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Interest free (0%) loan of up to £28k over 6 years to buy an electric car (Scotland only) Energy saving trust
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Posted 20th Nov 2020Posted 20th Nov 2020
Interest free (0%) loan of up to £28k over 6 years to buy an electric car (Scotland only) Energy saving trust
You’re not necessarily going to be able to buy that Tesla, but if you are in the market for an Electric Vehicle and you live in Scotland this will definitely help. The Energy Savi… Read more

Same here - I've had my car since mid-December


Anyone looking to use this I can confirm it took less than a couple of weeks to have the application assessed and loan approved.


28k interest fee loan towards a tesla, or some clueless dumbass spraying foam in between your roof rafters and giving you condensation problems til kingdom come. tough call.


You can also get the same deal on a USED Electric vehicle. Total purchase price must be under £20K


Well done you, both my Mercedes C350e and BMW530e suffered battery loss after 2 years with the Merc being the biggest capacity loss.

ebike 0%loans and free short term trial of ebike
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Posted 28th Aug 2018Posted 28th Aug 2018
ebike 0%loans and free short term trial of ebike
0% loans available from Energy Savings Trust to purchase ebikes. Also short term trials available from 3 days to 3 weeks to see if bike suits your needs. Looks like Scotland only, … Read more

Thanks for the update! (y)


So I have had the bike for a week now. It's great btw. I have covered 40miles approx. The first day I did 20miles on flat cycle tracks on mainly medium setting and it used 20% of the battery. I have just completed 8miles on the same tracks on eco, and used around 6% of the battery.


You might want to go back and reread the last sentence in my first post


How are you getting on with the Strada? Battery life in real world terms (distance, time to charge, speed) Thank you!



Six year intrest free loan upto 35000 for any plug in hybrid or electric car @ Energy Saving Trust
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Posted 16th Dec 2016Posted 16th Dec 2016
Six year intrest free loan upto 35000 for any plug in hybrid or electric car @ Energy Saving Trust£35,000
Loans of up to £35,000 are available to Scottish drivers to cover the cost of purchasing a new plug-in hybrid or pure electric vehicle. new cars only application available 31st M… Read more

​Are you surprised? This is HUKD after all...where those that know least always say most.


The closest charging point to me is around 3 miles away, and there are 2 there. Between me and it there are probably over 1000 properties, I imagine in an area like London where there are a lot more points it could be easier, but really walking 3 miles to and from my car sort of defeats the object of having it! I don't think any of the properties on this estate would be able to get one fitted due to how they are set out, but there could easily be some public ones fitted, which they haven't done. Catch 22 though, I did speak to someone about it about 18 months ago and was told there was no point as no one round here has an electric car, and I was only the second person to ask about it for this area. My response was, why would anyone round here buy an electric car when they wouldn't be able to charge them!


You don't need a home charger (although advantageous) to run an electric car. I know 2 people that do not have home charging and run electric cars. Admittedly they both live in London. Until electric cars are better than ICE equivalents or they make running a ICE car difficult (ie excluding them from city center's) then people won't move. I hope some day we will have electric cars where you have modular batteries. So if you only need it as a city car you can buy it cheap with one battery pack and add more if needed later or somebody can buy the car and add more. You could then also get second hand ones when people upgrade. Also say your one cell battery when new does 40 miles but degrades down to 25 miles you can pop to the shop and grab a new one and add it in then you have two and 65 miles. Dealers could also lease extra battery's. Maybe an extra cell over winter to help with the cold. Maybe and extra 2 for 2 weeks on the south coast. Or 4 extra because you want to spend a few months touring Europe. The possibilities are endless.


regardless of what people think about electric/diesel/petrol, theres still a hell of a lot of people who can't go electric as they can't get a charging point fitted at their address.


Satchef1: Satchef1! Top man! I love your comment! The majority of English still do believe that they have colonies.

Cheap Energy Club - Save on all Energy(from Money Saving Expert)
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Posted 4th Feb 2013Posted 4th Feb 2013LocalLocal
Cheap Energy Club - Save on all Energy(from Money Saving Expert)
Just received this from MoneysavingExpert - save on energy for free and it will even alert you regularly to make sure you are on the cheapest deal - see below Step 1. It checks yo… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

This is a great service


This does not take into account cheaper deals that you can get through bundles. I get my gas, elec, landline & broadband from one supplier and have cash back card that is used to reduce my bill further.


Tnx mate


I have managed to find a deal where I save over £200 per year and remember as it searches regularly although you might save today, you may save tomorrow -


i signed up to this and the cheapest tariiff for my usage they came up with was over 50 quid a year more expensive than my current one. in other words, if you've already done your research then don't bother with this.