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50% off Experian AutoChecks
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Posted 1st Feb 2018Posted 1st Feb 2018
50% off Experian AutoChecks£7.48£14.9550% off
Use the voucher code 50AC for half price vehicle checks on the Experian equivalent to HPI. 50% off a single AutoCheck (£7.48) 50% off bundle of 5 AutoChecks (£9.98) Cod… Read more

I paid £20 for four the other day :)


"multi check allows you to check the background of up to 5 vehicles in a 60 day period." Sadly not it would seem.


Tiptop spot @Jumeeno wonder if they can be kept to use, if they you buy multiples of the bundle? (y)

Free Experian Credit Check For Life
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Posted 3rd May 2017Posted 3rd May 2017
Free Experian Credit Check For Life
Excellent if Preparing a Mortgage, Loan, Credit Card Etc Application Free for Life No Catches it seems. Good to identify Fraud or incorrect markings against you

I remember when they were robbing people by charging them to see their score. unfortunately some were dumb enough to pay for it.


Much better than Noodle! Thanks OP


Martin Lewis money saving expert does not have anything to with anything to do with spam. He also haves a programme on ITV. well worth going to his website and emailing him to see what he has to say. I never had spam


No idea then, could have been another company, though don't know how they got my email. but it does happen..


I never had any in over a year

Experian is offering credit score free forever
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Posted 29th Jan 2017Posted 29th Jan 2017
Experian is offering credit score free forever
Get credit score free on experian free forever. This does not give you a report just the score.

Credit score mostly means nothing. Its what on the file that counts. I had a very good score but when I applied for some credit I was surprised to know that there was some dispute in my Experian file.


Yep, Clearscore is far better.


Agree with speric07 - noddle provides near full report and is free for life


There is also Clearscore for the Equifax agency. Annoying thing is all of them can be effected by incorrect information and the only way you can find that out is by subscribing to full membership. Key things to consider are what is your debt to available credit? Have you applied for any kind of credit recently including mobile phone contract. Have you moved house recently? Have you made any payments late? Have you changed bank accounts? Amongst other things that is all the extra services will provide you with. I find Clearscore the most useful of the 3


This just gives you the score, like the MSE offering. www.noddle.co.uk gives you a near full report, for free.

Your Experian Credit Score. Free. Forever
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Posted 4th Jan 2017Posted 4th Jan 2017
Your Experian Credit Score. Free. Forever
Your Experian Credit Score. Free. Forever

I can only assume that most people here don't have a clue who Experian are. I guarantee they already have your personal information. They're not asking for it as a ploy or to sell. Yes, they sell your credit information - that's what they're there for. They're doing that whether you register to see your report or not.


Same thing available directly from barclaycard, just login to your account and activate your free experian credit score :)


I've used NOODLE for years. About Noodle: Noddle offers you access to your credit report free for life – not just for 30 days. It’s genuinely free and always will be! And, we’ll help you put it to good use too by finding the best credit card and loan products for you based on your credit rating, as well as helping you to make more of your money with access to money saving offers and vouchers.


​THANK YOU!! This is SO much more useful than a random number plucked out of the air. Worth £2 any day. Confirmed I have no CCJ's on my record. YEAY! :)


Any cash back deals?

Get your Experian Credit Score for FREE
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Posted 20th Oct 2016Posted 20th Oct 2016
Get your Experian Credit Score for FREE
If you want your Experian Credit Score FREE forever

Exactly. People are missing the point here. I agree that Noddle and Clearscore are far superior in the information they show you in addition to your score. But, and it's a big but, there are 3 main credit agencies in UK: Experian, Equifax and CallCredit. Noddle checks CallCredit, ClearScore checks Equifax, which leaves Experian. Different banks and lenders will use different credit checking agencies, so if you really care you should check all three and make sure they hold accurate information about you.


Have to say that as I am registered to Noddle (CallCredit groups free one), which gives LOTS of detail, as well as ClearScore, I was very disappointed to see that all Expeians freebie is giving is the .... score only! Noddle impressed me, as well as Clearscore... but shoudl check all 3..


use clear score


Noddle is better, this is so limited. Noddle shows all ur credit and balances, this just shows a score.


Still at 996. I don't trust their algorithm because I've never taken out a loan, never had a CCJ, never filed for bankruptcy, never defaulted on mortgage repayments or ever been overdrawn with my bank . So how do they know my credit worthiness?

Your Experian Credit Score - free forever
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Posted 8th Sep 2016Posted 8th Sep 2016
Your Experian Credit Score - free forever
Free forever - not just a 30 day trial!



