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Euronics is an independent UK store selling electrical appliances and equipment. Established in 1990 and operating across 30 countries, Euronics provides electrical equipment ranging from washing machines and fridges to TV sets and small kitchen appliances. Get access to Euronics voucher codes and discounts at the hotukdeals listings.
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LG F4MT08WE 8kg Direct Drive washing machine £299 @ Euronics
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Posted 7th JanPosted 7th Jan
LG F4MT08WE 8kg Direct Drive washing machine £299 @ Euronics£299 Free P&P Free
This is a great price for an LG washing machine at £299 with free delivery from local independent Euronics stores. Curry's are £369.99. Its got great review and LG direct drive was… Read more

£329 now


Thanks for the info (highfive)


Nothing really - it's marketing. There's hype about it being quieter because it has no drive belt, but noise comes from brushed motors in cheap machines, not drive belts. There's hype about it being more reliable due to fewer moving parts, but it's a heavy motor slung on the back of the drum so puts more strain on the bearings.


Hi, it means go and order one if you looking for great washing machine. Mine LG still going strong after 11 years and we do some washing at home (nerd) you will not regret.


My parent's brought an LG direct drive washing machine in 2006, it was ex-display from Currys, its still going strong! If that's still typical of their longevity this is a cracking deal.

Miele TDB220WP Heat Pump Tumble Dryer A++ £679 @ Euronics Whitchurch, Shropshire
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Posted 7th Dec 2020Posted 7th Dec 2020LocalLocal
Miele TDB220WP Heat Pump Tumble Dryer A++ £679 @ Euronics Whitchurch, Shropshire£679
I got this over the weekend to go with my Miele Washing machine I got from the outlet for £404. I've been checking the Miele outlet for the past 6 months and have never seen a he… Read more

Which Samsung DV90 are you referring to as there seems to be a few different DV90 models?


I can't believe these only come with 2 years warranty. Please correct me if I'm wrong


Fair point.


So 8 years packback in that case. And for £20 more you could have got a 9KG Samsung with a direct drive motor and A+++ rated. And surely an equal comparison would be to a condenser based Miele dryer if they make such a thing. Not to a Bosch.


This Miele £679 Bosch (I bought in January for my mum) £255 So at 16.5p kWh difference is <£50 per year but an initial extra outlay of £425. BTW I'm on my 2nd heat pump dryer having had one since 2007 so I'm not condenser-centric!

Samsung QE75Q80TATXXU 75" QLED Smart TV £1999 @ Euronics
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Posted 4th Dec 2020Posted 4th Dec 2020
Samsung QE75Q80TATXXU 75" QLED Smart TV £1999 @ Euronics£1,999 Free P&P Free
Experience the future of entertainment with the QE75Q80TATXXU’s breath-taking Quantum Dot (QLED) technology. This Samsung 75 inch TV has a 4K screen, transporting you into another … Read more

Voted cold because the image quality on this will be very poor. Why waste money on a qled? Qled TVs are just overpriced LCDs


Voted cold..Unfortunately this isn't the cheapest price it been its been around £1799 with other suppliers and this is now the standard price so you would be better getting it from RS and the 6 year warranty

Samsung RS8000 American style fridge, also further £200 cashback, 5 yrs warranty - £1289 @ Euronics
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Posted 26th Oct 2020Posted 26th Oct 2020
Samsung RS8000 American style fridge, also further £200 cashback, 5 yrs warranty - £1289 @ Euronics£1,289£1,47913% off
Which? Best buy in american fridge freezer category. everywhere else is around £1489 to £1699, but only £1289 here. Also there is a promotion currently for £200 cashback if bough… Read more

I got excited, thought it was a deal on the new Xbox :(


Yes it is. I found yon had to look very carefully to find the slight differences. I am sure the last letter/number refers to the colour


318,323 is a bit easier than RS68N8230S9/EU, RS68N8220SL/EU though...


They all have slightly different model numbers. Rs8000 is just the range. Bit like BMW 3 series but there is a 318,323 etc


All gone now. Seemed a good bargain :)

Sony KD55AG8BU 55 "4K OLED TV £1149 @ Euronics
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Posted 19th Jun 2020Posted 19th Jun 2020
Sony KD55AG8BU 55 "4K OLED TV £1149 @ Euronics£1,149£1,1994% off Free P&P Free
Take cosy nights-in to a new, exciting level with this incredible Sony OLED Smart TV. You simply won’t believe the breath-taking image and audio quality. If you’re shopping for a … Read more

Im torn between this and the LG C9 and B9 (unless theres any other 55inch tvs to throw in the mix) ... which would you guys reccomend for a casual tv wather and game player. Personally never owned an LG tv... Also would you reccomend a soundbar lol.


Yes as a showroom yes . My initial reply was based on me purchasing a 65 LG oled from Costco after looking at online reviews as it was a choice of b9 or c9 for extra 400. I went for the b9 after mostly hearing it wasn't worth the extra 400 for average viewing and usage . I would recommend buying from Costco if not 100% sure as they have plenty on view and 90 days no quibble return' if you make a ' buyer's remorse ' type purchase


Haha, fair enough, I can see that being the case. Curry's isn't so bad in fact it's quite useful for showrooming if nothing else. The Search = your search for a new tv, as I presumed you were on the lookout (y)


Search for what ? Yes Iam probably above average now you mention it ,going into Curry's to buy a TV is something I would not do . If I stated 1100/1200 was a high end TV I would be called out pretty quick on here. .


True. Only noticeable by tech geeks, movie fanatics and gamers.

