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Formula 1 Auto Centres operates from the f1autocentres.co.uk website and lets you find an auto service and repair centre that is closest to you - you can call up to find the centre closest to you or you can search by town or post code. Car servicing, tyres, exhaust, brakes, clutches and air-conditioning are some of the services you can get via the online store. Check prices, set service reminders and find out more about the fleet too.

All f1autocentres.co.uk Voucher & Promo Codes for August 2019

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£5 off a Service 10% off MOT's with Voucher Code @ F1 autocentres
AUG195 £5 of a Service AUGMOT19 10% off MOT 5OFFACRG15 £5 off Air con Re-Gas YOKOTYRE1 £1.50 off Yokohama Tyres COOPTYRES £2 off Cooper Tyres Ente… Read more

Worst company I have ever dealt with.


Unimpressed with the one in Crawley........Wouldn't go there again.

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£5 off Services 10% off MOT £5 off Air Con Re-Gas with Code @ Formula One autocentres
Code Description JUL195 £5 off a service JULMOT19 10% off MOT 5OFFACRG15 … Read more

Definitely don’t go to them, rip off merchants to the highest degree


Worst company I have ever dealt with. Find faults that don't exist. AVOID at all costs.


I can 2nd that, they will always try and rip you off avoid and warn others.


Go in with a car, go out with a scooter. Plus they will make you pay £1000 for it. Rip off merchants

F1 Autocentres - 20% off MOTs, Servicing, Air Con & Tyres - for 72 hours
Tested and tried

Cat Poo vs Dog Poo


Bulwell, nottingham. Are the ones i wouldn’t ever go to.


Recently tried kwik fit for an air con re gas, they said sorry can't do it the compressor doesn't work. That'll be £50 an hour with our specialist on a weekday. Took it to f1 they sorted it, and said they cleared the fault code for me. The only problems we've had with f1 is poor communication, the work has always been good for us :D 😁


only slightly if at all.


I have some tyres done by these guys. First time the guy changing the tyres was damaging alloys customer were complaining. The 2nd time I tried a different branch they were trying to generate work stating my cars tracking was out without checking it. Even if this code worked, overall I think it would cost a lot more. Halfords is probably a better bet.

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£5 off Services 10% off MOT's £5 off Air con Re-Gas with Code @ F1 Autocentres
JUN195 £5 off a service JUNMOT19 10% off MOT 5OFFACRG15 £5 off Air Con Re-Gas YOKOTYRE1 £1.50 off Yokohama Tyres COOPTYRE £2 off Cooper Tyres

Done my MOT, really happy with service they provide


And it’s only £45 for the recharge and anti bacterial


Personal experience but I preferred the overall service we received from ATS for aircon regas via Groupon, got a free vehicle check & paperwork supporting the regas which F1 didn’t give. With F1 only got the credit card slip, had to ask for proper receipt detailing the work.


I need to get our aircon regassed. Are these any good? Better options out there?

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£5 off Services & 10% off MOTS with code @ F1 Autocentres
Enter the code at the checkout. Code Description MAY195 £5 off a … Read more

Try compa2017 for MOT it gives £5 off and £2 per any tyre

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£5 off Service 10% off Mot £5 off Air con Re-gas with Codes @ Formula 1 Autocentres
APR195 £5 off a service APRMOT19 10% off MOT 5OFFACRG15 … Read more



Are they really that bad ?


£30 added on if you are a woman. £100 added on if you believe all the rubbish they come out with about things needing replacement..


Also there's a £2 off wheel alignment voucher (printable) here:

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Extra £13 off per tyre when buying two or more Michelin tyres at f1autocentres.co.uk
F1 Autocentres are offering an extra £13 off per tyre when you buy two or more Michelins. I just ordered a full set of Primacy 4s for £57.90 each fully fitted. On top of that, you … Read more



A low performance car with high performance tyres is nonsensical.


Exactly, a good driver in a high performance car with rubbish tyres is safer than a crap driver in a low performance car.


A driver loses control , not the tyres. A cause of an accident is never blamed on budget tyres, only on illegal tyres.


If someone can't drive or doesn't drive carefully, an expensive tyre won't make a difference innit? Just saying.

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£5 off Services, 10% off MOT & £5 off Air Con Re-Gas with Code @ F1 Autocentres
These codes are valid between 1st Mar and 31st Mar 2019 Code Description … Read more

Not sure if it will work when you use a code


Service for my car is £100 online. Rang them up and they said £90 for the service So with £5 off ringing direct still cheaper.


nightmare company will try and sell you the moon and the stars when all you wanted was a tyre


Car Servicing 5.25% @ TCB

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Various codes for Services Mot Air Con & Tyres @ Formula One Autocentres
Code Description FEB195 £5 off a service FEBMOT19 … Read more

After discount still they are expensive !!!!


Remove the windows then ;) (lol)


They suck.. I brought my car with no wheels, no doors, no engine, no lights , and then tried to charge me for new window wipers!


