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Formula 1 Auto Centres operates from the f1autocentres.co.uk website and lets you find an auto service and repair centre that is closest to you - you can call up to find the centre closest to you or you can search by town or post code. Car servicing, tyres, exhaust, brakes, clutches and air-conditioning are some of the services you can get via the online store. Check prices, set service reminders and find out more about the fleet too.
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Formula one Autocentre M.O.T £18.50 at f1autocentres.co.uk
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Posted 3rd MayPosted 3rd May
Formula one Autocentre M.O.T £18.50 at f1autocentres.co.uk£18.50
Cheap MOT's for cars and light vehicles for £18.50.

Hi guys woukd anyone be able to recommend me a good local garage in Harrow Edgware area..My honest local garage closed down and just got ripped off with one..Can do with some recommendations. Thanks


If you take a tyre off the rim it will need balancing again especially the fronts . So yes with a tyre change balancing is a given. Tracking is not always needed although with the state of our roads (pot holes) it's more and more common to be needed. If you old tyres look worn equally across the tread then tracking is not needed. Like the other guy stated hunter tracking is well worth the money as you get a printout of before and after .


I think I’ll take it on board as per what other users have replied to me with in their experience of geometry checks. The better handling and tyre wear is certainly appealing. Bushes just go with wear and tear but 80-100k certainly doesn’t sound bad or unreasonable to having them replaced. Bit of a pain replacing the arms but from what I hear; the pin holding them doesn’t come out easy.


Yep after looking it up, I’ve seen the difference between the two which has piqued my interest as I hadn’t come across something like this before but I learned something new today which I’ll take forward :)


I understand now with this reply from you and some looking up I did. And if I did go somewhere like this and they tried selling me that service, I’d certainly be looking at what it is and if I actually need that as per my experience with the car. I’d have a very real incentive to do so. My experience, having driven over several hundred thousand miles in several cars is that I’ve not suffered vibration in my steering wheel to specifically require wheel balancing and had the tracking done as and when the tyres need changing.

Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 96Y XL 255/35/R19 - Set of 4 Tyres £578 at f1autocentres.co.uk
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Posted 1st MarPosted 1st Mar
Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 96Y XL 255/35/R19 - Set of 4 Tyres £578 at f1autocentres.co.uk£578
Hi All Hopefully ive got this right - if so it seems like a really good deal. Was looking at getting a set of 4 tyres for my car and came across this deal from Formula 1 Autocen… Read more

About 4mm front, 5mm back. Lasted really well


How much tread is left on them now out of interest?


You can only get up to £40 off if you order two.


Just be aware their website doesn't show live stock figures. I went through the online process last week including selecting a fitting time and payment. An hour later I got a call saying they couldn't get the tyres I selected. 3-4 working days quoted for a refund.


Are people ordering two sets of 2 to get £100 discount on each?

Formula one autocentres - MOT for £27.42 - National Deal
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Posted 17th JanPosted 17th Jan
Formula one autocentres - MOT for £27.42 - National Deal£27.42£4235% off
National Sale on mot Formula one autocentres MOT national @27.42

I think it was a service and MOT deal.


Pretty sure wheels don't need to be removed for an MOT.


Took the car in here once for a service and brake flush - got the car home and could see they’d not changed the brake fluid - called them and they admitted they’d not done it so took it back for it to be done, the guy couldn’t care less - spilt brake fluid all over the light cluster causing the laminate to peel off and damaging the paint on the bumper - not been back since and wouldn’t advise anyone to use them


I would be inclined to agree however I took a car I had temporarily between cars car. I had my mrs take it to the local council MOT and they failed it on emissions. Then had it MOTd elsewhere and passed without issue. Also been on the road for the last five years with another owner and never had an emissions failure. May have no vested interest but it doesn’t mean they know what they are doing.


Can't be trusted. Its either incompetence or scummy business practices.

