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Equifax, established in 1899, is one of the largest consumer credit reporting agencies in the UK. Equifax offers customers UK credit reports and scores, as well as useful tips to improve consumers' credit score. All the available Equifax offers and discounts are listed on the hotukdeals pages.
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Equifax Credit Report & Score - 30 days trial - get £7 cashback through Topcashback
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Posted 4th Jan 2018Posted 4th Jan 2018
Equifax Credit Report & Score - 30 days trial - get £7 cashback through Topcashback
For New Equifax customers only. Place a reminder to cancel it before 30 days otherwise you will be charged for next month (£14.95). Member must keep the free trial for at least 2… Read more

Neither did I, when I suddenly started getting refused credit, despite having a near perfect credit score and a well paid job, it took nearly a year to find out what was going on. In the end, someone sent me a copy of the file they send to companies thinking of giving out loans and I compared it to the copy they sent me under a FOI request. The neighbours conviction details were hand written onto the copy sent to the loan company.


I think you can get score free if you have barclaycard


I did this through Top Cash Back in August and it still hasn't paid out !


I had no idea a credit reference agency hold details about criminal convictions.


Not forgetting that a lot of people NEED this sort of service BECAUSE Equifax got hacked last year and lost all their data. If my meds raddled memory is correct, somewhere in the region of 5 million Brits had their personal info stolen, alongside umpteen million Yanks. I have also had issues with them (many years ago), holding data against my name that wasnt about me, not only that, but they kept claiming they didnt, even after I had been told they had "Off SYSTEM" info being given out as part of a credit check by one of their own staff. Neighbour was arrested for drug dealing and our properties shared the same post code; his conviction was coming up against MY name.

£15.15 cashback on signing up to Equifax credit scoring (free for the first month) @ Topcashback
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Posted 24th Sep 2015Posted 24th Sep 2015
£15.15 cashback on signing up to Equifax credit scoring (free for the first month) @ Topcashback
If you sign up to Equifax's 30 day free trial through Topcashback, they are offering £15.15 cashback, plus you can download your credit report as a pdf which you get to keep. You … Read more

don't get why voted so cold, know it been available for ages as free cash back but that a great rate, I did my trial while ago so no good to be but still voted hot


​Agreed. I took this deal a couple of years ago for the cashback. I had no issues cancelling and the person I spoke to was polite and didn't try to pressure me into staying. So long as you remember to cancel in the free period it's easy money.


Good for the cashback, it's pretty useless to have though. I got a mortgage during my free trial, took about a fortnight for them to alert me someone had took it out in my name, this was after I'd got the money. So it's hardly much use.


I did this a few months ago and got about 8.50 I cancelled it online and never had to speak to anyone. I believe that you had to keep it for 20 days. Voted hot



Free Equifax credit rating FOREVER
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Posted 9th Sep 2015Posted 9th Sep 2015
Free Equifax credit rating FOREVER
Totally free credit referencing from Equifax No marketing. They'll never charge See full file rather than being charged to see rating on Noddle! Instant access and really slic… Read more
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30 day free trial. So it's not free forever as stated in the title, it is in fact as others have pointed out £14.95 per month after the free trail ends unless you cancel.


Cold for no working link and no correction 9.5 hours after OP


The whole monetary system is a joke :D


Slick design? The site is horrific!


whole credit rating system is a joke

Equifax Free Statutory Credit Report NEW & EXISTING CUSTOMERS
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Posted 18th Mar 2014Posted 18th Mar 2014
Equifax Free Statutory Credit Report NEW & EXISTING CUSTOMERS
From 15 - 31 March 2014 (7/1/14 STILL ACTIVE), Equifax is offering all visitors to the Money Advice Service website access to their statutory credit report online free of charge – … Read more

Expired now.


invalid. expired.


code invalid when entering card details too.


great thanks


Enter your payment details Completed Payment by promotion code accepted CODE is working No CC Required.

equifax FREE credit report AND FREE credit score + £8.92 cashback
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Posted 18th Jun 2013Posted 18th Jun 2013
equifax FREE credit report AND FREE credit score + £8.92 cashback
Go via Topcashback to get this. Exchange to tesco clubcard point can worth as much as £36. http://www.topcashback.co.uk/equifax/ Not as good as it was 4 months ago with £20.20 b… Read more

Do not under any circumstances approach this can of worms,Check out reviews first do not walk away drive.


anyone having trouble getting through to cancel?


Not necessarily. They'll ask for more if they can't automatically match your card to your profile. In my case I did everything online. TUSSFC is right. The important bit your credit history. These credit reference agencies have invented their credit scores in order to flog you more products, which are entirely useless to you. The CRAs don't lend you money, they don't give you credit cards, HP you cars or give mortgages, so their "opinion" is entirely irrelevant. Lenders do, and each one has different criteria for their products. What matters is the information they hold about you (if you had CCJs, wrongly reported defaults, etc). You can get this information by asking for a statutory report that costs £2. 8) With the cashback sites though, you can sign up for the free trials, get your free reports (and "scores") and cancel within the first month. That way you get a free report and pocket some money too (which is good enough for a few years of statutory reports if you get them once or twice a year.). (_;) BTW, there are 3 CRAs: Equifax, Experian and Callcredit. Noddle is the brand name of Callcredit, the smallest and least used of them. So, while it is useful, it doesn't always give you the full picture. BTW2: I have already done this, but Topcashback didn't track so I had to raise a missing cashback claim. :( Experian tracked ok.


I have been using Noodle.co.uk they are free for life which is good. Great stuff thanks for share though.


