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PG Tips Tea Bags - 240 - £1.99 instore @ Filco
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Posted 3rd Dec 2018Posted 3rd Dec 2018LocalLocal
PG Tips Tea Bags - 240 - £1.99 instore @ Filco£1.99£450% off
Another Filco deal. Unbelieveable scenes when I saw this! Filco Supermarkets are in the South Wales area.
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Another method is to heat 50/50 water/mile on the hob with tea bag in. Nice and slow. Great taste! :)


Interesting but not sure I’ll be doing it, if I remember I’ll give it a go. Thanx for info


Don't tell me you drink Typhoo?


Don't call me a tetley fanboi when I don't even use them get your facts right first before commenting


Healthiest way to brew your tea!!! XD (lol) You need to get out more!

Weetabix - £4.00 for 144 instore @ Filco
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Posted 28th Nov 2018Posted 28th Nov 2018LocalLocal
Weetabix - £4.00 for 144 instore @ Filco£4
Well, when I saw this I nearly fell into the display. I then walked past it twice more thinking I was muchly mistaken and then swiped 6 of them. Only 6? Yep, I'm not sure how many … Read more

My bad. Never heard of Filco


This is a hot weetabix deal, shame not nationwide but have some heat...and can someone ship me a lorry load of these please. The mrs and the kids go through 12 a day!


Thanks OP. I live just down the road so very handy. Voted hot!


What is a Filco?


stinking deal. well done ok. surprised we haven't had the usual I've bought 20 of them for eBay comment as yet.

2x Pizza express and 6pack beer £6 - Filco Supermarkets
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Posted 26th Sep 2018Posted 26th Sep 2018LocalLocal
2x Pizza express and 6pack beer £6 - Filco Supermarkets£6
2 pizza express pizzas and a 6 pack of Stella or bud or Rio del oro rose wine at all FilcoSupermarkets

Filco, Serves you right.


Me neither. I'm a Yorkshire man but I just looked on the website. Store locations are all in Wales.


Well on behalf of my fellow welshmen/women have some heat. (FYI I'm not Welsh)


Think they are in Wales only.


Wilko & Fine Fare had a baby.

Surf laundry liquid 48 wash tropical @ filco £3.75
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Posted 2nd Jul 2016Posted 2nd Jul 2016
Surf laundry liquid 48 wash tropical @ filco £3.75£3.75
Saw this in store , its the pink one, also the 23 wash powder is on offer for £2.75
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H@sbal honey with honeycomb now £1.99 in Filco supermarkets 450gms
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Posted 6th Feb 2016Posted 6th Feb 2016
H@sbal honey with honeycomb now £1.99 in Filco supermarkets 450gms
Usually not expensive but now at £1.99 it's a must. Kids just love the huge Honeycomb chunk
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i bought it and didnt look until i got home,took the comb out and ate it ,well i went to eat it but the stuff it was covered in was so sickly so i looked on label and realised its not even a 3rd honey or the only honey is the actual comb in middle lol


OK so why is my welsh nisa called nisa


Was going to say the same thing - we got suckered into buying some because my wife loves honey, and the honeycomb inside caught her eye, then like you when we read the label when we got home, couldn't believe it wasn't pure honey - add that to the honeycomb (if indeed it is) taking up 1/2 the jar you have yourself a shockingly bad deal.


absolute junk this!!! look at ingredients,its got some form of corn syrup in it HONEY, CONFECTIONERY, GLICOSE SYRUP, FRUCTOSE SYRUP


No, you did it ok, just the link to the store website didn't work, but they've corrected it now

Offers @ Filco (Barry)
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Posted 21st Dec 2015Posted 21st Dec 2015
Offers @ Filco (Barry)
get to the new filco barry store where they have some amazing offers on christmas eve a pack of 10 coke/diet only £1.00. other offers available on the leaflet. pop to the store … Read more

Diet Coke 1.25L Bottle - 50p @ Filco Foods
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Posted 9th Dec 2015Posted 9th Dec 2015
Diet Coke 1.25L Bottle - 50p @ Filco Foods£0.50
50p per bottle at Filco Foods! Newly opened store in Barry so understand not everybody will know about it, I didn't! Max 3 per customer.

I sell a case of 12 for £4


​No idea, Paul should know.


You're not wrong, where's Barry.

Carling Zest 4 pack £1 @ Filco Foods
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Posted 26th Jun 2015Posted 26th Jun 2015
Carling Zest 4 pack £1 @ Filco Foods£1
Carling zest berries 4 pack currently a £1.00 in all Filcos stores! A light drink, great for next weeks heat wave! Get the BBQ out lol
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I've never heard of Filco Foods, but that is a great price.

80 Typhoo T bags 97p @ Filco Stores
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Posted 28th Apr 2015Posted 28th Apr 2015
80 Typhoo T bags 97p @ Filco Stores£0.97
Typhoo teabags 97p for 80 at Filco stores! Some other good deals too on laundry powder and cereal.
Blossom Hill Soft and Fruity Red or Echo Falls Red Wines 3 for £10 @ Filco ( Part of Nisa Group)
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Posted 13th May 2014Posted 13th May 2014LocalLocal
Blossom Hill Soft and Fruity Red or Echo Falls Red Wines 3 for £10 @ Filco ( Part of Nisa Group)£10
Great price for a fantastic Red Wine .... The Blossom Hill I'm drinking at the moment.... Very fruity and easy to drink. Haven't tried the Echo Falls yet. Looked online elsewhere a… Read more
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Great post - thanks