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Slim 2R Kit By Kimsun Ecig Pod System £4.99 +£3p&p @ Evolution Vaping
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Posted 16th Aug 2019Posted 16th Aug 2019
Slim 2R Kit By Kimsun Ecig Pod System £4.99 +£3p&p @ Evolution Vaping£4.99£34.9986% off
Quick Overview We are dealing here with a real revolution! The perfect Vape set for beginners and advanced users who want a simple set-up without sacrificing performance. The Slim … Read more
Vaping: tanks, RDA, e-liquid, mods, spinners and misc - Sale at Evolution Vaping
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Posted 26th Jul 2018Posted 26th Jul 2018
Vaping: tanks, RDA, e-liquid, mods, spinners and misc - Sale at Evolution Vaping
This deal is for electronic cigarette (vaping) kits/juices and in my years of experience, these are generally really great prices. This is the best priced 'sale' items i have foun… Read more

@baniel.durnell silly question does the aspire tank come alone as a coil top or with the tank for that price?


As a 'vaper', i consider myself courteous. I always walk away to find a nice quiet corner where i can vape and breathe out towards the floor. I always pay attention to the wind as not to have people down wind of me. I understand your opinions and whilst it is very important to air them all, doing so without swearing is a much better way to get them across. People listen to someone who has control of a situation better then someone who doesn't. Please dont let the majority of people who vape like 'A' holes create a reputation for us all. People should never vape on trains! I always go outside to vape as i would a cigarette, whether its public transport, any building etc. I dont want to force someone else to suffer because of my addiction, its not thier fault!


Never argue with an idiot. They just drag you down to their level, and then beat you with experience.


Bees don’t sting people on purpose and are vital for the environment. Without them many other species would die so the answer is an obvious no (y)


Ok then snowflake.

Sale sale sale at evolution vape stores in Birmingham and Online!!!!
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Posted 6th Jan 2018Posted 6th Jan 2018
Sale sale sale at evolution vape stores in Birmingham and Online!!!!
Sale on vaping equipment, accessories and e-liquids. Sale ends middle of January

Nah sorry the person even said they went to shop to build coils for them which means they're probably using an RDA and mechanical mod without even knowing the ohms and the type of battery they're using, this means they don't know what they're doing. There's nothing wrong with regulated mods and tanks but if the story scares you then so be it, that's hardly going to stop a person who Vapes and know what they're are doing from grabbing a bargain is it?


That appears to be someone who was building unregulated mech mods. A bit like berating automobiles just because somebody died in an accident caused by poorly maintained vehicle. The following article gives a more balanced perspective. http://www.fergusmason.com/great-mech-mods-time-say-goodbye/


No thanks https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10100193309728068&id=51701909


Went and bought a 100 quid mod for 80 quid. Everything in store you get a 20% discount on. Online discounts vary.

Smok Alien Kit 220w £45.49 @ Evolution Vaping
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Posted 4th Apr 2017Posted 4th Apr 2017
Smok Alien Kit 220w £45.49 @ Evolution Vaping£45.49
Cheapest deal I have seen on this kit.

Nearly 5months for me!! I had a drag of my mates ciggy a few days ago... Nearly vomited :)


thanks to this post - I bought one - and haven't had a smoke for nearly a month now. loving the vaping! thanks to all!


​Well if you don't care why come onto the thread with such a retarded comment


​or continue to enjoy nicotine is a safe way, same way coffee drinkers enjoy caffeine


Have some heat. I have one and it's super....