EmpireStores - up to 35% savings with these codes

EmpireStores - up to 35% savings with these codes


Updated the title tobe a bit more informative, also changin your pther posts to "vouchers"

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It only took 20% off for me.
Is the other 15% commission?

I used this yesterday against 2 matrresses @£299 each and instead of £598 it showed £479.98, which is 20%, the other comes off as you pay it off it gives you cashbac to use towards a payment or towards other goods purchased.
Also I just joined Quidco, thanks to you guys on this forum Thanksverymuchxxx and have just noticed I could have had a further 7%, bringing it down to £446.38, never mind - nest time, but I'm very happy with my savings.
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