar 2015
'Build Your Own Resurrection' 12 pack for £13.49. Free delivery @ eden.co.uk£13.49
Have fun this easter weekend! Once you are literally sick of the chocolate eggs, get 'on message' with a quick game of resurrection scene speed building - loser has to eat another… Read more
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Get deal*Get deal*

That is actually not a bad deal as it's free p and p. Would be a nice activity for a church creche or holiday club. I think most Christians do have a sense of humour and don't take offence easily.


challenge accepted. :P


If this deal hits -666 and freezes I am going to have to rethink some of my life choices!


They are not great at the humour thing, but you should read some of their stories. Apparently there are 66 books in the bible, If Peter Jackson made a trilogy out of each one, New Zealand would become a super power and would have 100% employment for the next thousand years.



Jesus loves you Praying Lamb from Eden online
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Posted 23rd Nov 2012Posted 23rd Nov 2012
Jesus loves you Praying Lamb from Eden online£9.67
Cutest little stocking filler, perfect for any little one! Couldn't find it cheaper, Eden have free delivery too.

Whilst I would have half agreed with you if you had chosen to take me to task for pontificating, your use of the word proselytising is so far off the mark it's laughable. How on earth can you can accuse anyone of proselytising when they are in no way attempting to convert anyone from anything to anything. I am offering my opinion and some information whilst others are offering their opinions, some of which, I would agree, are in less than good taste. Personally, I don't mind being taken to task for "getting it wrong" but nowhere in the comments that you've made have you attempted to correct anything I've written, you've only offered unsubstantiated criticism. p.s. you also managed to miss the :) emoticon beside my "Rant alert" comment thus turning my social comments into something they were not.


I want a toy Mohammed one, preferably shaped like a pig?


Its just another imaginary friend with a different name.


@cibarious I am one of the over 90 per cent here who must have "missed out on the many comments" where you have "offered various observations...blah blah", but am not at all surprised that you cannot see how that comment of yours shows what a high opinion you have of yourself. You clearly came onto this page after first seeing that the deal on offer had no appeal to you whatsoever for the sole purpose of, as you so eloquently put it, 'rant' and to try to show off your knowledge of some of the world religions. Instead, you just showed what a proselytising prat you are. Which applies, also, to a couple of others who left 'comments'.



Whats in the Bible DVD HALF PRICE £4.99 from EDEN
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Posted 4th Nov 2011Posted 4th Nov 2011
Whats in the Bible DVD HALF PRICE £4.99 from EDEN£4.99
Please dont slate me just because is says the word BIBLE! This is a fun way to explain the Bible using puppets and funny sketches - well worth a look at this price! What's In The … Read more
Avatar deleted448686
Get deal*Get deal*

Very interesting FULFILLED PROPHECIES OF The Bible and THE HOLY QURAN available here


No dinosaurs - then you haven't read it - We would not expect to find the word dinosaur in Bibles as most were translated well before the word dinosaur was ever used. Job 40:15–24, describes a great animal, called “behemoth". If you are interested read http://www.answersingenesis.org/articles/1999/11/05/dinosaurs-and-the-bible. BUT please note that this has nothing to do with the deal!


No dinosaurs? I'm out.


-1 for teaching your children what to think instead of how to think.


I',m not overly knocking it, it's most definitely flawed as a religion (look up sects) & i'm very friendly with an old retireed vicar (lovely chap), a drinking buddy is a devout pastor, if you cannot see how much harm (& good) religion does & work around it to find the common ground ((or good)) then I'm sad for folk, like I say it's ultimately about being nice to one another. Yoda is a good example of basic respect (no not a much touted jedi am I) ;) So i won't avail myself but I may point it someone else's way.. it's their choice.