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Wilkinson Sword DE Razor Blades x 20 packs of 5 blades - £20 free delivery at Edwin Jagger
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Posted 4th Aug 2020Posted 4th Aug 2020
Wilkinson Sword DE Razor Blades x 20 packs of 5 blades - £20 free delivery at Edwin Jagger£20£34.9943% off Free P&P Free
100 Wilkinson Sword DE Razor Blades £20 free delivery.

I have bought in the past made in China that are not the same. If these are in fact made in Germany is very good. I couldnt contact the seller to confirm




Coukd you please share the link? 100 Wilkinson blade made in Germany for £13 must be the hottest deal of the year!!!


You can get from ebay around £13


We all have different razors, skin types etc. Wilkinson are good in all senses for me, including ingrown hair that I don't have anymore since I started using them. Also, I shave about 5 times with the same blade with no issues at. They are quality blades made in Germany and 20p for me is an excellent price

Edwin Jagger  20% off on luxury shaving products +shipping 1.99£ , free on orders 10.00£ and over
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Posted 27th Nov 2017Posted 27th Nov 2017
Edwin Jagger 20% off on luxury shaving products +shipping 1.99£ , free on orders 10.00£ and over
For over two decades Edwin Jagger has set the standard for impeccable male grooming. Established in 1988, a family owned and run business where innovation and inspired design go ha… Read more

Any recommendations for a good butterfly razor for a newbie?

edwin Jagger razor with 5 blades - £22 (+£3 del)
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Posted 29th May 2016Posted 29th May 2016
edwin Jagger razor with 5 blades - £22 (+£3 del)£22
Edwin Jagger razor with 5 blades, you will Save a fortune on buying blades. No more expensive plastic. Blades are as cheap as £3.50 for 10, double edged.

For me cut throat or a shavette give a much closer more comfortable shave than DE. When I started out using straights I used the adjustable DE to tidy up chin area, you then realise how uncomfortable they are. I'm currently favouring shavettes, I occasionally use a kropp full straight edge, but then I miss the sharpness of a DE blade. Just my 2p's worth.


I'd get a cheapo Gillette adjustable of the bay. That way you can wind it right back to number 1, next to impossible to cut yourself.


Hi guys, I have used DE razor in the past and I am considering going back to it. Is this a good recommendation for a person just starting with DE again?


Good razor. Lots of different blades available on an auction site. Try a sample pack first to see which blade works for you as performance does vary from face to face. I have been doing DE shaving for years now and the money saved has allowed me to pamper myself some more.


You could use ten pound notes instead of tissue with the money you save on blades.

Edwin Jagger (proper shaving stuff) 20% off all products
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Posted 5th Jan 2016Posted 5th Jan 2016
Edwin Jagger (proper shaving stuff) 20% off all products
Edwin Jagger make and sell a variety of DE (Double Edged razors), brushes, creams, soaps... oh, it's a pretty endless shaving related list.... If you're caught up with the constan… Read more

Check out some of the shaving forums for hints and, err, a possible obsession.


Thanks OP - I've been toying with giving DE shaving a whirl and have homed in on the DE89 after reading various comparisons - it seems to be generally highly recommended for the beginner, many of whom carry on with it for years. This is the best price I've seen and it's from the manufacturer's own site and includes some blades. From my research these blades are VERY sharp and may not be ideal for the beginner! :-/ Still, best price I've seen for the razor alone and everyone else seems to be out of stock - so here goes..


Cheers been thinking of DE shaving for a while ....so ordered the DE89 .....have some heat


Thanks tom. Think I saw the Hydro on a shaving sales site too.


I was seeing reasonable results from the Gillette Fusion Pro-Glide cartridges, although they were inconsistent when it came to quality. Then I switched to DE. I hear that the Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 is quite good.

Edwin Jagger 3D Laser Diamond DE Razor £30.60 delivered @ Edwin Jagger
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Posted 29th Nov 2015Posted 29th Nov 2015
Edwin Jagger 3D Laser Diamond DE Razor £30.60 delivered @ Edwin Jagger£30.60
Cheapest anywhere. Diamond-Patterned Handle •Enhanced Wet Grip •Precision DE head •Complimentary 5 pack of Feather Hi-Stainless blades •Total Length: 93mm (Handle 85mm) •Weight: 6… Read more

British razors, Russian blades, why not throw in a little whisky into the mix with the holiday season coming up : https://www.thegentlemansgroomroom.com/products/essence-of-scotland-malt-n-myrtle-traditional-shaving-soap-120g-limited-edition Made in Shetland, not a strong lingering scent, but a pleasing one, I found it made a nice change.


Never tried voskhods .. will have to try a pack - enjoyed the Gillette 7 0'clock as a good everyday shave. It took me a while to get my shaving style adjusted to feathers, as agreed they are Sharp! But i just can't imagine finding a better blade! For me it was all about the pressure - lighten up on them and they'll become your friend!


Gillette Silver blues is where it's at ;) just on the edge of lethal but comfortable, only problem is Gillette choose not to have many production runs.


Can't beat the old Gilette's - Truly legendary razors. No wonder they had to push disposable razors on people, how can you beat the super adjustable, superslim, or fatboy. Each one just shows how well they were made, still going strong working perfectly after 50 years :{ Pop in some Voskhods or similar and your sorted.


​lethal those feather blades oO