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Find genuine eye wear products from brands such as Oakley, Dragon, Red Bull Racing, Arnette, Fox, Summit Worldwide & Chums, at some of the most reasonable prices at Eyewear Outlet. The online eyewear store specialises in snow goggles and sunglasses and stocks a wide range of products on the online store for you to choose from. You can enjoy savings of up to 60% on eyewear when you compare prices at the online store with those of high street retailers.
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Oakley TWENTYSIX.2 Polished Black - Grey lens OO9177-01 (with Code) £44.10 Eyewear Outlet
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Posted 5th Mar 2015Posted 5th Mar 2015
Oakley TWENTYSIX.2 Polished Black - Grey lens OO9177-01 (with Code) £44.10 Eyewear Outlet£44.10
Use Code: VIP10 for this Price With a classic tear drop lens shape and vibrant colours, the Oakley Twentysix.2 OO9177 sunglasses are sure to make you stand out from the crowd. The… Read more
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sorry out of stock now


Oakleys are more than designer sunglasses, form AND function are present ;)






The description in the link:

Oakley Crossbar Snow Goggles fire iridium £49 @ EyewearOutlet
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Posted 29th Jan 2015Posted 29th Jan 2015
Oakley Crossbar Snow Goggles fire iridium £49 @ EyewearOutlet£49
Down from £82 Oakley crossbar snow goggles shockwave fire, fire iridium lens. Great goggles at great price Lens alone usually cost around £50 Plus delivery just bought these arr… Read more

sorry oos now


Great company Own the oakley vault in Portsmouth and have the deals In store also


Heat added good deal. The vip10 has been working for a while I bought some goggles a month ago.


Comment should take some medicine for that


*cough* https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/oakley-goggles-cheap-free-case-eg-a-frame-with-iridium-lens-rrp-120-for-57-09-using-2074545 *cough* :p

Oakley plaintiff squared sunglasses £57.09 @ eyewearoutlet
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Posted 13th Jan 2015Posted 13th Jan 2015
Oakley plaintiff squared sunglasses £57.09 @ eyewearoutlet£57.09
Back in stock again from a few months ago Use code vip10 to get this price

£89.00 & OUT OF STOCK


Sorry oos now




You need to wear a velour tracksuit, have a gold tooth and a gun to complete the set I believe


Cheers man, ordered a different pair using the code :)

Red Bull Racing RBR 129 Dark Carbon - Smoke with Blue Flash lens RBR129-001 £49.89 del @ eyewearoutlet
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Posted 28th Dec 2014Posted 28th Dec 2014
Red Bull Racing RBR 129 Dark Carbon - Smoke with Blue Flash lens RBR129-001 £49.89 del @ eyewearoutlet£49.89
The RBR129 model from the range is a semi-rimless design. use code vip10 for discount rrp £269 mmm Description •Style: Rectangle Semi Rimless •Front and temples made of 100 % c… Read more

Cheap and nasty glasses just using the red bull name on a pair of primark glasses not for me cold


The warranty says if they go wrong it's Renault's fault


Carbon fibre... nice. Seriously speaking, I hope they do not flex in a breeze ;-)


They look like they should be given away once you've collected a few ring pulls!

Oakley goggles cheap + free case, eg A-frame with Iridium lens rrp £120 for £57.09 using code @ eyewearoutlet
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Posted 5th Dec 2014Posted 5th Dec 2014
Oakley goggles cheap + free case, eg A-frame with Iridium lens rrp £120 for £57.09 using code @ eyewearoutlet£57.09
Eyewear Outlet, the official UK Oakley factory outlet, have various Oakley goggles reduced, and they also have a current promo where you get a free hard case. Email subscriber dis… Read more
Oakley AIRBRAKE Ski Goggles Terje Haakonsen - Black Iridium & Persimmon lens £99 @ eyewear outlet
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Posted 23rd Nov 2014Posted 23rd Nov 2014
Oakley AIRBRAKE Ski Goggles Terje Haakonsen - Black Iridium & Persimmon lens £99 @ eyewear outlet£99
I've been after these for a while and just seen them drop in price. This is an absolute steal. Yes I know there are cheaper sunglasses but you'll do well to find a pair this good… Read more

That's a really good deal (price has gone up a bit). I have a pair and used for a week's skiing in France over New Years and never had any issues with fogging. I have a small nose bridge and was worried there might be a gap but it was all fine. The lenses are so good (I have the fire iridium and blue iridium), contrast was great in the sun and shadows. I'll be getting the yellow lens for white out days. This is the easiest frame in the Oakley range to change lenses. Unlock the clip and pop out the lens, pop in the new lens and close the clip. Also the best thing about the airbrake is that it is fully customisable. You can change the strap, outriggers (the side bits!), even the little vents at the top.


Is there an advantage to lense switching over a photo chromatic pair which is what I currently use?


