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ErgoFlex Double Memory Foam Mattress
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Posted 22nd Jul 2019Posted 22nd Jul 2019
ErgoFlex Double Memory Foam Mattress£328£40920% off
Single Mattress £328 +Free Tundra Mattress Protector If if your thinking to buy a mattress then I would recommend giving this a try, you can thank me later.. Introducing t… Read more

The deal has changed you might want to haggle and see if you can get yourself the free tundra mattress protector, they might honour it as a new customer. Hope you like your mattress.


Ordered , thanks


I agree that this is an excellent quality mattress, but they do occasionally have better deals. We paid £510 for the king size (£150 off code) earlier in the year.


I have an ergo flex and it's amazing. This is the normal price though.


Cheaper maybe, but you cant compare value for money

Memory foam mattresses 1/2 price - double £399 down from £799 + Delivery £428.99 @ ErgoFlex
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Posted 16th Apr 2015Posted 16th Apr 2015
Memory foam mattresses 1/2 price - double £399 down from £799 + Delivery £428.99 @ ErgoFlex£428.99
Just noticed that Ergoflex have got a sping sale on at the moment on all their memory foam mattresses: Small £229 Double £399 Euro Double (140cm x 200)£429 King £449 Euro King (16… Read more

Its not hot at all. I rate it higher than the tempur which does get hot. I think there are two half price sales a year. I remember buying it in November and it was full price, I waited a week and they went on sale. Checked back xmas time and price had gone back up.


Was it Ergoflex? Because I don't have that problem at all and that's with a 13.5 tog duvet.


Also, check out Tempur results on Which? crucified ? Don't waste your cash folks?


Don't buy a memory foam mattress unless you enjoy being cooked in your own juice every night, hotter than hades?


I think it's pretty much a permanent 'sale', I was not sure at first because I tried a foam mattress topper and didn't like it, it was sleeping on a Tempur mattress that convinced me it was a good choice. It'll last longer and it wont wear out like normal spring mattress's do.

The Ergoflex® Deluxe 3rd generation Double HD visco-elastic memory foam mattress £399
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Posted 26th May 2013Posted 26th May 2013
The Ergoflex® Deluxe 3rd generation Double HD visco-elastic memory foam mattress £399£399
Ok, it's expensive but it's really good.Got it 7 days ago. There is lot's of cheaper memory foam mattresses around but to compare it with a Tempur, this is the closest. It comes wi… Read more

normally I would agree, but took a gamble on one of these about 5yrs ago. one of the best buys I have made


If there's one thing you should never blind buy, it's a mattress. You're going to spend a large portion of your life on a mattress, so you really should try it out first.


I've had an ergoflex for 2 years now and we sleep well on it, although (like all memory foam) it does feel hot in the summer, even with its supposed air/cooling system. But this is not really a deal.... its this price most of the year.


Looks good to me. About to buy a new bed tomorrow, and looking for a new matress

Up to half price on Ergoflex memory foam mattresses
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Posted 29th Dec 2010Posted 29th Dec 2010
Up to half price on Ergoflex memory foam mattresses
Just ordered a kingsize memory foam mattress reduced from £899 to £449, delivery is next working day. Ive read many reviews and they seem to be very very good, as good as Tempur … Read more

get alot of snobs on here. Im not one and i retired @ 48yrs old Im a realist. Im not saying these arnt good but the fleabay ones are lovely ignore the snobs that have nothing to be snobby about Glad to help Pete


nit pickin small minded pr***t


It is not just the memory foam depth that is different, it is the density of the foam itself too.. You get what you pay for, and memory foam is expensive, cannot be helped, and if it is cheap, then there are reasons why!


Many many thanks to sharkmark,peterdarlison and justintrouble for your responses and advice


You were confused. Turn and rotate are two different things.

UK Standard King-Size Memory Foam Mattress £1399 now £399 @ Ergoflex
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Posted 7th Apr 2010Posted 7th Apr 2010
UK Standard King-Size Memory Foam Mattress £1399 now £399 @ Ergoflex£399
The Ergo Flex Deluxe 3rd generation HD visco-elastic memory foam mattress The Ergo Flex memory foam mattress is a temperature sensitive, pressure-relieving mattress that moulds it… Read more

Just ordered one, hope its good.


We got our son's single memory foam mattress from ]these people. Excellent customer service and product and they also sell in catalogues and on a well known auction site and get very good reviews of 100% good feedback. ]Hypnia are also very good.