You'll need to call a premium number to answer some questions to complete the transaction

Free credit report + £10 Quidco (through Equifax)
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Posted 5th Mar 2012Posted 5th Mar 2012
Free credit report + £10 Quidco (through Equifax)
Free credit report + £10 cashback Expires in 7 days Earn £10 cashback by signing up and completing the free credit report with Equifax http://www.quidco.com/equifax/ :)

i just cancelled my Experian membership, I was dreading the call, but it was simple and easy and no sales pitch :)


took about 6 weeks to confirmed cashback still waiting for payable


I did this last year and I did cancel on time but they said they have to keep my details for a year and they send me an email every month to tell me that someone or nobody checked my credit report (of course I need to pay just to see who did). I am not sure when they will stop.


As said pain to cancel.


balls i did this last week but without using quidco :(

Free 30 day credit check trial plus £10 cashback with quidco
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Posted 11th Jul 2011Posted 11th Jul 2011
Free 30 day credit check trial plus £10 cashback with quidco
Right another one I could get stick for! £10 quidco cashback for next few days only when you sign up for free online 30 day trial with Equifax. This online report will show you all… Read more

You dont have to send anything




****, ive done this for £22 in the past and you dont have to send them anything. Ring up to cancel and just say no thanks. Free money, voted hot!


Whilst it may be a pain in the ass, I am happy knowing that not just any old joe blogs can find out my info. Just think how easy it is to find some information on anyone, DOB, Addresses etc, then use that to gain access to services like this. All this info tends to be dotted over the internet somewhere in one forum or social network site. Social engineering springs to mind here.


This is a pain in the ass you have to send them documents for proof of identity/address before you can access your credit info which imo should be free anyway.

Free 30 day Credit Reports  @Equifax
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Posted 1st Jan 2011Posted 1st Jan 2011
Free 30 day Credit Reports @Equifax
Currently you can sign up to get free credit reports from the leading three credit reference agencies for 30 days: Equifax - http://www.equifax.co.uk/Products/credit/credit-report… Read more

beware the quidco £5 - mine didn't track and they don't allow you to query so i'd assume you won't get the money and be surprised if you do (they def got my order they took money out my account but wouldn't let me query the quidco cashback - cheeky beggars!)


It's rare that all 3 companies are offering them at the same time and with Experian and Equifax you can get the free trial again even if you have taken the offer previously. You also get £10 free through Quidco!


Nothing new here as they always do 30 day trials!

Equifax 30 day free trial credit report - no obligation - + Topcashback
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Posted 28th Sep 2010Posted 28th Sep 2010
Equifax 30 day free trial credit report - no obligation - + Topcashback
I signed up this afternoon for the Equifax 30 day free trial credit report. It's completely free for 30 days as long as you remember to cancel before the 30 days are up (otherwis… Read more

Whose bitter the people who vote cold or the OP who resorts to abusing other members? Heh. Pretty similar strategy when you have nothing constructive to add is to resort to branding people trolls as well. Oh Snap. There really is no excuse for abusing other people in RL or online so instead of justifying it because someone disagrees with you or heaven forbid votes your deal cold. Just deal with it and learn to conduct yourself better. ;) Maybe in your mind the deal is good (I checked your history and last 2 deals you posted went freezing) you seem a bit delusional there's no arguing with -214 votes.


0800 number worked fine for canceling, thanks :)


Due to no-one else seemingly having the same issue as me I am just going to block any payment going to them. I have email proof that I am "almost" completed so I should not be charged anyway due to not being a customer yet. No chance of me paying 5p a minute. No email to even query them about this.


Gone down to a fiver now.. had to ring them, didn't mention (5p per minuite) *mobile rates may vary like they usually do. women in philipines somewhere took ages on phone & didn't believe i am who i say i am and therefore asked for paperwork. long story short cost me over £3 and i'm terribly piS*ed off overall. I know where their office is (round the corner) but don't want a criminal record over it.


Statutory Credit Check - £2.00 with Equifax, Experian & Call Credit
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Posted 11th Feb 2010Posted 11th Feb 2010
Statutory Credit Check - £2.00 with Equifax, Experian & Call Credit£2
Think this deserves a repost as last posted close to 3 years ago. Just in the process of buying a new house and wanting to check my credit reference files. Equifax and Experian ar… Read more

But not as naughty as using idiotically large text to get attention. :p


[SIZE="7"]Yes there is. Don't make stuff up it's naughty[/SIZE] (I've worked at a couple of call centres that sold contracts for services and they always do a credit check after being given consent by customer and an actual score is given back. This was years ago but I distinctly remember scores ranging from 300-1500 from actual checks I did and this was NOT a proprietory check it was an actual score bounced back by experian in real time).


I think people are voting this cold because you can get a free report + cashback from TCB or Quidco, but you can only do each one once, they won't let you have a second free trial, so this is a very good deal. IMO this info should be supplied for free but £2 is better than signing up £6.99 for a month if you have used up your free trials. @the person that said they have a credit card but never use it, this could have a negative impact on your ability to get credit because lenders might see that you have a line of credit which you never use/used, so if you don't even use any of the credit available you can't be a profitable customer to them. Like others have said, lenders look at your data differently to make their decision, so there is no one rule for all. Why not use the card for everyday purchases like fuel, food shopping and just pay it off in full each month so you won't pay any interest. Also a credit card gives you protection should anything go wrong like in the event of fraud or a dispute. Do double check with the lender that it's setup to pay off in full though or you will end up getting stung with interest.


oh there wasn't any one off fee when I joined, have had two or three reports now! I think they hope you will upgrade to a monthly account but the free yearly ones are fine for me.


Nicely and succinctly put. :thumbsup: