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Swisse Vitamins from 99p Hair skin and Nails (£29.99rrp) at Family Bargains / Poundland
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Posted 28th Jul 2017Posted 28th Jul 2017LocalLocal
Swisse Vitamins from 99p Hair skin and Nails (£29.99rrp) at Family Bargains / Poundland£0.99
Spotted these and thought it was a typo - Swisse vitamins are in boots for a very premium price of £10+, from their site these are £29.99 and on also 29.99: https://www… Read more

offers still going AND they now do Fish oil in huge tubs for chips!


Generally most people don't require pseudo science such as multi vitamins. If you're alcoholic you require Thiamine supplementation. If you don't get enough sun you can supplement Vitamin D3 (not D2). You won't sweat enough to lose enough minerals and even if you did this depletion would take time. Folic Acid supplementation in pregnancy. Unless you absolutely know you are deficient then you don't need a multi vitamin and even then you need specific vitamins/minerals rather than everything. How many people in the western world get scurvy and pellegra for example. Even our crappy western diets can provide enough nutrients. The taking of multi vitamins as an insurance policy is a mass delusion. It's your money to throw away. The NHS doesn't recommend you take them, but gives specific advice on individual supplementation for individual groups.


guess it depends on the source. There are different types of magnesium for example, vit d2/3, vit A and so-on. These are very high quality. the box is fancy as is the no moisture lid, so i guess some goes into that. Premium in Australia


Adding up the street price of each of the components of these I get to £1.37. Actually good value at 99p, but what on earth is the original price about? Gullible has to be the right word for customers.


Take these and you won't know whether to fart or yodel.

500ml Carex Strawberry Fun for Shower & Bath 99p @ Family Bargains
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Posted 16th Apr 2016Posted 16th Apr 2016
500ml Carex Strawberry Fun for Shower & Bath 99p @ Family Bargains£0.99
We all know about their heavenly handwash with its very strong scent but I have never seen this before. I have just enjoyed the best bath that I have ever had. if you cannot get… Read more
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good find op, heat added


>>>>>Have some HEAT! But do not use too much of it..

GU10 LED Bulb 5Watts 330 lumens energy SAVE -  £1 @ Family Bargains instore
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Posted 18th Mar 2016Posted 18th Mar 2016
GU10 LED Bulb 5Watts 330 lumens energy SAVE - £1 @ Family Bargains instore£1
LED 5W GU10 Lamps Spot Light Day Warm White Bulbs in FAMILYBARGAIN store LED 5 watts these bulbs produce the same light output as the old 50W halogens saving approx 90% on elect… Read more

cheers all ill have a look at the screwfix ones.thanks


​try with screwfix's lap gu10 warm white, we jumped from standard halogen to that ones and really happy. ~£20 for pack of five


​Look at the colour temperature, you want about 2700 or 3000K if it's 6000 or so it will look clinical white/blue. Though halogen actually puts out a range of colour frequencies and LED will by the very nature be a fixed frequency so they'll never be quite as good. :)


Cookey. Screwfix lap 4w gu10


is there such a led bulb that exists that would give the same level and feeling of warmth that a halogen bulb gives?im on the lookout but most seem too dim or not as warm feeling as halogens..ive heard philips and verbatim mentioned

9 rolls of Velvet 3 ply toilet tissue £1.89 @ Family Bargains
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Posted 2nd Feb 2016Posted 2nd Feb 2016
9 rolls of Velvet 3 ply toilet tissue £1.89 @ Family Bargains£1.89
Found at Swindon store - Family Bargains is part of 99p stores.
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Actually prefer Nicky


Just spotted that deal myself and was going to post it, but as this one is still active I guess the wilko info is kinda out there....... lol :)


If no Family Bargains store near you the Wilko's doing same pack for £2.25 from today.


Andrex snob...... this IS better.


It's not amazing. It's almost the norm - I use Costco but certain item are for mugs. Toilet snobs with the "discount" offers.

AA 10.5Kg de-icing salt set £1.49 at Family Bargains (Burton)
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Posted 31st Dec 2015Posted 31st Dec 2015LocalLocal
AA 10.5Kg de-icing salt set £1.49 at Family Bargains (Burton)£1.49
Seen in Burton, could be national. Includes 3.5Kg bottle, Funnel and 2 3.5Kg refill packs. 10.5Kg salt in total. Loads on the shelf.
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I was doing it wrong, the wife is now down in the garage hope it works.


Waste of £1.49, no ice coming this year and will probably get moisture inside it if you store it in a garage.


Ice pie with my little eye, something beginning with salt. :|


will this take the icing off my xmas cake?


walkers squares chrisps 99p at family bargins
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Posted 11th Dec 2015Posted 11th Dec 2015
walkers squares chrisps 99p at family bargins£0.99
usually £1.99 at most super markets and these are really nice chrisps
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I did drive past a Family Bargains store but can't for the life of me think where it was.......


99p in Home Bargains


They do crisps as well, don't you know.

Dawsy Never come across them myself also but on looking do have stores near me. (Nottingham)


What is family bargains??? Is this a local store??

L'Oréal Paris Recital Preference Hair Colourant £1.99 @ Family Bargains
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Posted 25th Oct 2015Posted 25th Oct 2015
L'Oréal Paris Recital Preference Hair Colourant £1.99 @ Family Bargains£1.99
L'Oréal Paris Recital Preference Hair Colourant £1.99 @ Family Bargains Everywhere else £6.99 or Tesco selling 2 for £11.00
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I think it might sting a bit down there


For a minute there I was absolutely convinced OP wrote "rectal preference hair colourant."


No stores near me but a good buy if there's one near you.


[image missing]


[image missing]

Muvo, 6 washing tablets 50p @ Family Bargains
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Posted 18th Oct 2015Posted 18th Oct 2015
Muvo, 6 washing tablets 50p @ Family Bargains£0.50
In my local family bargains, 50p for 6 tablets, (one bag) quality is generally considered to be fine.
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Me too although non bio for me good for my family who seem to be allergic to most other washing liquids.


I use the liquid. 100 washes for £3.99 @ home bargains.

10 x mini packs of biscuits from Family Bargains. 99p .
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Posted 14th Sep 2015Posted 14th Sep 2015
10 x mini packs of biscuits from Family Bargains. 99p .£0.99
10 packs of these biscuits ( 2 of each of the flavour shown) I got some for school lunches. There's 6 biscuits in each mini- pack. Flavours are: Orange Vanilla Strawberry Choc Bana… Read more
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these r 89p in Aldi atm


been getting these from the 99p store for a while .


Lol, sorry! I never get into poundland ( I know, rubbish HUKD-er, lol) I just happened to be passing and popped in this store. I liked them for lunches, but tbh, they've got a kitch 70s/80s look about them, that appealed to me :)


Nearest store : 59.3 miles away! Think I'll stick with Poundland for the sake of an extra penny.


suppose a penny cheaper than poundland is better than nothing.

4pcs kids patio set £9.99 @ Family Bargains stores
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Posted 11th Sep 2015Posted 11th Sep 2015
4pcs kids patio set £9.99 @ Family Bargains stores£9.99
from today Family Bargains stores has summer sale. Lots of deals nationwide. kids patio set was 16.99 now 9.99
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