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EPSON ECOTANK ET-2756 All in one wireless colour inkjet printer £259.99 @ Epson Shop 3 YEAR WARRANTY (VIA REDEMPTION)
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Posted 11th Dec 2020Posted 11th Dec 2020
EPSON ECOTANK ET-2756 All in one wireless colour inkjet printer £259.99 @ Epson Shop 3 YEAR WARRANTY (VIA REDEMPTION)£259.99 Free P&P Free
Just had delivered the black version of this printer from EPSON after searching high and low for someone with stock. Same price at many other places but, they are all out of stock so thought…

This is more suited to high volume lower quality printing which is why I purchased it for my daughters uni work (no photos). If you want ecotank and cheaper printing costs if you have high volume then the Epson EcoTank ET-7700 is worth a look but it aint cheap. Which reviewed it and gave 77% but it seems to retail for over £450!!! Pros Very affordable ink costsPrints photos and spreadsheets wellWi-fiAirPrintAutomatic double-sided printingCons Text print quality could be betterCopier is a bit underwhelmingVery expensive


Are the printers with ink bottles cheaper to maintain compared to laser printer? I bought a colour laser printer years ago for £200. Third party replacement cartridges are cheap and I got the full set for around £40 which gives me a yields of around 5000 pages.


My point was more against Epson’s marketing than value of your deal. Many home users do scan a lot so an ADF Duplex Scan is a key feature. Many printers sub £100 have an ADF at least, be it manual to do double sided.


This ain't better than the rest of Inkjet printer all Inkjet do self cleaning so nothing special.....The only thing this make it special is the tank....but then you can get a system which added to your existing Inkjet from eBay....which sit next to your printer.....on eBay search 'Epson ciss' and to set up check YouTube.


I need a good quality printer for photo prints for my business. Would anyone recommend this?

EPSON EcoTank ET-2715 All-in-One Wireless Inkjet Printer - 3 Years Extended Warranty £179.99 @ Epson Shop
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Posted 6th Jul 2020Posted 6th Jul 2020
EPSON EcoTank ET-2715 All-in-One Wireless Inkjet Printer - 3 Years Extended Warranty £179.99 @ Epson Shop£179.99£229.9922% off Free P&P Free
Good price directly from Epson with 3 YEARS EXTENDED WARRANTY. This is all dye ink printer it should produce better photo quality than 2750, but worse document text quality. You can always r…

I am on the lookout for Epson ecotank printer (for House use - on average i print couple of A4 prints). Are there any on sale anywhere? They have all sold out. Please help me. Thank you


Id look at a laser printer for that tbh... if your printing double sided documents id get a duplex monochrome laser printer.


Sorry guys it is now expired. I guess they reached their sale quota.


Ah must have gone back up, earlier it was 229 cross out and marked as 179


Shows as 229 for me via the link. Is there a code that brings the price down or has it just gone back up to full price?

Epson WorkForce WF-7715DWF £149.99 at Epson Shop
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Posted 19th Apr 2020Posted 19th Apr 2020
Epson WorkForce WF-7715DWF £149.99 at Epson Shop£149.99 Free P&P Free
Been looking for an inkjet printer that can do A3. My old WP-4535 is still going after ~10 years and is next to my desk. Trouble is working from home now and OH keeps using it. Cannot find …

I paid similar price but no free ink so might be ok


Cheers for the info, I bought one, it's coming on Monday!


Can it do CD/DVD's and have a scanner ?


Does the ink dry out if not used like other ink jets


Whaatt??? I just a bit ago ordered hp 8017 from printerland for about 142.78 including delivery n says £50 cashback plus 2yr free ink. Have I made a mistak?

Epson Perfection V39 photo and document scanner £59.99 @ Epson Store
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Posted 7th Apr 2020Posted 7th Apr 2020
Epson Perfection V39 photo and document scanner £59.99 @ Epson Store£59.99£71.5116% off Free P&P Free
Other half needed a scanner for her job now she's stuck working from home, seemed like a good deal when I stumbled across this on the Epson website. In stock at the time of posting. Free 2-4…
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No you'd have to move to one of the vxxx models. I think the v370 may be the cheapest but more like £100. It would also use a ccd imager instead of the cheaper cis.


might want to see this too, it's meant to be good


Will this scan 35mm photo negatives


Nice piece of kit

Get 25% off all multipacks with code and 15% off all single inks with code at Epson
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Posted 1st Apr 2020Posted 1st Apr 2020
Get 25% off all multipacks with code and 15% off all single inks with code at Epson
Get 25% off all multipacks with code SPRING25 and 15% off all single inks with code SPRING15 at Epson with Free standard delivery. Voucher code valid until midnight, 03/05/2020. Enter SPRIN…

How long will the inks last for unopened... I've just ordered a Epson ET-2720 & was wondering if it would be better ordering a 2 set of ink while they are on offer..


14% on TCB. Yeah it is a good deal and I find the price is cheaper than 3rd party after discount.


