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Mous iPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max Contour Case - All colours £15.20 + £2.45 @ Mous
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Posted 16th JanPosted 16th Jan
Mous iPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max Contour Case - All colours £15.20 + £2.45 @ Mous£17.65 £2.45
11 Pro - £15.20 + 2.45 delivery. 11 Pro Max - £19.20 + free delivery

I've bought both expensive and cheap cases and yes the expensive ones usually feel and look nicer but some cheap ones I've got have never failed me and certainly haven't been the difference between my phone surviving a fall. While I was waiting for a company to make a forged carbon or aramid fibre case for my iPhone 12 Pro I had a cheap £3 Ringke case from amazon and its done just fine.


I don’t think it’s pretending to be a folio case (skeptical)


Cold does not protect front . Only £10 and protects front . Best case I ever used for my £1200 phone.


Love when people say this and then when it actually happens not willing to pay the 300+ to fix it


Gets excellent reviews and the feedback on here is fantastic. Can’t help but think the photos don’t do the case justice, it looks like an ugly slab of plastic (despite it being leather) and really bulky. I love the texture of the glass of my iPhone 11 Pro and prepared to take the risk of dropping it. Not for me sadly.

Limitless 3.0 Phone 12 Pro case - £35.99 @ Mous
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Posted 24th Dec 2020Posted 24th Dec 2020
Limitless 3.0 Phone 12 Pro case - £35.99 @ Mous£35.99 Free P&P Free
SPECIFICATIONS Compatibility Usable with the MagSafe® Wireless Charger Not compatible with MagSafe® magnetic alignment or mounting - please see Frequently Asked Questions for more… Read more



I get these cases of alixpress for £3.99 almost identical (lol) (lol)


I use this case on my 11 pro, brilliant case, well worth £35 :)


Not biting though


Well played.

Contour - iPhone 11 Pro Max Case £20.40 with code @ Mous
-35° Expired
Posted 17th Dec 2020Posted 17th Dec 2020
Contour - iPhone 11 Pro Max Case £20.40 with code @ Mous£20.40 Free P&P Free
** USE CODE 15EXTRA** Innovative AiroShock™ technology provides serious impact protection Made with high-quality, durable materials and real leather Understated and elegant design… Read more

got for a little cheaper at £19.20 with discount code RE20GTVCY delivery


Did anyone get this case? Which is best one? I was thinking the black or the Speckled leather


The case comes with lifetime warranty. I had a brown in this style which cracked on the side after a year of using it. I recently got it replaced for free! If you spend so much on a phone, you need to invest in protection too! Brilliant customer service too, heat from me (y)


Thanks for posting, @TWSL (y)


I do not know about what thought iphone users who voted cold on £20 case, which can save them £320 screen replace bill.

Mous Limitless 3.0 - iPhone 12 Pro Max £40 with code @ Mous
-126° Expired
Posted 7th Dec 2020Posted 7th Dec 2020
Mous Limitless 3.0 case (Aramid Fibre) for the iPhone 12 Pro Max for £40. Other versions (Bamboo etc.) ~£38.39

Mous cases are expensive but they are very very good - I managed to split the case along a seam and over a year later they were happy to send a replacement free of charge


Ouch! Gutted I missed out on that deal ;(


Got mine for £28 on black Friday !


This is the only thing I’m weary of, I’ve seen people say that the Rhinoshield buttons are much easier to use. I’ll have to wait and see!


Haven't tried the max versions, but for the Iphone 12 the buttons are very difficult to push, returned mine due to this reason.

Google Pixel 4 XL Case - Limitless 3.0 in leather or walnut - £9.60 / £12.05 delivered using code @ Mous
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Posted 1st Dec 2020Posted 1st Dec 2020
Google Pixel 4 XL Case - Limitless 3.0 in leather or walnut. Free shipping with £19 spend. High end well reviewed phone cases with life time warranty. Other Pixel 4/4XL cases an… Read more

There's also the clarity for the 4 XL. I'm thinking of getting that but don't like how it's all black around the edges so i won't be able to see the orange coloured power button. I have the white 4 XL.


Cheers. Got two of the carbon fibre. One for my XS Max and one for the 4XL. Along with the 10% code they gave me worked out less than £30 for both. Also be interesting to see if it works with the Apple wallet. Know it doesn't with the magsafe charger but worth a shot.


Picked up the leather version to replace the fabric case I have had for the past year. Not the lightest but feels protective and nicely made. Bargain at this price.


