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First News (Kids Newspaper) Free for a limited period - useful for home schooling/school closures
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Posted 16th Mar 2020Posted 16th Mar 2020
First News (Kids Newspaper) Free for a limited period - useful for home schooling/school closures
Most schools already subscribe to this so pupils are familiar with it. With the possibility of school closures and isolation looming, our aim of providing reliable news to childre… Read more

Heated. People in forced economic hibernation that have kids need all the help they can get. Especially if they are to keep their walking asymptomatic kids away from older people.


This is great. Thanks


Thanks - kids had this in print at primary school, an ideal read in language they can digest!


Beano all day for me then. After that it was the step up to Viz


Left wing Remoaners looking at that second front page. XD

First news, newspaper for 8-14 year olds
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Posted 15th Dec 2018Posted 15th Dec 2018
First news, newspaper for 8-14 year oldsFREE£19.99
Excellent for little readers. First 6 papers free 19.99 3 monthly there after, but subscription can be cancelled once free offer is finished see link for more details

I see, thanks! :)


Or use library, my eldest is at high school and a large part of the social studies curriculum is current affairs so this is very relevant for some.


Not sure but there is a phone number on web page so I would imagine so!


I just cancelled the DD and the papers stopped. I have however received a few offers via telephone and letter to see if I would be interested in subscribing again.


Nah, I'll keep my kids as kids, thanks. Buy them books that will educate and expand their imagination.

free copy of first news - newspaper for children aged 7 to 14.
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Posted 8th Feb 2018Posted 8th Feb 2018
free copy of first news - newspaper for children aged 7 to 14.
call 0800 665 420 and quote PRIVATE EYE (ad in eponymous mag). or use code on website :

I know, like I said, idiots at best.


A few million Americans would disagree with you there bro.


Life is anti-trump. Anyone that isn't, is an idiot at best.


Henrietta (age 9) : Tobias, do you think the abolition of the gold standard was a good idea? Tobias (age 8 ) : Shurrup. I'm trying to make a monster meerkat out of Lego.


Probably teaching them about sex change and how to tell their parents to who to vote for. Voted cold as nothing good can come from this, let kids be kids... news for kids? There's enough brainwashing for adults.

Free copy of kids newspaper called 'The First News'
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Posted 23rd Jan 2013Posted 23rd Jan 2013
Free copy of kids newspaper called 'The First News'
Just sign up and get a free copy of a newspaper made for kids aged 7 onwards. Terms and conditions After submission of your request for a free issue we will call you on the teleph… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I think this is brilliant, kids do need to read topical news but the negativity of a real newspaper is juts too much for some young ones!


Thanks this is great it will encourage kids to read more..


I have added the terms and conditions to above,x


The page does not have a registration link?