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Quest 16520 Buffet Server & Warming Tray - £26.98 Delivered @ eSpares
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Posted 7th Nov 2021Posted 7th Nov 2021
Quest 16520 Buffet Server & Warming Tray - £26.98 Delivered @ eSpares£26.98
About this item: Perfect for storing your vegetables and other foods, it allows your guests to serve themselves so that everyone can be seated enjoying their meal together. Retaining a tem…

"We found a deal matching your 'computers & tablets' alert!" Thanks, HUKD...


Thanks op

eSpares Ultra Alkaline AA Batteries - Pack of 20 £2.99 (£1.99 postage) @ eSpares
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Posted 28th Feb 2021Posted 28th Feb 2021
eSpares Ultra Alkaline AA Batteries - Pack of 20 £2.99 (£1.99 postage) @ eSpares£4.98
eSpares Ultra Alkaline AA Batteries - Pack of 20 £2.99 a pack I've ordered 2 packs plus £1.99 postage. Not too sure how good they are or if anyone has used these before. Seems reasonable…

20 pack alkalines £2.99 at home bargains.


Aint that the truth!!!


I think it's a good deal if you're a heavy user and buy multiple packs.




postage kills it :(

Honeywell Wireless Home Alarm £119.99 (£3.99 delivery) @ eSpares
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Posted 2nd Jan 2021Posted 2nd Jan 2021
Honeywell Wireless Home Alarm £119.99 (£3.99 delivery) @ eSpares£123.98
Honeywell Wireless Alarm great price and easy quick installation

Bit of a mixed bag of reviews but good price nevertheless, thanks for taking the time to post @JayGres :)


Oh oh. Could be better looking elsewhere for an alarm.


Have some heat, good price for this system. I have Just fitted a Ajax system. Highly recommended. Will cost double this tho.


I've got this in my home. Granted it's not the best on the market (which the price suggests), but I was working to a tight budget at the time. I've had no issues with it. Door sensors, fobs and motion sensors all work without issue. We did have to move one of the motion sensors to a a more suitable place. As the reviews say, the instructions that come with it are limited and its best to download a more comprehensive manual online.


This or Pyronix (Pyronix is subbed after first year for app access though) Either that or put this fantastic Honeywell Potato system in.

Dual 2.4A USB Plug Charger - UK Plug £5.98 delivered via eSpares
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Posted 12th Dec 2020Posted 12th Dec 2020
Dual 2.4A USB Plug Charger - UK Plug £5.98 delivered via eSpares£5.98
With this handy Dual USB Plug Charger you can have the power to recharge two devices - at the same time! Using USB technology, this charger provides the correct current to the connected devi…
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Appears admin updated the title for you as it wasn't there previoulsy hence my comment


looks lot more robust that others you can get tbh actually looks like a solid real plug which makes a change, the poundland ones are pretty bad.


That's right! £3.99 plus £1.99 delivery charge makes £5.98.


£5.98 with delivery,

eSpares Ultra Alkaline AA Batteries - Pack of 20 £4.38 delivered @ eSpares
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Posted 24th Aug 2020Posted 24th Aug 2020
eSpares Ultra Alkaline AA Batteries - Pack of 20 £4.38 delivered @ eSpares£2.39 £1.99
Sign Up any old email account to newsletter and get a 20% discount promo code - still checkout on your normal account with code. Ultra Alkaline AA Batteries - Pack of 20 High-quality ba…

Cant see the 20% guess u came too late ;(


Mine arrived today - came with a free black pen and a wine voucher. Came in large cardboard box.


good price, hot.


Wow a genuine good deal on batteries (rather than the usual Duracell trash getting super hot at a pound a cell or similar!) Thanks OP good spot. Hot hot hot!


Is that an environment pun??

Pack of 20 Espares Ultra Alkaline AAA or AA Batteries £2.49 + £1.99 Delivery @ eSpares
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Posted 8th Feb 2020Posted 8th Feb 2020
Pack of 20 Espares Ultra Alkaline AAA or AA Batteries £2.49 + £1.99 Delivery @ eSpares£4.48
Even allowing for delivery cost this is a good price. The £1.99 charge is valid for up to £6 so you could order 2 packs for the same charge, 1 of each type perhaps?

+20% off for new customers


Alkaline type? I'll be there straight away if they are!


Then try poundland or 99p store, they have disposable batteries for a pound (or 99p) for a pack of 12


But you may not have a Home Bargains nearby and they won't deliver for free!


Yes same here. Things like clocks and certain kids toys have normal batteries. Certain things won't even work with rechargeable them being 1.2 volts.

20 AA alkaline batteries £2.49 + £1.99 delivery at eSpares
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Posted 21st Oct 2018Posted 21st Oct 2018
20 AA alkaline batteries £2.49 + £1.99 delivery at eSpares£2.49
Clearance items from eSpares.
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IKEA Battery alkaline £2.25/10 pack LR6 AA 1.5V


Three packs of 8 X Simply Duracell from Aldi if they have stock nearby might be a better buy. Would be £2.97.


Use OCTOBER18 code £10 off over £30 spend and buy 13 packs, £26.36 for 260 batteries.


16p each if you order 4 packs at £2.99 delivery. Cheers OP!


Looks like delivery price jumps to £2.99 if you order more than 2 packs

Dimplex MCFSTV12 Microstove 1.2Kw Electric Stove - £57.98 delivered from
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Posted 24th Sep 2018Posted 24th Sep 2018
Dimplex MCFSTV12 Microstove 1.2Kw Electric Stove - £57.98 delivered from
Just purchased one of these little fellas for a really good price and thought I'd share the love. They're usually around £90 to buy and I've just got mine for £57.98 delivered from espares …

Must have sold a few because they're out of stock now but available in 2 weeks.


Great price for a great make. Toasty heat to OP.


A lot of people seem to pop them into garages and conservatories. You might want to grab one before we get a proper cold snap and the price shoots up. ;)


Thinking about this for the garage where I've got a snooker table & dart board set up for the kids.

Bodum FYRKAT Picnic Charcoal BBQ Grill - Black @ ESpares £31.98 (incl Del)
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Posted 9th Sep 2017Posted 9th Sep 2017
Bodum FYRKAT Picnic Charcoal BBQ Grill - Black @ ESpares £31.98 (incl Del)£31.98
It's a small BBQ (it won't fit a whole goat) with some great reviews on Amazon. This is the cheapest you can get it anywhere at the moment although CamelCamelCamel has said it's been slightl…
Tassimo vivy t12 £33.98 delivered at espares
Posted 17th Jun 2017Posted 17th Jun 2017
Tassimo vivy t12 £33.98 delivered at espares£33.98
Tassimo vivy t12 Whether you fancy yourself a coffee connoisseur or if you simply enjoy a good tasting coffee, eSpares could have the answer if you are looking for a new coffee maker! With …
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I should hope so, should be usable for many years! Do you have to use tassimo pods or is there a cheap-er alternative? eater-tank=stomach ??


Great if you are on your own or you are perpetually refilling the eater tank if you use the xl pods.

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