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Bloody Shower Curtain. From Escapade. £4.99 Then 10% Off Sign Up Code And 10% Off Code 'SUPERSALE'.
-71° Expired
Posted 26th Feb 2016Posted 26th Feb 2016
Bloody Shower Curtain. From Escapade. £4.99 Then 10% Off Sign Up Code And 10% Off Code 'SUPERSALE'.£4.99
'Bloody Shower Curtain' design,on offer at Escapade.Price is £4.99 then if you sign up to receive their newsletter you get a 10% off code and at the checkout enter the word SUPERSA… Read more

awww, fudge... "The promotion/voucher code [SUPERSALE] you have entered has been expired. Please check and re-enter the code."


I got this and has a row of bloody hand prints along in a line,nothing at all like the picture above!


Insanitary... period ;)


yuck :p



SEXY? Stormtrooper outfit... (Is it?) £39.99 @ Escapade
-275° Expired
Posted 2nd May 2014Posted 2nd May 2014
SEXY? Stormtrooper outfit... (Is it?) £39.99 @ Escapade£39.99
This ever so fashionable costume will get you all the droids you're looking for this summer, and much, much more. BE THE ENVY OF ALL THE GALAXY. You too could wear a fleece hat wit… Read more

An ewok costume, would be sexier


hahaha I know!


Lol @ the hat, WTF is that?!!


just plain weird!


Sexy? I feel sorry for a person who consider this as sexy.

Cowboy spurs, silver. Free delivery.£2.99 plus postage @ Escapade
45° Expired
Posted 9th Jun 2013Posted 9th Jun 2013
Cowboy spurs, silver. Free delivery.£2.99 plus postage @ Escapade£7.94
Watching Westworld at this late hour, I began to imagine how cost-effective one could begin to put together a cool Yul Brynner outfit. The first agenda item of course is the spurs … Read more

I actually hit expire on it, but looks like I need others to expire it too.


This will be a spur of the moment purchase.... ...I'll get my poncho.


That film was dog $h1t.


Oh ... hold on, that was sneaky ... when you sign in to paypal it adds £4.95 as postage. That's not good at all.


I just added them to basket and selected checkout. It comes up with delivery £0.00 - although it does a bit of obfuscation on the front-page to ask you to select a whole bunch of postage options which are very expensive. Ignore those and continue to checkout...

Gorilla Feet Covers AT escapade
-85° Expired
Posted 2nd Jan 2013Posted 2nd Jan 2013
Gorilla Feet Covers AT escapade£12.99
Add a special touch of realism to your Gorilla costume with these Gorilla foot shoe covers. The Gorilla Feet Covers are made by one of the top Halloween fancy dress makers in the w… Read more

So the price is £12.99 down from.......? Where is the saving, why are these a deal :| MM




The girls in my area already have feet looking like these. Not a pretty sight, calling them Swamp Donkeys is being kind.


£12:99 isn't peanuts though :p

Captain Spaulding Mask £39.99 @ Escapade
-117° Expired
Posted 2nd Jan 2013Posted 2nd Jan 2013
Captain Spaulding Mask £39.99 @ Escapade£39.99
Start preparing now for Halloween!

So it was £39.99 and it's still £39.99 oO TAXI... MM






Not worth £40 lol.. but still added heat coz he is a card!

Rudolf-Kini Costume £8.99 @ Escapade. Only for the brave. Possible free Santa suit.
-115° Expired
Posted 22nd Dec 2012Posted 22nd Dec 2012
Rudolf-Kini Costume £8.99 @ Escapade. Only for the brave. Possible free Santa suit.£8.99
Looking for a fancy dress costume for new years eve. Got a bet to win? This is the costume for you. If you can find somethig to take your total to over a tenner then you can use t… Read more



good Price, bought one last year and wore it christmas day , Mother in law was not impressed as i opened the door to her in it and requested me to wear clothes. but hey made for some funny cristmas pictures and a good laugh to get the day started :D




this has been posted before and anyone over the age of 10 who uses pmsl is special. are u really peeing urself laughing or just using a a stupid buzz word


They put pmsl!!!!! Pi**ing MySelf Laughing. You're on about Pre Menstrual Stress :| Unlucky OP. if you posted this a few days ago, when all the prize hunters were on here, it probably would of reached 500+.

Straight Jacket Franco Costume £26.99 @ Escapade
26° Expired
Posted 5th Oct 2011Posted 5th Oct 2011
Straight Jacket Franco Costume £26.99 @ Escapade£26.99
Thats what I'm talking about - a straight jacket! I have put this in the 'fashion' category but perhaps that is slightly misguided. Anyway, perfect for relatives or friends that yo… Read more

Have you been looking at computer deals? And credit to the original finder would have been nice (_;) See post number 23


Cheaper on Ebay, brand new, like for like.


Hmm, shame they don't do kids sizes ;)


From what I read in the papers - some people pay a whole lot more than that to be tied up.......... oO


You should be put in a straight jacket if you spend £27 to be tied up.(_;)

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