Cooper tyres get free puncture repair too (y)


Don't forget quidco/topcashback for extra savings

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£20 MOT with voucher @ formula one
£20 for MOT’s at formula one with voucher till 1st of October.

Used Halfords and never had an issue with the mots as they never reported anything wrong and I’ve used f1 for a air con recharge that cost only £12.50 (which someone kindly posted) again no issues. However I’ve had 2 tyres fitted by F1 which turned out were the wrong size which Halfords spotted when it went for the mot. But give them their due they swopped them after I contacted F1’s helpline so got 6 months free use out of them. I suppose it’s just the luck of the draw with any garage.


With my personal experience with F1 Oxford, I would not use them again even for free.


If I was currently driving I think I'd have to "splash the cash" and go with F1 !


Had issues with my local halfords autocentre, so would rather pay for f1 who have always been good for me.


Here it is; https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/halfords-free-mot-with-any-halfords-retail-store-purchase-3043399

25% off car servicing at F1autocentres nationwide
INSTRUCTIONS: Only for today 25% off car servicing from F1autocentre - limited spaces only must book today. Use code: SERV25FLASH to redeem Don't forget quidco 10% than… Read more
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20% off MOTs @ F1 Autocentres
Worth a punt, the staff at our local F1 autocentre are pretty helpful.

I've used F1 and the level of service was brilliant and the cost was very competitive. I've now used this post to book my MOT at £20 (due on 24/03/2017) and tracked via Quidco so £17.80. Having used the F1 garage a few times, I now know the staff there and they're familiar with my car too. Thanks OP - heat added!


No need to delete, may not be happy that it's gone cold but doesn't mean it hasn't helped someone.


I went to a trustworthy local garage and mine cost me over £1000. Wish I'd gone to f1. :p


Why have you changed the title to delete?


Thanks , won't be going there!

Save up to £15 using voucher code @ F1 Autocentres

Also code COMPA2015E (from an email last week) seems to give: £2 off each tyre [validated last week] £5 off an MOT [validate today] Don't forget getting there via a £back site and if buying tyres 'won't be beaten on price' guarantee - not that I needed it this time. (Tyres were c£63 each rather than c£80 each 20m ago!)


Thanks to OP and you - COMPA2015 just saved me £5 on an MOT booking with them - ie £24.50 (and TopcashBack 10% hopefully). My 9th MOT with my local F1 though was only £21.94 last year after voucher code :p (BTW: Last week I had validated that TWMOT10OFF would have given me 10% off, ie that codes was active.) PS: Only 2.5% TCB pending, not 10% - probably as used the £5 voucher code.


Looks like they may have finally updated their systems to reject discount codes from 2013 !


COMPA2015 worked for me, but not COMPA2013.


Thanks. Air con re-gas for £34 just in time for the heatwave!

Save £2 per tyre using voucher code @ F1 Autocentres
Save £2 on each tyre at Formula One Autocentres with code TW2OFF

thank you

5% off Tyres when ordered online using voucher code @ F1 Autocentres

Code expired


Hi It seemed to me that if the total bill was £100 for two tyres, they were only applying a discount to £89 and you'd end up with £4.45 off rather than the £5 you'd expect. That said, it was a few months ago and they could have changed how it works :)


Not sure on those instructions quoted. Im nitpicking but the £5-50 cost of the wheel balance appears to be free and is not included in the bill so the 5% discount will apply to the total bill. EG a fitted tyre at £100 should receive £5 discount (5%) giving final bill of £95


Still working :) And local F1 even priced matched online :D


Hi Barnehurst Although I always check around I can never find anyone cheaper. The staff at my local one certainly aren't any worse than anywhere else I've been and the wait times aren't too long. I've had lots of tyres fitted by them and never had a problem.

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Various discounts using voucher code @ F1 Autocentres

Just used the code COMPA2013 and it's still working whoop whoop thank you hot deals 9/11/14


Note this code is STILL working today 15 Sep 14 - as advertised by F1 themselves in a postcard a few weeks ago. eg £5 off an MOT (was £30, reduced to £25). And don't forget to go via TopCashBack - eg paying c10% on MOTs too.


I just used this code for an mot and service It added on the £15 fuel saver service ( which I didn't want) but it then gave me £30 using code COMPA2013 used top cashback for 10.1% So I got service mot and fuel saver for £89 Thanks op


still works ;o)


Managed to use code 'COMPA2013' today 24/04/2014 to book an Air Conditioning Recharge (£39), so £34. (Didn't try MOT/Service) Code even though states 2013, seems to be still working, well for Air-Conditioning anyway. £34 pretty good price, considering they don't charge if it doesn't improve the coolling.

Formula One Autocentres £23.06 + £9.84 off an MOT using voucher code @ F1 Autocentres

still works got an additional 7.56 off the already reduced price of 29.50 so 21.94 in total


Still working 28/08/2014


Still working 24/06/2013(_;)

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10%10% off MOT Bookings with this voucher @ F1 Autocentres22/10/2019
10%10% promo code off MOT Bookings @ F1 Autocentres31/08/2019
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