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-5% Discount
-5% Discount
5% Discount off of all light fittings and light bulbs + 5.75% TBC @ The electrical showroom
INSTRUCTIONS: Go to site vi TBC for 5.75% CB and use LIGHTUP05 @ checkout for further 5% off. Cheers



It means TopCashBack mate. If you go to the Electrical Showroom site via TopCashBack you get a further 5.75% off your order.


Not sure what the 5.75%TBC means but the 5% off works (27th February 2017)

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Ring Pro Video Doorbell with Plug In adapter £79.50 delivered at The Electrical Showroom
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Posted 29th AprPosted 29th Apr
Seems a great price.£79.50 with free delivery The Ring Video Doorbell ProWirelessly links to your mobile phone, tablet or PC, alerting you instantly to a visitor either pressing t… Read more

Offer seems to be still on? seems a bit weird condisering they surely can't have stock still keep offer on? :/ :/ :/


is this one the wired version too but just with an extra plug?


Cool. Hopefully I'll get mine today


Mine arrived today. Didn't receive any dispatch email. Delivered by Royal tracked 48 hours. All brand new and sealed.


out of stock now.

Nest Learning Thermostat Black at Toolstation - £ 169.98 @ The Electrical Showroom
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Posted 13th AprPosted 13th Apr
Nest Learning Thermostat Black at Toolstation - £ 169.98 @ The Electrical Showroom£169.98
Control heating and hot water systems via smart devices and broadband connection. • Auto-Schedule setting requires no programming, learning from your behaviour and setting program … Read more

Sunblock is when the thermostat is in direct sunlight. FYI you may want to read the manual 😁 (y)


I mean solar gains is sun block... I don’t really understand how it’s any different? I set it to 18C and my house stays at... 18C


That does sound a good thermostat You can always swap the nest when it fails Nothing lasts forever ⛽


Yes, It does check the weather to check the heating systems efficiency and uses something called 'Sunblock' which adjust the temperature if the thermostat is in direct sunlight which isn't really the same as taking solar gains into account.


The WiFi chip died on mine but thankfully it was under warranty so it was replaced. If you want a thermostat for zones then this doesn't really fit the bill. The Nest thermostat is great in some ways and also limited in others for such a premium product. If I were in a larger house that required zoning then I would probably switch this out. As it stands though it fits my needs perfectly and it's great being able to remotely put the heating on when out. Useful when it is cold outside and to come home to a warm house!

Google Chromecast with Google TV £54 @ The Electrical Showroom
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Posted 2nd AprPosted 2nd Apr
Google Chromecast with Google TV £54 @ The Electrical Showroom£54£59.9910% off Free P&P Free
The Google Chromecast with Google TV streams your favourite entertainment in up to 4K ultra HDR stunning picture. The Google TV requires no switching of your favourite apps to fin… Read more

I used to think the same. After long time using firestick I'm fed up with layout, settings, compatibility and want Google instead.


Yes it has i use apple app on it




Correct (y)


Still no NowTV or All 4 (last time I checked).

Ring Floodlight Cam Motion Activated Security Camera, Wired, White - £165.99 delivered @ The Electrical Showroom
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Posted 26th MarPosted 26th Mar
Ring Floodlight Cam Motion Activated Security Camera, Wired, White - £165.99 delivered @ The Electrical Showroom£165.99 Free P&P Free
The Ring Floodlight Cam is a motion activated security camera, with built in floodlights, two way audio communication system so you can see, hear and speak to anyone on your proper… Read more

Price has gone up but available for £179 from Argos Ebay


New model coming out soon.


Voted Hot! Have one in the front and one in the back. Very good overall.


Great price thanks. Wanting in black. Cheapest 'available' is £249 elsewhere or £179 Amazon with 7-9 week lead time :|


Yep these are literally superb highly recommended, even more so at this money I am a bit upset to be honest...

Google Nest Wi-Fi Router £117 @ The Electrical Showroom
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Posted 1st MarPosted 1st Mar
Google Nest Wi-Fi Router £117 @ The Electrical Showroom£117£14921% off Free P&P Free
This Google Nest Wi-Fi Router allows you to achieve a stronger Wi-Fi signal, allowing you to get secure and powerful signals wherever you are in the home. The router simply plugs … Read more

I went from a set of 3 older google wifi point to a combo of this and 2 of the older routers. My experience is that the signal from central router is significantly better, and I can not put the secondary routers where I want them rather than having to have one in the hallway to be able to get a signal. Would reccomend. The google assistant is only on the secondary routers, not on the main one, so you'll find no difference other than the signal improvement and app (you'll have to move to the google home app or the nest app, the old google wifi app doesn't work with the new router)


Apologies. You are correct, forgot this is the router not the point (annoyed)


Fully agree. Bought this due to VM rubbish super hub. This has resolved that issue and I get WiFi throughout my house.


