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Enterprise Car club Join for £10 with £10 driving credit
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Posted 9th Nov 2021Posted 9th Nov 2021
Enterprise Car club Join for £10 with £10 driving credit£10
Enterprise started the new Car club and they are giving yearly membership for 10£ instead of 60£ plus 10£ driving credit. Plus 15.44£ TCB. Technically, getting 15£ ( subject to TCB… Read more
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Well, I actually gave it a go today. Book longer than you think you need to avoid stress. I booked 2 hours in an Astra from a local airport branch. In my mind I was just nipping to Wickes a couple of junctions down the motorway. Thought I was being super organised by arriving a few minutes early to look over the car. Naively expected it to be pristine given it was pretty new. Wrong. First 10 minutes on hold trying to report scuff marks. Gave up and followed the instructions to email them photos (edit: they haven't replied or otherwise acknowledged the email). If you want to maximise your time then get the email prepared before your time slot begins and fire it off after being on hold a couple of mins (I assume they can check whether you actually try with the built in computer thing). >5 minutes queuing with other rental cars to get out the compound (maybe I just hit a busy spot) >5 mins getting petrol (as it was barely above the 1/4 full mark and they request you return it >1/4 full and I wouldn't have made it). I returned it nearly full as a nice treat for the next person. I didn't want to risk any late fees due to traffic etc so I returned 10 mins early. The mileage charge. I had thought that some standard mileage was included (given we're paying per hour) but that's Standard+ membership (rather than Standard)- my bad for not reading properly during sign up. However, the actual charge is not mentioned anywhere during booking or on the confirmation email, so I'd have forgotten anyway. It's 15p per mile. Could be worse, sure.. but slightly unexpected. I also delayed my booking start by 15 mins due to running late (my fault but I guess not uncommon). Basically the charges soon mount up- finally £31 for ~1.5 hours actually using the car. So don't get seduced by those £8/hr headline rates! On the positive side, the guy at the Enterprise branch was friendly and helpful. He even called his mate at the other branch to to answer my question about the size of the transit van there. The car was clean too.


Has anyone actually rented a vehicle successfully? (let alone got TCB) Apologies but I will have a little rant. I signed up and contacted customer services a few times: (1) Asking about electric car availability (whether they planned to get any in my area, as I was curious to try one). They replied quickly but instead of answering the question they noted there was a hybrid not too far away (gee thanks, I could see that myself). (2) I asked about locking my bike "at the branch" (it being totally obvious I was referring to a particular Enterprise Car Rental branch where the Enterprise Car Club car in question is parked). They replied quickly but instead of answering the question just pedantically remarked that they (Enterprise Car Club) don't have branches. (3) I asked whether the Transit "Large van" there was length L3 or L4 ). They simply didn't reply. I.e. zero of 3 of questions actually answered. When renting something like a car there needs to be trust on both sides and I've become slightly dubious about ECC. I used ZipCar previously and didn't get this uneasy feeling..


Make sure you take lots of pictures of car from different angles before and after journey.


When we sign-up, our license is verified before booking gets confirmed. We will get TCB once enterprise accepts our booking


Will you get tcb for just signing up as the wording for me is confirmed booking, so I just wanted to make sure!