Already posted 3 wks ago https://www.hotukdeals.com/freebies/creditmatcher-free-experian-credit-score-for-everyone-2497289


Is this the pointless rating number or the useful record with searches and accounts etc. Note you get the full thang free on clearscore for equifax and noddle for call credit and I think experian coming soon via money saving expert.


thanks, works now


No - anybody can sign up to it.

FREE Experian Credit Score (for everyone)
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Posted 17th Aug 2016Posted 17th Aug 2016
FREE Experian Credit Score (for everyone)
Experian have finally caught up with the competition and are offering their very basic credit score product for free. This is NOT only for Barclaycard customers, like similar dea… Read more

You only get your score with this - you can't see your report. ClearScore give you your full Equifax report and score for free, and Noddle gives you your Callcredit score and report for free.


You aren't penalised for asking to see your credit report or score. Ever. The only searches that make a difference are the ones where you have applied for a financial product - those searches are visible to any other company you apply to as well.


Absolutely rubbish. You can look at your report as many times are you like and it will make no difference to either report or score. Then there are 2 types of search - hard and soft. Soft searches also make no difference to your report or score, and are mainly used to confirm your identity - for example, insurance company providing a quote. These are not shown to any other company that checks your report Hard searches CAN affect your score & report. These happen when you apply for a financial product and are visible to any other company that checks your report. It is up to them to decide whether it affects your application. If you have several applications for loans in a short time, it may be seen as a sign that you are desperate for cash, or that you are planning to dramatically increase your debt - so maybe you aren't a good risk for them.


good free service


Looping login issues while attempting to reactivating my old account. I accept their terms and conditions and then click on submit - the same page reloads. Tried from different browsers from different machines/phones. Same result. Anyone worked out how to solve this?

£5.05 Cashback reward when you apply for a Free credit score/ report at Experian-CreditExpert
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Posted 8th Nov 2015Posted 8th Nov 2015
£5.05 Cashback reward when you apply for a Free credit score/ report at Experian-CreditExpert
Get a Free Credit Score and Report at CreditExpert and get free cash. Topcashback- £5.05 NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY Terms & conditions -Cashback will track at £5 unless stated other… Read more

What do you mean by fictional? Please explain!




Experian vast majority of information is fictional, but you try telling them that, bunch of idiots to deal with.


Ok thanks


Im using clear score and noodle to check my credit score. They both are good. But I would prefer experian credit report. They offer quality report and support.

Experian's IdentityProtect Free for a year.
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Posted 23rd Apr 2014Posted 23rd Apr 2014
Experian's IdentityProtect Free for a year.
Experian the credit protection agency has launched a "IdentityProtect" (https://identityprotect.experian.co.uk) service and they're giving away a FREE years worth of membership by … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Same here. So I'm pretty convinced this isn't the same thing that people seem to be worried about with Experian.


I guess but I've not had terrible experiences with this and it is a different part of the company, it hasn't asked me for any payments - the only information it'll check is information i'm willingly putting in and I want them to have to check. I thought with the recent heartbleed bug this would be a good Freebie for people to make sure they're safe.


Incidentally they didn't ask me for any payment details when I signed up for the Identity Protect service with a new account.


it's still experian. you get shafted with a 2nd hand cut & shut corsa at Bob's Auto's, you don't go back to Bob for Fiesta do you?


Yeah I am enjoying this one. I think people are getting CreditExpert and IdentityProtect mixed up when they say they've had bad experiences in the past with Experian, as far as I can tell this is a pretty new product.

FREE 30 day trial with Credit Expert + Quidco
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Posted 22nd Sep 2010Posted 22nd Sep 2010
FREE 30 day trial with Credit Expert + Quidco
Cashback will track at £20 and Experian will validate immediately after sign up. This offer is available for new customers only and a monthly fee of £7.99 applies after the free tr… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Well no quidco at all, not even tracking. I emailed to cancel but had to call a number. I have a free phone number if its helps. 0800 561 0083 Same with equifax, no cash back. My application did mess up somehow though and they wanted me to call in. I have just left it alone. If they charge me I have grounds to argue as they emailed me saying I have not completed the required info.


Cancellation line: 0115 935 6662 Cancelled mine today. Not a happy bunny!


Not looking good for most of us and tried to fob me off cancelling already but there's still time


Still nothing. I may just ring to cancel now. Not worth watching every day. I have my reason to cancel. Having to pay to actually see my credit report. Kinda bad when you have to pay 2 fees to get there.


woo mines tracked as £20

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