Extra 20% off sale @ Oasis

Extra 20% off sale @ Oasis



Thanks! Any idea how to get free delivery? Any codes? Not looking to spend too much..
Vipfreedel used to work but looked like they've retracted it, not sure when though as I've not placed an order in ages
GOODTIMES worked for me last week but I think it must be either a one use only code or for non-sale as it didn't work today. Worth a try though.....
GUESTLIST worked for me for free delivery
20% off and free delivery, thanks so much for the code GUESTLIST, just worked for me. V happy!!
Wish I'd known about GUESTLIST this morning! Ah well good to know for next time
thank you xx
GUESTLIST worked for me too for free delivery ,marvellous,thanks
Amazing! Thanks, I have just got 6 items (all dresses and work blouses) for £64 delivered!
thank you
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