Exclusive HUKD & CD-WOW! offer: Brand New link to get 50p off CDs and £1 off DVDs and Games!

Exclusive HUKD & CD-WOW! offer: Brand New link to get 50p off CDs and £1 off DVDs and Games!



Fully working - get that Omen Pentology Boxset for £5.99 now!!
Nice one Amibees :-D :thumbsup:


It even works on £2.99 DVDs too unlike the previous £1 link
sweet! Nice one Amibees!
Excellent - thank you HOT
Does this mean no cashback though (or HUKD is taking the cashback...)

Checked a few discs down the bootom end and all ridiculously overpriced - obviously to compensate for this promotion
Not working on sale DVDs - just checked a £2.99 Sale DVD and its still going through at £2.99
Yeah theres something funny going on at CD-Wow. Was using Find-dvd to search for the best prices on some CD's, everything that it threw up as the lowest was mysteriously out of stock but if you search the wow site manually they are in stock but at a greatly inflated price. Examples...

]From Find-dvd

]Manual Search...

]Manual Search...

If it were only 1 CD then fair enough but it seems to be EVERY CD I searched for :x
Not working at all today

Must be because they have a sale on.
Not working today either.
This is working again now
Its turned off again today on everything, must be due to the sale again! All the other discount links are the same.
Great, got another dvd for the xmas pile, £5.99 cheers
Is it me or is this voucher not working?

I am trying to order the Pirates of the Caribbean dvd getting £1 off the £2.99 price.
this mean cd-wow are now untouchable on the site, as amazon now are
Worked For Me. Ta. heat and rep added
Thanks, worked fine for me.
Only just seen this! Just ordered Life On Earth and got £1 off which is great, went back to get something else and now it doesn't work.
thank you, got 50p off a CD and used Paypal, great!
Great deal. Many thanks.
Excellent, thank you.
Brill :-D
Cd WoW's customer service is really bad!!!

Miserable ******s wont let you add emailed £1 off vouchers. Bearing in mind Quidco never tracks, its cheaper to go with BangCD
wonderful - moved to oz and still getting great bargains lol
still works for me thanks
not working

not working

Not working for me either
Thanks for the Reports, I've expired this now as it no longer appears to be giving discounts. If anyone does find that it works if you could use the report button

[image missing]

beside the avatar to let us know & we can un-expire if required :Thumbsup:
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