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-50% Discount
-50% Discount
50% off a new breakdown membership at Emergency Assist Limited
Get 50% off a new breakdown membership! Valid for Black Friday (5 days from today) E.g for a premium cover for car under 10yrs old comes out at £16.50 for the year! There is TopCa… Read more

mines was new 31/03/2009 (making it nearly 11 years old) but you can still choose up to 2009 so hopefully it wont get cancelled


Under £16 for premium cover! Plus 45% Quidco making it around £8 for the whole year!!!


anyone used these guys?

-10% Discount
-10% Discount
Emergency Assist Breakdown cover 10% off price.(+47.25% TCB)
Emergency assist with home start, national recovery plus getting you where you were going. Key in code KYM10OFF to get 10% off total price for mine was £31.87 with £15.06cash back.… Read more

Cashback is now 52.5%


terrible company -


Imho this is a stonking deal mainly because of the cashback you can get up to National Recovery level of cover 4 under £40 quid + currently TCB doing 47.5% (of amount I know!!) Cashback. High level of cover for around £20- this deal should be white-hot I reckon!! No idea why it's got so little attention stop trustpilot have good reviews although loads of them seem to be written 2 days ago which is either suspicious always a really bad de to be on the road! Heat from me anyway (popcorn)


I got premium cover for £38. £17 is tacking through Quidco. Good deal for me.


I got it last night. Don’t know what is happening then

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EMERGENCY BREAKDOWN COVER - Saver from £24 / Premium from £33 / Complete from £99 with code at Emergency Assist Ltd
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Posted 27th Nov 2020Posted 27th Nov 2020
EMERGENCY BREAKDOWN COVER - Saver from £24 / Premium from £33 / Complete from £99 with code at Emergency Assist Ltd£24
35% off breakdown cover with code BF35OFF this Black Friday weekend. Limited time only! Saver from £24 with 35% OFF works out at £15.60 Premium from £33 with 35% OFF works out at £… Read more

Same here. Was with them. They took about 3 hours to get to me to. Infact I believe it was about 3hrs and 20mins if I am not mistaken. Deffo rookies


Seriously ... AVOID this dodgy outfit - if you don't, I really hope you never have to use them


this is still valid until 30 Dec 23.59 HRS. i have just got a new quote , but i had to ring up. They are having issues with the 35% code. they initially (y) quote me £35.87 and now have refunded me £15.78. Woop Woop


Hey @sidimo_cs , thanks for posting :)


Avoid these con artists. They may be cheap but their service is terrible. Was a customer last year (up until earlier this month, now with Green Flag), and response time was almost 3 hours on two call outs. After repairs I had a further breakdown in a supermarket car park and they said it would cost me (almost £200 iirc) for recovery which I could try and claim back through a long winded process - so I declined, left the car overnight, and it luckily started in the morning. Changed cars 2 weeks later from an 03 to an 18 reg, paid the £5 admin fee to change car on the breakdown policy, which expired this month. Read the horror stories at Trustpilot etc excluding the meaningless "invited" reviews from unsuspecting new customers gushing about the price but who've never actually used the service.

Premium breakdown cover from emergency assist for £22.44 after the code + TCB at Emergency Assist Ltd
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Posted 20th Jul 2020Posted 20th Jul 2020
Premium breakdown cover from emergency assist for £22.44 after the code + TCB at Emergency Assist Ltd£22.44£3638% off
to get this price, you need to get to emergency assist through TopCashBack, once you are getting a quote enter VC20AFF in the discount/promo code to get 22.44 price for premium cov… Read more

Does anyone know if the cover includes vans? Thanks


Just used these. No complaints and they got the car started 35 mins after the first phonecall. (y)


Thanks I did click on the link on tcb I’m just probably being impatient (lol)


Mine was tracked by next day but it can take upto a week for it to be tracked and also important you clicked through the link and bought it as something mistakes happen and people open a new tab which doesn't get tracked


I done it last night but it hasn’t tracked in my account yet did yours track straight away ?

Premium Roadside Assistance for £19 including home start and national recovery Emergency Assist Ltd
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Posted 28th Nov 2019Posted 28th Nov 2019
Premium Roadside Assistance for £19 including home start and national recovery Emergency Assist Ltd£19
Havent seen a cheaper deal than this which includes home start and national recovery with no excess However dont know about their recovery time

Not true. Mine was £30 last year, renewed this year for £20. 11 year old banger.


I used this last year, paid around £35 for a years cover, didn't break down, so didn't have to use them. They charged £5 to change address, which seemed a bit stingy, but Churchill Car Insurance charged a lot more than that! I went for the RAC option in this years Black Friday deals - around £125, so a chunk more, but it is cover with most of the extras added on, for an old car, so I figured I'd rather pay the extra to have that much more piece of mind. Was not looking forward to actually breaking down with Emergency Assist (maybe it would be fine, but I expected a long way, and no chance of them fixing anything, just towing me somehwere) - and really went for it at the start of this year as money was a big worry.


BTW they have a more expensive policy if your car is over 10 years old


Be aware that their service is iffy and they ask a lot of q's before even thinking of sending someone out Even then they won't do much to attempt any repair but get you to wait for a tow truck to nearest garage AA and RAC much better service so I would only go for it as a last resort


Is it for new customers only?

50% off breakdown service via Emergency Assist
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Posted 22nd Nov 2018Posted 22nd Nov 2018
50% off breakdown service via Emergency Assist£18.76
Save 50% off all new memberships for a limited time only with code BF50OFF. Full premium breakdown cover cost me £18.76 for the year which includes homestart, nationwide recovery, … Read more

Ive had full recovery from oxford to birmingham before, never needed to pay AA, get good coverage from companies like this and they just as good a job


I used the code and got a £53.30 quote from them for two vehicles, more than I paid with RAC last year. Ah I did it again and it came to £22.80, basic cover and no topcashback cookie.


£16.50 for 12 months-not bad


Glad the deal is useful for some people. I have used them for the last year and needed to call them out once and they were very good, no complaints.


Great price for 12 months. Thanks OP

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50%50% off a new breakdown membership at Emergency Assist Limited28/11/2019
10%Emergency Assist Breakdown cover 10% off price.(+47.25% TCB)8/06/2019