I can certainly confirm that the Tempur ones have the necessary flexibility but also firm for when needed :-) As far as post climatic sleep, they take a bit of getting used to as they don't bounce the same as normal beds.


Do these memory foam mattress's have much give in them for passionate moments (if you know what i mean ;-) )


Personally I would prefer a good quality traditional mattress with natural fillings eg Hypnos as opposed to sleeping on a what is essentialy a block of foam; would cost a lot more though

Ergoflex premium memory foam mattresses at half price @ ergoflex
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Posted 5th Jan 2010Posted 5th Jan 2010
Ergoflex premium memory foam mattresses at half price @ ergoflex£229
The Ergo Flex memory foam mattress is a temperature sensitive, pressure-relieving mattress that moulds itself to the contours of your body. The Ergo Flex memory foam mattress gives… Read more

LOL - you wont find a mattress with 10" of memory foam anywhere lol :whistling: 3" is the max recommended.


The KS one I bought from ebay for £150 was 30cm thick with 9cm memory foam and 85kg/m3 density so far superior to yours then :-D


Made by HIGHLAND? Bought the same as you for the same price. Brilliant mattress. So good we bought another double for another bed. why pay £400+ when they are £150 on ebay (10" mattress with 3" memory foam)


Any one who has one of there - would love to hear their thoughts on these mattresses before i spend my hard-earned


will check out tomorro, shattered.

ErgoFlex Sale Now On
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Posted 12th Jul 2009Posted 12th Jul 2009
ErgoFlex Sale Now On
Doing some research as looking to buy a memory foam mattress. Found this company which seems to have some very decent reviews. Just as well as they're having a decent sale!

They definately are not expensive for what they are. There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding out there. For example, they had a Single Mattress (not topper) 21cm depth (9cm Memory Foam plus 12 cm Normal Foam), with density of 85kg/m2, all for £229. Cheaper toppers will be 7 cm of Memory foam only with a density of about 45kg/m2. Clearly there is a huge difference in quality here.


really expensive... i can highly recommend these guys on eBay, i bought a 12 inch thick double from these £140 delivered. Brilliant sleep ever since. ]


Interesting to see Ergo Flex proudly displaying a prestigious BestBuy accolade, as awarded by the 'Memory Foam Buyers Guide'. Even more interesting to note that the domains for both their sites were registered on exactly the same day and through the same registrar. Quite the coincidence! :whistling:

Ergoflex premium memory foam mattresses at half price e.g. double was £699 now £349 @ ergoflex
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Posted 3rd Jan 2009Posted 3rd Jan 2009
Ergoflex premium memory foam mattresses at half price e.g. double was £699 now £349 @ ergoflex£349
If you are looking for a decent quality memory foam mattress (rather than the myriad of cheap ones that appear to be flooding the market), then you might be interested in this deal… Read more

The sale is back on today.


Heya again Price was around the same in last year's sales. Mate of mine just got one too, she's over the moon with it after a long term back problem.


Ive started to look into the reviews for this mattress and I must say that I am impressed. Seriously thinking about taking the plunge on it.


Hey ginger, Welcome to the forums !!, How does the price compare to when you bought one - is it a true hot deal ?


Hi all Long time reader, first time poster: I got one of these last Jan in the sale and wouldn't swap it for anything. Best purchase I have ever made on anything! They are not supposed to be turned upside down, just top to tail occasionally Hope this helps.

Ergo Flex having a sale: memory foam mattresses: single £229, double £349, king £399
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Posted 19th Sep 2008Posted 19th Sep 2008
Ergo Flex having a sale: memory foam mattresses: single £229, double £349, king £399£229
Just bought a "single" mattress - feels JUST as good as a Tempur (in my humble opinion it's actually better) for a fraction of the cost! Comes with 10 year guarantee. Independant… Read more

just got mines yesterday mornin :) worth the monies :)


Hi guys these are back on sale again, Can anyone who has bought one give us a genuine review of it please ? Very skeptical of the previously posted site. Ali


I'm looking to purchase one of these. I missed the sale! :x The price of a king size has gone from £399 to £799!


It's at times like this I wish I was a Kirby salesman ;-)


From someone who has had a Tempur for six years, I can assure you it is much better than any of these mattresses. For a start the minimum depth of the Memory Foam in a Tempur is 15cm; mine is actually 20cm and you can get a 25cm as well. It's the depth of the Memory Foam that makes the difference, not the total depth of the mattress. I paid £1200 for mine (after getting a 20% discount). However, having said that these mattresses at these prices are very good value for money.