Euroffice furniture sale - 78% off plus 20% discount voucher - 3 days only!

Euroffice furniture sale - 78% off plus 20% discount voucher - 3 days only!


Thanks for the heads up foxy

Does the voucher works on sale items ? If so, 78% + 20% = 98% discount on selected items (cheeky calculation :p)

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I've just tried it, and believe it or not, yes! Not only that but you get free delivery (providing you spend £30.! The Sonix operator chair that was £189 (plus VAT) pre sale is now showing in my shopping basket at £31.12 including VAT and delivery!

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Don't forget you can also use Quidco at Euroffice (up to 11% cashback!)

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Just ordered this but in charcoal. Been after a new fabric chair for ages and the only decent deals are usually on the cheap nasty leather faced ones.

£37.41 - £4.11 quidco = £33.30 inc :thumbsup:

Even given the inflated RRP on the site, the going rate for this chair seems to be around £77-£80

Great deal - I ordered the Coventry managers chair for around £33 (including Quidco) and its on amazon for £97.99 and over £100 and most other places.:thumbsup:

Coupon has expired now.

where is the sale?

found it looks like its only chairs


Coupon has expired now.

link works for me the now :thumbsup:

Toner prices probably aren't bad with some discount already +20% voucher then +11% on quidco!

The coupon only works if you follow that link. I tried using quidco and entering the coupon when checkout and it says it has expired???

At checkout the Coupon is expired whether you use quidco or not.

Tried it on ink cartridges but didt work !!

The coupon code has been expired but I found a new coupon that works! It is also 20% off...for 1st time customers. I tried it and it works! Coupon code: N20

Hi, thanks for this i have brought the Coventry managers chair which seems like a bargain.

Anyone else who bought their Coventry managers chair get an email from them saying they ran out of the chair but don't even give a date of when they'll receive new ones? I just checked my cc bill and they already charged for the chair but have no idea when I will actually be receiving one.

Hi slash,

I had a catalogue from them special delivery yesterday and it just said back order for the chair. They have removed it from the website now as well.

My order status indicated as CANCELLED. Just called their customer service line, they said there were too many order placed for the coventry armchair and not enough clearance stock to allocate each transaction (looks like their billing and stocking aren't updating real-time). They will refund the money back to my credit card. Bad experience, I don't think I will be dealing with them again.

Its weird that their logistics is actually pretty darn good but their stocking system on the site is so ******. I bought another item along with the chair at about 1am, that item arrived 11am in the same day!

Their email communications is also poor though; I sent an email telling them I wish to purchase something but it cannot be added in the basket and its been almost 2 days and no response from them. Maybe its because that item is also a clearance item??

I'm going to wait a few weeks and hope the chair will come. Just wish they can at least give an approximate time for its arrival. Their email telling me that its in back order is not really reassuring. "This will no doubt come as a disappointment (the out of stock) and we understand if you need to cancel.

We've been promised a delivery but unfortunately sometimes these dates can change. We'll let you know if that happens."

Awesome just placed an order with all discounts and its all in stock and on its way, some of the prices for that gear are crazy low FULL ON! Would vote hot if it would let me :-)


Awesome just placed an order with all discounts and its all in stock and … Awesome just placed an order with all discounts and its all in stock and on its way, some of the prices for that gear are crazy low FULL ON! Would vote hot if it would let me :-)

When I ordered my chair, it says 2-3 days delivery so that pretty much means its in stock. Anyhow if you didn't buy the clearance items, you should be alright.

Bought the clearance set of drawers, 45 in stock I checked with them 20% off for first time, and code and reduction in clearance, payment has gone and I have a receipt, phoned them up and yep its being sent out so they claim, will post if I have problems.

For those who purchase the Coventry Manager Armchair.... anyone else get their latest email saying they'll get a new shipment 26/03/08??? When I purchased the chair, it says 2-3 days for delivery. And now they say I have to wait more than 4 months for this...........................

At present the cork board they sent out was snapped on delievery and they are sending another out so they claim, and the trexus furnature I ordered on their website ie my account shows as delivered on the tracking rofl when I've not recieved anything, mind you they've taken payment all ok lol. Plus if you try to phone them it says they are busy and to email them and then tell you goodbye and disconects you mmmm nice - could end up in a chargeback this one, will see what happens this week :-)

Got the Coventry Chair delivered friday, bargain :thumbsup:

Mister E, just hope the shipping company didn't leave your furnitures at your might want to check with them or just wait a day or two more for it

I guess I should be happy they didn't cancel my order for the chair. But I don't know if I will be patient enough to wait another 4 months for it to come. It is not even acceptable to be honest...4 months?!?! It surely feels like they want me to cancel the order.

Nope fair play to them they sorted it all out, sent me a new board for free and furnature is all on its way in 3 days, I may order the desk and another 2 chests of drawers, seems good quality stuff, will find out when it comes :-)

Did the furnitures you ordered come assembled or packed flat and needs to be self-assembled??

Will tell you in two days when it arrives :-) I think it will be flat pack. I hope it is as I'm renovating and space is precious :-)
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