2 × 225 55 R18 Avon ZX7 98V Fitted Tyres £165,96 @ FIAutos
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Posted 1st Dec 2020Posted 1st Dec 2020
2 × 225 55 R18 Avon ZX7 98V Fitted Tyres £165,96 @ FIAutos£165.96
Use voucher code AVO8660 for £20 off and for a potential further £20 voucher use Voucher Cloud . Probably other tyre sizes available too, this is a great price for decent fitted … Read more

*Use the voucher code (DVHPWA) For Half Price Front Wheel Alignment - Must be bought and paid for online or download a voucher from National Tyres Website. *Also note the £5 off oil change voucher code ( DV476 ) For £5 off An Oil & Filter change. (y)


F1 Autos don’t have the Hunter alignment system. The only chain garage that does is KwickFit but they charge £80 for the test and additional if anything needs adjusting. Find yourself an independent garage as they’ll charge £80 including adjustments. Thanks for that, i can only quote what was stated on the phone a couple of years ago, but in the interests of accuracy, i have just phoned them and you are quite right, they use a "similar" system and discounted the price for all 4 wheel alignment to £74.99. Make of this what you will.


F1 Autos don’t have the Hunter alignment system. The only chain garage that does is KwickFit but they charge £80 for the test and additional if anything needs adjusting. Find yourself an independent garage as they’ll charge £80 including adjustments.


I have used ATS in the past for Avon tyres, they seem to major with them and i would not be surprised if they did not price match, always worth the ask. I went to F1auto`s around 2 years ago for tracking as they quoted on the phone, £49.99 to use their "Hunter" alignment system, which is regarded as one of the best and was £30 cheaper then elsewhere, however, when i got there was told £79.99 for all 4 wheels to be checked and it was pointless to have just the fronts done, this is the way they work. Good luck.


Thanks, I need to get tracking done as well would you suggest an alternative garage? I've heard good things about ATS but I've never used them.

20% Off servicing (with optional MOT) - e.g Major Service (up to 2.5l) with MOT - £164 at Formula One Autocenters
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Posted 27th Nov 2020Posted 27th Nov 2020
20% Off servicing (with optional MOT) - e.g Major Service (up to 2.5l) with MOT - £164 at Formula One Autocenters£164£20520% off
Formula One Autocenters are offering 20% off all servicing prices as a BlackFriday Special. Discount also applies to MOTs booked at the same time. Major service costs: Up to 100… Read more

Not sure if all these Autocenters operate in the same way but my experience with my local one has been very poor. They always without fail find something to charge you extra on.

Avon ZT7 tyres fitted for £99.56 with code at f1autocentres
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Posted 19th Nov 2020Posted 19th Nov 2020
Avon ZT7 tyres fitted for £99.56 with code at f1autocentres£99.56
Avon tyres was last listed last week but today found a better deal.. Tried price match at Formula 1 autocentres Then tried their web site.. it deducts £24 per tyre.. others are ava… Read more

Looks like they dropped it... Didn't think it was correct glad I paid !! Sorry it's been removed..


Code not working.


Getting same message not sure what I might have done wrong


Have been using Avon ZT7 tyres on a few of our previous cars, and the present wife's car. Never had any issues at all. The Continental OE tyres on my car were rubbish, began to crack and perish within two years. Seems to be sods law when it comes to tyres, work for some, but not for others. I tend to just buy the best wet rated budget tyres now unless there are any deals of for the likes of Avon, etc.


My local tyre fitters advise against Avons as they're prone to cracking between the tread. I had to have two replaced because of it (my request, not theirs). Don't know if that's everyone's experience, but it wasn't worth chancing it in my view

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4 x Avon ZV7 205/55/16 91 V fitted £111.64 at F1 Autocentres
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Posted 19th Nov 2020Posted 19th Nov 2020LocalLocal
4 x Avon ZV7 205/55/16 91 V fitted £111.64 at F1 Autocentres£111.64 Free P&P Free
Use code AVO3330

AutoExpress included some Chinese tyres in one of their annual tyre comparison tests a little while back. Braking from 70mph on a wet motorway the car with the Chinese tyres was still doing ~20mph when the one on the winning tyres had stopped. Think of the consequences of that! I have no doubt Chinese tyres vary and they are improving (just as I remember Japanese ones did in the 1980s). Buying safety equipment based on a name which looks better is incredibly shallow too!