What sorta speed you normally get with these? Have bt gigabit and frustrating wifi mesh dont give more than 100mbps


I have just upgraded to a nest wifi router on a 4 puck Google wifi set up. Slotted in the nest router and now have the 4 wifi pucks as "nodes", and it works great! The nest router is a different stand alone unit to the nest "points" and it has around twice the spec of the original Google wifi puck (as a router), it gives a greater wifi distance too. The nest "points" are of the same specification as old Google wifi pucks but they also have an assistant speaker similar to that of a nest mini (not experienced first hand). It might just be a placebo effect or that I did a full reset when I installed it, but I have loads of Google speakers in and around the house, and some over lap when you speak a command, with the nest router there is no delay while the speakers decide on which one answers. So upgrading only with the nest router does seem a bit quicker! Unless you want an assistant or are starting out from scratch, keeping the original Google wifi pucks should be of little or no detriment. I think you can have mutiple nest routers as points if you wish too, which then would likely be a larger bump in performance, but I dont think the routers can be bought in sets (y)

Google Chromecast with Google TV & Nest Mini (2nd Gen) - Charcoal Bundle £69.99 at The Electrical Showroom
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Posted 1st MarPosted 1st Mar
Google Chromecast with Google TV & Nest Mini (2nd Gen) - Charcoal Bundle £69.99 at The Electrical Showroom£69.99 Free P&P Free
Seems like a decent price for the bundle.

My remote has a mind of its own, laggy, then shoots off!


It's 54 in Sainsbury's always has been as far as I know


Chromecast is £59.99 and has only dropped below that a couple of times.


Correct me if I'm wrong but a Chromecast Costs 54 quid and the nest mini can be had for 15 on eBay is that not just the same deal?


Thank you :D

Google Nest Thermostat 3rd generation £175 @ The electrical showroom
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Posted 4th FebPosted 4th Feb
Google Nest Thermostat 3rd generation £175 @ The electrical showroom£175£181.013% off Free P&P Free
Cheapest I can find at the moment

You need the optional stand if you want it wireless. Otherwise you can hardwire it to the heatlink like I did..


Is it wireless or is there a need for a cable between the unit and the heat link


I’ve no knowledge on the Drayton unfortunately Nest was the only option I considered from family and friend recommendations.


This is what I was looking at doing but seems the Drayton 3 way one may be a better option?


I’ve ended up buying 2 for my house as it had dual zone heating. The remote facility via the app is great, I can control both zones from the comfort of being anywhere away from the house. I can also control my boiler for hot water also, setting schedules for when it comes on and off - but note it only works for newer boiler setups. I turned off the learning function as I prefer to set my own schedule. The Away function is hit and miss for me, I leave the house and check the app and it shows it’s still heating. I do have my location setting on so not sure why it doesn’t work sometimes. In any case I can just change it via the app. There is a new version coming out this year, just called Nest Thermostat. It’s cheaper but has less features than this one.

Google Nest Wifi Router - £119 @ The Electrical Showroom
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Posted 10th JanPosted 10th Jan
Google Nest Wifi Router - £119 @ The Electrical Showroom£119 Free P&P Free
These are usually £149. The nest Wi-Fi router blankets your whole home in fast reliable Wi-Fi and eliminate buffering in every room Intelligently works behind the scenes to mak… Read more

Expensive for a router that's not wifi 6 compatible .


Mesh works in any house. You just need to buy an appropriate amount of APs and arrange them properly.


So it works in your house. (y)


I’ve got a mesh which runs in a daisy chain of three devices, sending uncompressed 4K HDR Blu-ray rips from the back of my house to the front. And gaming with about 15ms of ping. Using netgear Orbi kit.


Is it worth to pay this amount of money ? Before i had tplink c7 and it wasnwhat i expected. Then it was a sale on tenda ac12, only paid <£30 on AliExpress, but wireless signal improved by atleast 200% and its much easier to control connected devices.

Ring Stick Up Cam, Plug-in, White £64.99 Delivered @ the electrical showroom
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Posted 9th JanPosted 9th Jan
Ring Stick Up Cam, Plug-in, White £64.99 Delivered @ the electrical showroom£64.99
BrandRingDetector Range130° diagonal, 110° horizontal, 57° verticalDimensions60mm x 60mm x 92mmFinishWhiteOperating Temp-20°C to 50°CPowerPower adaptor, plug into standard UK power… Read more

Ordered thanks

Nest IQ outdoor camera - £264.99 @ The Electrical Showroom
-74° Expired
Posted 20th Nov 2020Posted 20th Nov 2020
Nest IQ outdoor camera - £264.99 @ The Electrical Showroom£264.99£32919% off Free P&P Free
Best price for the Nest IQ camera I've seen in the last few months. Other cameras in the nest range available too with good discounts. The IQ is normally £329.00 plus delivery … Read more

The Nest Outdoor IQ camera is superb in operation, especially night vision. I don’t think you need a floodlight with IR night vision. Expensive Yes but you won’t be disappointed.


Two years ago it would be. Lotta competition out there now, and the Nest Iq stuff is expensive. I have the Hello doorbell and can honestly say its one of the best tech purchases I've made in recent times, but even I baulk at the IQ camera prices, even at this discount. Should be under two ton. I do wish Nest (Google) made a floodlight cam like Ring do. I'd pounce on that to replace an existing PIR light at the back of ours.


Surely this should be hotter, it’s a decent discount off the standard price?


You can make this argument for most premium purchases.


For this price the camera must be decent enough to take pictures and video while traveling!

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