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Free online benefits calculator. Are you missing out?
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Posted 26th Nov 2018Posted 26th Nov 2018
Free online benefits calculator. Are you missing out?FREE£10
Whilst certain elements of the media bleat on about " people on benefits". Many people have worked hard & find themselves in difficult financial situations. Many have never cla… Read more

Fun fact - typical scenario (even with universal credit) with 2 kids working 16hrs getting the the London 26k benefit cap (doesn’t apply if you you were previously getting more for additional kids on tax credits) is equivalent to a £35k p/a job (once rent/council tax is taken into consideration) Anyone should be able to live on that, nurses, teachers and emergency workers do for less. This article is from a few years back but shows what the equivalent salary would be vs amount of children w/tax credits https://moneyweek.com/merryns-blog/the-truth-about-tax-credits/


I think you've missed the point to say the least. That's fine though, because minor grammar correction is the internet trolls weapon of choice nowadays, particularly when they have to edit their post to be correct. Nice work.


Probably more of those characters than people who really need it at food banks. Exploiting the poor again buy taking dregs of a very large cake


The GDP, normnally.


You should probably have confirmed whether or not what they said was true before having a rant.

Free Benefits Calculator  @ entitled to.com
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Posted 14th Jun 2018Posted 14th Jun 2018
Free Benefits Calculator @ entitled to.com
This free ingenious calculator can give an indication of what you may be entitled to. It's used by advice proffesionals across the UK. Ensure you enter accurate data or you will no… Read more

I'm entitled too.................................................Nothing (annoyed) Glad really, all the forms you need to fill in and the questions they ask. easier to work (y)


ok enough now, just telling you that a tool doesnt change reality!!! blimey.


All we know is, this calculator, like all calculators, is a tool. No calculator tool is going to do what is not built into it.


ok you don't get it, no worries matey


I know there is tons of criticism, but specfically for you, which specific aspect. I say this, because the calculator has no time of payment inbuilt as a function.

warm home discount £135 for selected customers
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Posted 29th Jan 2014Posted 29th Jan 2014
warm home discount £135 for selected customers
What is it? The Warm Homes Discount provides a rebate on your energy bills. The amount of the rebate for 2013/14 is £135. Can I get it? There are national eligibility rules for … Read more

Wrong again. First utility may be the cheapest where you live but utility prices will vary depending on your geographical location.


I know. I added First Utility because it was missing in marko4ever24's list. OVO is one of the few who doesn't offer the discount and it's also not the cheapest supplier at the moment.


I am aware of the utility companies that offer the discount. I was simply pointing out that as a previous OVO customer they did not offer the discount.


First Utility do, and they are the cheapest supplier at the mo.


Thanks so much for posting, didn't know about this. l just phoned British Gas and arranged mine. They said I need to arrange each year because peoples circumstances can change, ie, if your claiming due to disability you MAY get better or you might marry a millionaire ! Heat added, no pun intended.