Some Chinese tyres are good in my experience. They are huge companies that make millions of tyres a year, even for western brands or they own former western brands. I've had good experience with Goodride, Roadstone/Nexen, HiFly. Sure they aren't all gonna be ideal for an M3 on a track day, but for most people in the real world they are decent enough. There are some real bottom of the barrel ones but most of the big online tyre retailers sell ones of a good standard. But if Avon, Toyo or Uniroyal are as cheap or cheaper then I would go for them aswell, just cos the name looks better.




Thanks! I usually stick with Michelin or Continental... but these are too pricey no doubt the quality is there you pay for what you get... but you start to think twice when the tyres cost more than your car (:I what about Hankook they any good?


American company these days: Cooper Tires. Local tyre centre advised me that they're good value for ordinary cars but they had balance problems with the larger high performance ones. Sample of one place though: wouldn't want to damn them without further evidence. Definately far better than Chinese rubbish.

4 x Avon ZV7 205/55/16 91W Tyres (+ Free Dashcam?) - £123.92 Fitted at F1 Autocentres
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Posted 13th Nov 2020Posted 13th Nov 2020
4 x Avon ZV7 205/55/16 91W Tyres (+ Free Dashcam?) - £123.92 Fitted at F1 Autocentres£123.92 Free P&P Free
An unbelievable deal if you specifically have these tyres on your car, works out as just over £30 for a premium mid range tyre fitted. Discount code AVO970 [has recently changed]… Read more

4 x Avon ZV7 205/55/16 91W Tyres still on offer but the voucher code has updated now to - Voucher Discount: AVO335 (y)


I've always had a BIG bulge. XD


I can't seem to get any of the codes to work 😣


I’ve had a bulge in a fairly new conti recently.


people with perished tyres quite early were they XL?

20% off servicing at formula one autocentres - Short service Up to 2000cc - £84
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Posted 11th Nov 2020Posted 11th Nov 2020
20% off servicing at formula one autocentres - Short service Up to 2000cc - £84£84£10520% off Free P&P Free
As per title

booked full service using the discount code. When i took my car to service they insisted that i pay another 20 pounds for synthetic oil .told them use the normal oil which they refused, according to them my car needs synthetic oil .I have a Toyota yaris 2008 model ,i don't know if my car need synthetic oil.had to pay another 20 pounds for this. They want to change my spark plug and replace two tyre for another 150 pounds, which i refused.


But you would have saved a fortune in repair/service costs and you can keep your own record and save receipts etc. Sure it isn't the same but it will back you up when you say you've serviced them yourself. In a way it is better to buy from someone who understands cars and faults etc.


Replaced front dampers (unnecessarily-due to their botched top mount work) incorrectly, which destroyed themselves, chassis damage and even damaged fuel lines


Bloody hell what happened?


Depends on the fault doesn’t sound unreasonable for an MOT fail over something that can be easily sorted.

4 x Michelin Pilot Sport 4 Fitted - 225/40 R18 (92Y) £355.20 / £305.20 including Michelin cashback @ F1 Autocentres
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Posted 29th Oct 2020Posted 29th Oct 2020
4 x Michelin Pilot Sport 4 Fitted - 225/40 R18 (92Y) £355.20 / £305.20 including Michelin cashback @ F1 Autocentres£355.20
You can get 4 x Michelin Pilot Sport 4 fitted tyres 225/40 R18 (92Y) for £305.20 by using the promo code MICH3400 and factoring in the £50 Michelin cashback promo (payable … Read more

You'll be fine as long as it's not x-drive, in which case the radius difference between front and rear will probably kill the transfer box. Bmw recommend changing all 4 tyres at once on xdrives due to this.


Anyone else having trouble now purchasing the Pilot Sport 4’s? I tried it the other day and it was coming up but now I can only find the Pilot Sport 4 S which are a fair bit dearer per tyre Looking for 255/35 19Y for an Audi A5


Its Not rocket science


First a pair and now a whole set, yes you make complete sense whatever you are on about.


Doesn't Take Einstein to figure out you need a set