Indesit IWC91282 9kg 1200 Spin Washing Machine £199 @ Euronics
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Posted 16th Jan 2020Posted 16th Jan 2020
Indesit IWC91282 9kg 1200 Spin Washing Machine £199 @ Euronics£199
Indesit Ecotime IWC91282ECO White A++ 9KG 1200RPM Washing Machine Saving time, money and effort, the Indesit IWC91282ECO Washing Machine in white gives you 9kg of capacity, 1200rpm… Read more

To be fair it does depend on the model - the only problem with my current washing machine is the rust has caused the drum shocks to no longer be anchored, therefor on a spin cycle the whole unit goes into a violent thrash, sometimes resulting in the belt coming off. There are other minor hiccups, but nothing that really stops a normal wash...


Trouble is they have now become a disposable item, cheaper to buy another, try replacing the drum bearing which only cost about £15 to buy. Cant do it, engineered so you have to renew compete drum cost £180 to 200, Shame on you manufacturers


You were extremely lucky, Indeshit, Hotpoint etc. Really aren't what they used to be. If you're going to buy cheap then buy Beko or Bush from Argos if you're really scrapping the barrel etc.


Separates. Combo's are very inefficient and don't seem to work for long.


Indesit are not the brand they were, and buying now simply shows you are happy for them to show the customer the contempt they have shown them for years. Not seen appliance cover for years and a quick google the prices for multiple cover seems expensive, especially if you buy good quiality appliances and you probably dont need need the cover. But anyway, good luck in your purchase.

Blomberg LTH3842W 8kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer - A+++ Rated £449.99 @ Euronics
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Posted 9th Nov 2019Posted 9th Nov 2019
Blomberg LTH3842W 8kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer - A+++ Rated £449.99 @ Euronics£449.99£499.9910% off
Save £50 (10%) on this Which Best Buy award winning dryer. Hybrid technology to cut down on time taken to dry. Plus a massive energy saving compared to standard B rated dryers. F… Read more

great deal


just in case anyone is thinking of ordering this, the Euronics dimensions are wrong. They state the machine is 60.9 when in fact it is 65.4. This caught us out as it won't fit in our cupboard and will need to be returned.


5c-35c operating conditions


You're correct about the fridge analogy. The instructions would probably say that it needs to be in room ambient temperature.


Thanks. I doubt our utility is ever below 10 but if there anything in the manual about if temperature makes a difference that's be good to know thanks. X

Samsung 7kg ecobubble WW70J555EX washing machine only £299.99 at
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Posted 21st Nov 2018Posted 21st Nov 2018
Samsung 7kg ecobubble WW70J555EX washing machine only £299.99 at£299.99
Seems like a cracking price for a Samsung washing machine. 7kg , 1400 spin , ecobubble washing machine in graphite. It also comes with a 5 year warranty and free delivery .

Now back in stock



Out of stock online

Samsung MS23F301TAS microwave 800w £64.99 Del @ Euronics
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Posted 2nd Jun 2018Posted 2nd Jun 2018
Samsung MS23F301TAS microwave 800w £64.99 Del @ Euronics£64.99£7918% off
Samsung Microwave. I have been looking all over and this seems a great price. Over £100 at John Lewis and £79 from Samsung direct. Model is MS23F301TAS

Waste of time, had one of these and was repaired a number of times, the rotary encoder wears out and makes setting the time a frustrating process. Also didn't seem to cook evenly. John Lewis refunded and I bought a Panasonic 1000w Inverter, far better microwave.


Moronics never have stock


Heat comparison to other 800w microwaves


simply electrics have price matched and offer free delivery


How do they measure? :/

Hotpoint 7kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine WMEUF743P £199.99 from Euronics
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Posted 26th Dec 2017Posted 26th Dec 2017
Hotpoint 7kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine WMEUF743P £199.99 from Euronics£199.99
Seems reasonably cheap.

Yeah no worries.


Would you mind giving us some feedback when you start using the machine please? Generally the consensus is very positive. A lot of the internals are the same high quality as the more expensive models.


Thanks buddy I just bought one. For the cost difference thought it was worth takes a punt on something a bit more premium and the LG was a steal. Worth pointing out it's replacing a 7 year old beko that has done quite well for something that cost 150. Starting to make some grinding noises on spin so though time to give it a retirement.


Just to add: Source UK White goods: Most Beko washing machines we would think are rated for about 1-1500 cycles on the better specified models and lower, in some cases a fair bit lower, on entry level models and we would therefore not recommend them if you do much more than the national average of around 250 washes per year.


Where are you getting your source of information that a £259 or less Beko is a better buy than the LG? Here are my reasons on the LG corner: Firstly I refer to This is a very useful source of information compiled from 100's of engineers who work on the machines, so are well versed in both construction quality and reliability. LG uses patented direct drive inverter motors, which have been standard across their entire range for the past 20 years in the UK and longer in the Asia Pacific region. It is a proven technology coupled with a brushless DC motor, which results in very quiet, smooth and long lasting performance. There's minimal vibration during the spin cycle. The entry level aforementioned model dries better a 1200 spin speed than many rival 1400 models, due to its efficient design. Check out the robust build quality, the weight of the machine, the all metal hinges and door latches against all similarly priced rivals. Finally the user experience. Even the base models come equipped with an array of great features including 6 motion sensors for superior wash results, NFC diagnosis and program downloads and LG electronics are extremely reliable with very low failure rates. Last but not least an LG machine used once a day will on average last 8-10 years before the drum bearings wear and need replacing. Naturally lighter users will get longer life than this. That's my case for the £259 LG washer in Co-Op. Now let's hear your case as to why Beko is the best choice in that budget sector.