If you intend to "own the park" then a spare pair of goggles are definitely handy, otherwise for free-riding & farting around 1 good pair with multiple lenses, stacking soaks foams, which adds to time down recovering / peering through mist & screwing up twice as bad on the next approach, ..though i'm too old now (really) for park duty I often stuck the number 2 pair in with a charcoal pocket warmer, insulated to dry out the wet pair, alternating is easy, go to a lost property department for a pair of mitts as the polartec inners are typically big enough to make for a really good protector for your goggles ...protecting much more than an oakley fabric bag will ever do. always lift you goggs away from your face don't smear them up your face to your forehead (suncream / wear on the glued foam) also helps air them, sweaty brows will start a lense misting in mere seconds, which again is why you wave em in front of your face to balance the air scoop (cold in) & warm out, top foam beyond the face form fitting compression foam. Never had a problem with goggles that wasn't the fault of the user. Easiest if you don't get into bad habits. cheekychops, as I recall the foam scoop & flow intake has simply received an updated moulding covering with this model when I looked at it, however in the early days of the A-frame the foam scoop was different & also was prone to misting up under certain conditions, I find with A-frames that they feed so much air they can become eyeball watering in their own right & need a tiny bit of damping down, that though is more obvious for me on colder slopes going fast (really fast) when doing measured training runs, then though it's usually -25c or colder & in shade, ..condition dependent really, but changing the angle of my head as soon as I felt it usually resolved it, ..were you were in any form of tuck, head into chin & jacket & possibly restricting your intakes!?


Absolutely, seen so many folk not set their goggles up properly with other clothes / hair in the way / covering vents / face block material directing too much of the moist air breathed up onto the goggle intake / straight into foam / too wrapped up to allow the goggles to simply work as designed / wearing on their head (a heat valve) thereafter they have to adjust, ... in other words usually down to user error or sheer incompetence. dry em out properly, wear em properly, rarely a problem unless you stack & lose the goggle filing it with snow, in which case a bit of maintainance is necessary as you put wet material against your skin & get misted!


Comment Do you actually know anything about anything? The opinion of someone who just goes around voting cold with little justification is not really valid...

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Oakley JUPITER Carbon Dark Ale - Tungsten Iridium lens OO9220-03 £99 @ Eyewear Outlet
-30° Expired
Posted 2nd Nov 2014Posted 2nd Nov 2014
Oakley JUPITER Carbon Dark Ale - Tungsten Iridium lens OO9220-03 £99 @ Eyewear Outlet£99
Ive just had an email and these have been reduced, I've just had a search and they seem to be the cheapest i can find. We know that Earth is the temperature it is because of its d… Read more
Avatar deleted113692
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HUKD is about Deals on anything NOT price bracket.


if you can afford it why not? is it your place to comment, its suppose to be about the deals!


Comment If you can afford it, buy what you want. I do. Don't worry about the chumps who spend all their lives looking over the fence & moaning about everything. Do what you want, it's none of their business.


100 quid for sunglasses. Numpties.


Good find and heat added. Just a pity I'm too fat and old to get away with wearing these.

Oakley Custom RADAR PITCH Straight Stem Metallic Black - £99 was £119 @ eyewearoutlet
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Posted 9th Oct 2014Posted 9th Oct 2014
Oakley Custom RADAR PITCH Straight Stem Metallic Black - £99 was £119 @ eyewearoutlet£99
Saw similar types of glasses for £199, almost identical to these actually, here is the link if you want to compare. http://www.uttings.co.uk/p113092-oakley-radar-range-men-s-sung… Read more
Avatar deleted1143428
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Thing is, aren't these made out of plastic? Lol


£4 for Aldi's own version (_;) (not voted btw)

Oakley Plaintiff Squared Sunglasses now £57.09 delivered from Eyewear Outlet
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Posted 28th Sep 2014Posted 28th Sep 2014
Oakley Plaintiff Squared Sunglasses now £57.09 delivered from Eyewear Outlet£57.09
I saw these posted by DrJon about 4 months at £89 and thought they were pretty good value, although they didn't get any heat. They are now reduced to £59 plus if you use discount c… Read more

Free delivery today too


Watch out for these "end of line, last season" deals. There are a lot of fake Oakleys and Raybans about. Make sure they come with case and certificate of authenticity. If they don't,they ain't legit.


With that mindset I shudder to imagine the tacky cheap clutter that inhabits your life.


Where did you bring them from?


57 quid for a pair of sunglasses made in China for 10p. Add the Oakley logo of course. Bargain.

Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ sunglasses for £52.99 delivered from Eyewear Outlet
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Posted 20th Aug 2014Posted 20th Aug 2014
Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ sunglasses for £52.99 delivered from Eyewear Outlet£52.99
This deals for a pair of "Oakley Flak Jacket sunglasses Infrared with Black Iridium lenses". These were on Hotdeals 2 weeks ago for £53.99 but the deal had expired when I went to b… Read more
Avatar deleted664205
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Looks like great value to me. Mainly for biking/running. ordered.


Those that have ordered, what colour where the sleeves on the frame arms? Mine are quite a light grey, was expecting black or at least something darker than light grey..


ordered mine today so thanks OP hopefully ok for cycling in :)


Mine arrived today. I'm really happy with them. Replaced a pair I had stolen. Cheap imitations are nothing like the real thing. Super hot price. Thanks for post


Nice next day delivery. Look alright (even though I would have preferred the all black one) and can't crumble at Oakleys at this price.