Good find :) . Also 12% cashback with quidco for next 3 days. Got my epson xp-342 delivered cheaper than getting from Tesco with my discount :)

WORKFORCE PRO WF-3725DWF 4-in-1 business inkjet £69.99 at Epson Shop
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Posted 26th Mar 2020Posted 26th Mar 2020
WORKFORCE PRO WF-3725DWF 4-in-1 business inkjet £69.99 at Epson Shop£69.99
I was scrolling through endless pages of inkjet colour printers to see if I could find one to buy in addition to my monolaser, I stumbled upon this Epson and found it to potentially be of in…
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Considered getting this Epson but ended up getting a HP instead as I can pick it up in the morning and comes with 12 month free ink: Probably not the best deal but I needed something ASAP.


Amended in description, thanks


Cashback now 0%


Thanks I think I will give it a go,You would think things would be made easier to set up these days but it often seems to be a struggle


I've only just bought it and it comes with ink so can't comment on replacement ink. I've only printed a few pages on standard quality from my phone and they looked great. Still can't get the print via email feature to work, needs a bit of setting up i think

PERFECTION V39 Photo and document scanner £59.99 at Epson Shop
282° Expired
Posted 24th Feb 2020Posted 24th Feb 2020
PERFECTION V39 Photo and document scanner £59.99 at Epson Shop£59.99£82.7928% off
Yeah I know, scanners are old-hat and few people want them nowadays, but I need a scanner for the rare times I need one. So, I came across this nice deal for a Perfection V39 direct from Ep…

£160 if you can


What's a bargain price for a v600?


When it's done its job, you can then sell it. There are always others in the same boat. You then have digitized photos done well and cheaply.


Not saying otherwise but... How many times will you be using it? Scanner sales have gone down and it will become increasingly difficult for them to sell esp at entry level. If you are digitising tons of photos are high res, then sure they make sense but for most people, a phone or the MFP will be more than enough. It's all about use cases. Once you will have digitised all your photos, it will be just another item on your desk that you won't need.


Standalone scanners might not make sense for you, but they obviously have a role to play for some folk, as evidenced here. I'll be buying one myself in a few months, have loads of shots to digitise.

Epson Expression Photo XP-8600 £79.99 delivered direct from Epson - and 14% TCB
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Posted 15th Dec 2019Posted 15th Dec 2019
Epson Expression Photo XP-8600 £79.99 delivered direct from Epson - and 14% TCB£79.99£89.9911% off
Seems the best price around for this printer, A4 all-in-one with CD/DVD Printer. As its a slightly older model there seem to be lower price compatible ink available than the current XP-x100 …

I think so! I looked at a trade manual and there are over 70 screws to remove along with countless ribbon cables - about 24 separate steps altogether. I'll have a go at most things but this is on a different level and well beyond me.


Yes that's a shame. My son looked at me funny when I said I wanted to fix mine. But have plenty of replacement cartridges to use up. Epson make great machines whatever model you have. To fix it I had to take apart but the videos on YouTube show it's only a few screwsand not to difficult but my model is very old. They may have mad e it more difficult now.


Sadly that's not the problem. I stupidly printed on the wrong side of some Avery label sheets (the plastic side). Ink smeared all over the surface and then the print heads started blocking up. I ran the nozzle cleaner twice but that only seemed to make matters worse and now all nozzles are blocked! I suspect the damper pad is saturated and clogged also. I can't use the traditional nozzle-cleaning tricks as it's one of the fixed-cartridge models (Epson Stylus Photo PX720WD) and to get to the print heads you have to dismantle the whole machine, which is fantastically complicated. It's a real shame as until then it was working perfectly and produced fantastic colour photo prints - it was pretty expensive as well. Seem as shame that such a small mistake means chucking a good machine out.


Is it the constant flashing lights as there's a reset for that. Just sorted mine. If it is try googling on YouTube. My Epson is easily 15 -20 years old. Choice stationary do brilliant replacement cheap cartridges wouldn't give up on your old one unless totally broken. 😄


Also 14% via Quidco 8)

Epson 3750 + 2 years unlimited printing + £40 cashback - £339.98 @ Epson
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Posted 4th Dec 2019Posted 4th Dec 2019
Epson 3750 + 2 years unlimited printing + £40 cashback - £339.98 @ Epson£339.98£44023% off
The printer on its own seems no cheaper than Amazon or printerland but if you add the 2 years unlimited printing then its a least £100 cheaper. This might work for the other Ecotank printer…

True - 1 thing thats a little hidden is the unlimited printing option bumps the warranty up to 2 years. Its a reversal of the cheap printer and expensive ink.


What worries me about this type of deal is if you hammer a printer for 2 years with unlimited printing then by the time those 2 years are up you'll need a new printer.

Epson EcoTank ET-7700 Colour Ink-jet printer High-quality photo printing (Plus £50 cashback available) £399 at Epson Shop
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Posted 27th Nov 2019Posted 27th Nov 2019
Epson EcoTank ET-7700 Colour Ink-jet printer High-quality photo printing (Plus £50 cashback available) £399 at Epson Shop£399
Epson Black Friday Deal of the Day. Epson EcoTank ET-7700 A4 Photo PrinterHigh-quality photo printingPrint lots of photos at a ultra-low cost with this cartridge-free printer. With the incl…

Looks like 12% cashback from Quidco too.