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January Sales | ESET Internet Security - £32.98 at eset
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Posted 18th Jan 2021Posted 18th Jan 2021
January Sales | ESET Internet Security - £32.98 at eset£32.98
Protect your data and get 40% off with ESET Internet Security until January 18th! Safer online banking and shopping Automatically secures transactions on internet banking sites and help…
NOD32 Internet Security 3 Months free
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Posted 15th Apr 2020Posted 15th Apr 2020
NOD32 Internet Security 3 Months freeFREE£39.99
Antivirus and Antispyware - Provides all-round protection against all types of threats, including Viruses, Rootkits and Spyware The Anti-Phishing protection included in the anti-virus progr…
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Would be nice to have a NOD64.


From which seller did you buy?


Thanks, but I have Windows 10. And it has built-in antivirus which is simply amazing and works for me for years. And for my family on their PCs. No matter what AV you have, you will be in trouble if you are stupid and click on everything without thinking.


You mean like Protonmail where the server is in Switzerland? Way ahead of you although I was talking about AV not email system.


Is that what you were told in your hacked emails. Get some decent security pal it's called using your brains

ESET Internet Security - 5 devices £62.98 - 3year license @
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Posted 29th Dec 2019Posted 29th Dec 2019
ESET Internet Security - 5 devices £62.98 - 3year license @£62.98
Protect all your devices and get 50% off ESET Internet Security until January 19th 5 devices - 3year license = £62.98 (incl. VAT) 1 device - 1 year = £20 (incl. VAT) 1 device - 2 year…

It's the price. Most people have multiple devices now. Kaspersky which is as good as Eset is usually on offer on Amazon for £15/16 for the year for 10 devices. I use Eset on one machine as I had an extended trial but I'd never pay full amount for it.


Exactly. Never had a better firewall/antivirus than this.


I do not think you can buy legally keys for 3 devices for 1 year for that low amount. I do not get the - voters, this is really a good deal, they have either no clue of the excellent product or the price what you usually pay for it.


If it's an authorized reseller please do share.


And they will expire within weeks & you will have wasted your money buying a Nod32 key from fleabay.

ESET Internet Security license 4 months free @
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Posted 17th Oct 2019Posted 17th Oct 2019
ESET NOD32 Internet Security for 120 days Try it today and test ESET Internet Security for free for 120 days. Just fill out the form below and enter the promo code from your PC world. Af…
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The promo code is PCWESET2019


Good question, as that wasn't initially spelled out, lol. But by the look's of it, it look's of it, you just need to simply fill in your detail's onto their site, etc etc etc?. DON'T use a default browser on this other that Google Chrome (where viable that is?). It the site is alllllll in German!. And (for the here and now at least, lol), Google Chrome is the only browser I know of that allows you the 'option' to auto-translate Germany to English ... So yeh. :-)


How to get a promo code ?


neve rhad that issue... it just now expires for me


I used to use Eset, but they automatically enable recurring billing (at their full price), but no way to change/manage your subscription online. You have to call them so they can "change it for you". Bit if a scummy practice.

Winter Sale Save 50% on ESET Internet Security until January 14th!
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Posted 13th Jan 2019Posted 13th Jan 2019
Winter Sale Save 50% on ESET Internet Security until January 14th!£19.99£39.9950% off
Winter Sale Save 50% on ESET Internet Security until January 14th! 1-4 Devices 1-3 Years Round-the-clock cyber guard Legendary antivirus technology Multi-layered security protects yo…

Go to checkout & it will charge you £20


Can NEVER recommend AVG free. Even their PAID Premium package will CONSTANTLY alert you to "important" security issues, such as tracking cookies (seriously?) which you can luckily fix by purchasing one of their other products. Pure scareware!


It wasn't you I was thinking of, sorry :D


Don’t sink to the trolls level by checking their history(skeptical)


There are people who like to help, others that their only target is to be deal's posters. Regarding these, they're professional trolls. Have a life instead.

