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Marshall Origin 5C Valve Combo Guitar Amplifier - £179 at Fair Deal Music
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Posted 21st MarPosted 21st Mar
Marshall Origin 5C Valve Combo Guitar Amplifier - £179 at Fair Deal Music£179£19910% off Free P&P Free
KEY FEATURES For innovators, this 5W amp is for them. This amp is unmistakably Marshall, using a classic all-valve configuration with contemporary features, including a Celestion … Read more

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"For innovators, this 5W amp is for them." I just hope the sound of this amp is as rock 'n' roll as their grammar...


don’t mention Orange dude - now there’s a quality range of amps


See the last Thomann deal, some people lucked out and didn't get charged


There's also import duty and a DHL admin fee that must be paid. I bought a guitar from them in January and fell foul of this. The guitar was a lot less than this as well so it will attract this charge.

Marshall Acton II Voice - Smart Speaker With Google Assistant £199.99 @ Fair deal music
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Posted 25th Nov 2020Posted 25th Nov 2020
Marshall Acton II Voice - Smart Speaker With Google Assistant £199.99 @ Fair deal music£199.99 Free P&P Free
Pretty good price for the version with google assistant. Specifications Model Name: Marshall Acton II Voice Speaker w/ Google Assistant Frequency Range: 50–20,000 Hz Stere… Read more

Strange You wouldn't think makes so much difference to most


Cheers, just ordered this one :)


Chances are pretty low since Google version is out of stock in most places.


It looks like no one's go for Alexa. They're widely available for £199 while Google one goes for £270 since September. Bloody covid/lockdown


There is 3 of them Bluetooth only £150-£200 most of the time Alexa - £199 most of the time. Sometimes less Google assistant - £200 - £270 in few last months, but almost everywhere out of stock. BTW they actually sound great. Listen to one of them in curry's before lockdown. Fell in love straight away. In my opinion Acton got a bit better muds than Stanmore while is actually small enough. Stanmore is huge

Blackstar Super Fly Bluetooth Guitar Amp Deal £99.99 Fair Deal Music
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Posted 22nd May 2020Posted 22nd May 2020
Offer lasting 22-25th May Fair Deal Music offer its best selling bluetooth, battery powered amplifier at HALF PRICE! Blackstar Super Fly Buetooth Guitar Amp Highlights 12 Watt… Read more

How are these compared to a Cube Street? The price is tempting


These are great little amps ..I used to have the stereo pack .....wouldn't pay £99 quid for one though...good deal or not Got a second hand Yamaha thr10c for £120.... As good as the little blackstars are the yam totally blows it away edit. Think this is the 'bigger' version ? Can't see specs other than 3" speakers...which would make it small?


Same price in most other dealers including GAK

Marshall Woburn Bluetooth Classic Black Speaker £199 @ Fair Deal Music
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Posted 3rd Jan 2020Posted 3rd Jan 2020
Marshall Woburn Bluetooth Classic Black Speaker £199 @ Fair Deal Music£199
An amazing price for an amazing speaker

Bought this for my wife just before Christmas at this price from this same retailer. Connected to her record player. It’s an incredible bit of kit. Clear, loud, and looks very cool. Highly recommended!


Wouldn't Google home max be a better bet given its smart feature set? This Marshall relies on bluetooth for wireless sound so to get the most of it you'll have to hook it up to a decent source via wire. To me that kind of defeats the point of having a single speaker over a stereo setup.


Ive got this speaker. It is fantastic, to the point where it gets close to live music quality at times. Be careful if you have neighbours though, to get the most out of it you need to crank it up. It gets better loud, little point owning one otherwise. For £200 this is insanely cheap, you wont find the Stanmore at this price, but the woburn absolutely blows its little brother out of the water.


No, its the older one but worth it at that price


Is this the new model?

Marshall Bluetooth Speaker - Woburn, Classic Black £199 at Fair Deal Music
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Posted 12th Dec 2019Posted 12th Dec 2019
Marshall Bluetooth Speaker - Woburn, Classic Black £199 at Fair Deal Music£199
A decent good looking Marshall Bluetooth speaker to play Chrismas tracks and bop around the xmas tree. The speaker has a range that includes loud bass if you want to blast some be… Read more

only for the greasers


Not bluetooth 5.0 ☹


Brilliant speaker and worth the money. Alas its not £10 so it will probably go cold. Ive tried to warm it up


Not been lower than £239 on Amazon. Good price.

Marshall RF-1 Reflector Reverb Pedal £39 (free delivery) @ Fair Deal Music
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Posted 3rd Jan 2018Posted 3rd Jan 2018
Marshall RF-1 Reflector Reverb Pedal £39 (free delivery) @ Fair Deal Music£39£4920% off
With the Reflector Digital Reverb you have access to a half-dozen effects worthy of the Marshall name ranging from spacious halls to studio plates, classic spring reverbs, and haun… Read more
Marshall DSL40c Stealth for £439 @ fairdealmusic
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Posted 23rd Feb 2016Posted 23rd Feb 2016
Marshall DSL40c Stealth for £439 @ fairdealmusic£439
Looking at Marshall amps I have found this Marshall DSL40c in stealth black. RRP is £599, cheapest I can find is £528 I emailed and managed to get the price down further. Suppos… Read more

Normal knobs seem to be around the £8 mark for 6...not been able to find a fascia as a spare part


you have to wonder what on earth they were thinking with the black labels


Bad news "It's a Marshall" :)


I bought the Marshall JVM215 combo in Stealth Black just after Xmas. It's not as bad as it looks in the pictures, but you do have to make an effort to learn what the knobs are and where.


X) Ha - yes, it would be popular with Hotblack Desiato... and Spinal Tap. Maybe these are slight seconds, which have already been crashed into a sun !?