Highly recommend mous cases Amazing quality, well worth the price. Even better when they are on a deal

iPhone 12/12 pro mous limitless 3.0 iphone case £25.50 with code at Mous
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Posted 1st Dec 2020Posted 1st Dec 2020
iPhone 12/12 pro mous limitless 3.0 iphone case £25.50 with code at Mous£25.50£29.9915% off Free P&P Free
Use the voucher at checkout to bring price down. This is considered the best case for an iPhone 12/12 pro according to YouTube reviews This is for the aramid fibre finish. Other f… Read more

The price is up to £44.99


miles better


Are these better than/as good as OtterBox? Not worried about it looking like a brick so long as it can stand being thrown about a bit, dropped by toddlers etc


Bought this for my XS just over two years ago for £30 and has been brilliant. Think it started on kickstarter around then. I noticed the case has a little split in it now on the side but after two years of me dropping it and protecting my phone I think that is OK, hasn't affected it at all. Has some sort of magnet in side the case for in car magnet holders. Also works with a wireless charger. Thoroughly recommend, heat!


You can get 20% off using the code below. The screenshot is for the leather case that I got. I quite like the case and would recommend it.

Mous Contour iPhone 11 Case £19.99 at Mous
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Posted 22nd Sep 2020Posted 22nd Sep 2020
Mous Contour iPhone 11 Case £19.99 at Mous£19.99 Free P&P Free
Mous are offering some of their iPhone cases at reduced prices, studentbeans also offering 25% discount voucher for those with student discount login, or you can get 10% off for si… Read more

Had the mous iPhone X leather case for 3 years. Customer service brilliant, after receiving a faulty shell case for my partner they sent a replacement straight away. I also have the magnetic car phone holder, two debit card wallet which auto aligns on the rear magnets. Amazing equipment. Dropped my phone heaps of times and each time I remove it from the case to clean, it still doesn’t even have a scratch on it.

IPHONE 11 CASE - CONTOUR red leather £10 with code at Mous
Posted 29th Jul 2020Posted 29th Jul 2020
IPHONE 11 CASE - CONTOUR red leather £10 with code at Mous£9.99 Free P&P Free
Assuming can be used against any added to basket but i believe it's a max of £10. Superior impact-absorbing AiroShock™, durable materials and structural innovations offer reliable… Read more

Heat! Just bought in white leather for £9.99 delivered. Thanks Ali (y)


Heat from me, my husband and I both have mous cases and have been happy with them. I have the clarity one for my red iPhone 11.


No cases suitable for me but ive given you heat op (y)


(highfive) been waiting for ages for the carbon 3.0 to be restocked. This will do nicely until then. Good price. Thanks


Heat added worked for me. Good price

Various Mous iPhone XS Max Limitless Cases £18.00 @ Mous (Using Mail list subscriber code)
157° Expired
Posted 4th Mar 2020Posted 4th Mar 2020
Various Mous iPhone XS Max Limitless Cases £18.00 @ Mous (Using Mail list subscriber code)£18£39.9955% off
All Mous ‘Limitless 2’ XS Max cases are available for £19.99 currently. Normally £35-50 (e.g on Amazon). Also some available for the Galaxy S10 (Bamboo £19.99 instead of £37.99… Read more

Can anyone PM me a spare student code please?


Good quality case. Shame their range is so limited, or else I'd have one for my new phone.


UPDATE - prices of £19.99 now live on Amazon too. Still better off to order via with the 10% off code, unless you have Prime and want it fast.


Dispatch is rapid - ordered at about 3pm and had dispatch and Hermes tracking number through already.


Link doesn't work

Mous Contour Case (Red or White. Speckled Black £29.99) for iPhone 11 Pro - £19.99 @ Mous
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Posted 19th Jan 2020Posted 19th Jan 2020
Mous Contour Case (Red or White. Speckled Black £29.99) for iPhone 11 Pro - £19.99 @ Mous£19.99
Good price for a case that is usually £39.99 (current price on Amazon). Lots of other cases by Mous also discounted:

Code is expired now. Any other codes going?


My white one arrived on Wednesday and I’m loving it. Very nice case and would happily pay full price again if I needed a new one.


Using the red leathercontour right now very nice case


His videos sold me on a Mous case, glad to have had a bonus 20% on top :)


Use this code for 20% off (stacks as well): MobileReviewsEh2001-207H Code taken from:

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