50% off ESET Internet Security until 11th January @ ESET UK
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Posted 1st Jan 2019Posted 1st Jan 2019
50% off ESET Internet Security until 11th January @ ESET UK
No voucher needed, it's automatically discounted from the normal price. This translates to: £41.99 for 1 PC, 3 Years. £47.50 for 2 PCs, 3 Years. £52.49 for 3 PCs, 3 Years. £57.50 for…

I may be lucky but my 5 quid 2yr license from ebay is about to expire, I'd never pay these sorts of money for AV these days. The annoying thing for me is I've got some legit NOD32 licenses and Kaspersky Internet Security licenses but prefer to use ESET IS. (annoyed)


Probably because of the fact that bit defender gets ranked higher than eset in independant tests, and assuming you could secure it for its current offer price for the next 3 years, it would also be cheaper.


Too expensive, BitDefender is a lot cheaper if you use search options :)


Good price


Most of the ones on ebay are fake and will die within a few months, 50% is a great offer if you are happy to pay for your AV software some wll go AVG freebie route, others will go ESET freebie route but I'm happy to pay this discount price, but normal retail price is too high IMO All1

Anitivirus ESET Halloween 50% discount @ eset. £22.49 for 2 users / £27.50 for 4 users.
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Posted 1st Nov 2017Posted 1st Nov 2017
Anitivirus ESET Halloween 50% discount @ eset. £22.49 for 2 users / £27.50 for 4 users.
Get 50% off Multi-Device KEEP ALL YOUR DEVICES SAFE FROM HAUNTED APPS Protect your PC, Mac, Smartphone, Tablet and more for two user £22.49, for 4 users £27.5

This should be much warmer


I’ve not bought since last year, it was 5 machines from a seller in the states. Luck of the draw perhaps


How are you getting 5 per key? Seem all to be single machine


I buy legit keys from g2a for under £5 a year, have done for last 3 years and all keys work fine - even put them on my inlaws pc's as typically 5 licences per key ;)


I've been using this for years. Excellent product. Mine runs out next month so perfect timing! Thank you. (y)

ESET Internet Security Beta 2017 - Free for 2 months
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Posted 19th Aug 2016Posted 19th Aug 2016
ESET Internet Security Beta 2017 - Free for 2 months
Internet Security (formerly Smart Security) is ESET's all-in-one internet security program which is a step up from NOD32, its antivirus component. ESET have released a beta of Internet Secu…

It was actually free since April, so that would have been 6 months free, but only found it the other day! There is always next year's beta.


It's a chance to try ESET. I like their stuff. Over the past couple of years I've been using it have found it pretty good.


2 months free subscription? Thanks op, but no thanks. If it was for longer than maybe it might be better.



ESET MULTI-DEVICE SECURITY FREE license for 06 months!
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Posted 17th Dec 2015Posted 17th Dec 2015
ESET MULTI-DEVICE SECURITY FREE license for 06 months!
ESET Multi Device Security Pack FREE license for 06 months! Visit Fill-in your personal info; use and…

​use fakemailgenerator... it works


What email are your using? Not working for me the promo...


Thankyou for posting...yep, it does works...heat added....:)


Of course it worked, i wouldn`t post it here if it`s not working. 8) Enjoy it mate...


Thanks it worked lol

ESET Smart Security 50% OFF £19.95 @ (ESET US)
-147° Expired
Posted 28th Nov 2015Posted 28th Nov 2015
ESET Smart Security 50% OFF £19.95 @ (ESET US)£19.95
It looks, that ESET gives 50% discount on some products to US (only) customers. ESET Smart Security effectively £19.95 for 1 PC / 1 year. 2 years subscription gives another 25% off. It may …

thanks, now that explains why cold. No one else was bothered to advise. thanks a lot.


You are only buying an activation code so it's safe. Then you just download the trial software from the eset website and activate with your fleabay code.


Mmmm... I see... How these work? Is it safe?


Ebay..;) You can get 1 year codes for -£10


Heat from me!

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