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Maidenhead Aquatics Windsor 60% closing down sale - includes decorations, gravels and various filters, lighting etc
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Posted 20th Dec 2020Posted 20th Dec 2020LocalLocal
Maidenhead Aquatics Windsor 60% closing down sale - includes decorations, gravels and various filters, lighting etc
Maidenhead Aquatics in Windsor, inside the Dedworth Road garden centre is selling various items for 60% off. This includes decorations, gravels and various filters, lighting etc. G… Read more

These closing down sales are always miles from me. ;(


Oh wow, they have an amazing reputation for Plecos and other specialised fish. Shame to see them go as they were very highly regarded.


they have lots of sites country wide, this has been planned for a long while the marine part of the business moved last year to Bracknell and have branded themselves as Reefkeeper, and have a store in Rugby as well.


Lovely company used to be respected when I had a marine tank many years ago. Hope they are moving onto a new site.


Sounds fishy

10% off for NHS workers at Maidenhead Aquatics
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Posted 28th Apr 2020Posted 28th Apr 2020
10% off for NHS workers at Maidenhead Aquatics
Seems like a good deal for any NHS workers who are fishkeepers. Expires 30th June 2020.

That would help balance the books, having bought those water cannons from them.


I suspect they thought "what's the point having 21 million masks sat around doing nothing" and sold them to another country. Probably Germany.


I'm really puzzled about that bit. Does anyone know anything about that? I've not even heard conjecture, be it fraud, theft or whomping great big rats in the super duper state of the art warehouse.


well said less patronising more paying staff a decent wage


Seems fishy to me? 😁

Terra fish food 30% OFF @ Maidenhead Aquatics (Instore) - E.G Terra Colour Tropical granules £6.64
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Posted 6th Jan 2020Posted 6th Jan 2020LocalLocal
Terra fish food 30% OFF @ Maidenhead Aquatics (Instore) - E.G Terra Colour Tropical granules £6.64£6.64£9.4930% off
There is some good deals on Tetra fish food @Maidenhead Aquatics right now. Most of them are 30% off which make big tubs same price as normally small ones. E.g. Terra Colour Tropic… Read more

I have a small resealable bag that i put about a months worth in. That way I'm not opening the large tub every day and it lasts longer. If you want to go overboard you can put some silica gel in with it.


In general I prefer granules or pellets, they are not going off so fast and create less mess in the tank (y)


Never find it's worth getting large tubs. By the time you're half way through the flakes are starting to disintegrate into powder and become too small for some fish to eat.


Fluval Flex 57L Aquarium only £109.99 @ Fishkeeper
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Posted 25th Dec 2019Posted 25th Dec 2019
Fluval Flex 57L Aquarium only £109.99 @ Fishkeeper£109.99£1208% off
Fluval flex 57l aquarium in black or white for £109.99 closes prices are £120 and above. Great starter tank with integrated filter and light. Needs heater (100W) for tropical but i… Read more

Cold on your comment you have not mentioned a 1000l tank.


My third chamber lowered to the pump rapidly set up as intended. I removed sponge from centre chamber filled it with matrix and alfagrog and put one long course sponge along the first chamber grills and my heater is in first chamber also, in centre chamber i have the pre-filter sponge on top. So far no drainage in third chamber and a lot more media in the filter. Tank is running very well, i have Cory Hastatus breeding which are notoriously difficult but it isn’t designed for fry unfortunately so they don’t make it at least as far as i know (it’s densely planted).


The £125 105L tetra from argos is better value.. I also used vouchers and got it for £75


The 3rd chamber is supposed to drain as evaporation occurs, you just keep it topped up occasionally. Its not a bad design, its a normal sump system unless your mainly referring to the light timers ?


i have the Spec 5 60l, my wife has the smaller flex. Thought the chambers were the same. Had issues with light timers too on the tanks and had to modify the filter to keep the third chamber full of water. Not a great design to be honest but i do like the tank.

Maidenhead Aquatics - buy a gift card £20-£500 by Father's Day, 10% will be added after Father's Day @ fishkeeper
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Posted 16th Jun 2017Posted 16th Jun 2017
Maidenhead Aquatics - buy a gift card £20-£500 by Father's Day, 10% will be added after Father's Day @ fishkeeper£20
Spotted this at the Bolton branch, was spending there and then so bought the gift card for the exact amount, used it, and within 7 days of father's day, 10% will be put on it.

this is after they have added 30% to their prices ! (expensive shop)

Superfish Home 60 aquarium LED sunrise remote control lighting £109.99 @ Fishkeeper
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Posted 26th Jan 2017Posted 26th Jan 2017
Superfish Home 60 aquarium LED sunrise remote control lighting £109.99 @ Fishkeeper£109.99
The Home 60 is a modern “plug and play” aquarium with built-in filter and energy-efficient LED Sunrise Lighting equipped with a remote control. It’s the ideal aquarium for aquascap… Read more

hope you didn't photoshop that


Maybe you will sleep better now knowing they have a new Rock to explore.[image missing]image upload without registration


that's a baby triggerfish, isn't it?


All goldfish should be free-ranging, like this one:


The inevitable popcorn comment. Never seen that before.

Aqua Oak 110cm 'Doors & Drawers' Aquarium and Cabinet, looks great in any living area, £599 @ Fishkeeper was £699
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Posted 24th Jan 2017Posted 24th Jan 2017
Aqua Oak 110cm 'Doors & Drawers' Aquarium and Cabinet, looks great in any living area, £599 @ Fishkeeper was £699£599.99
Max Length: 110cm Max Width (front to back): 45cm Max Height (inc. stand & hood): 136cm Approx. Volume: 200 litres

Just make some notes on the sizes, style etc and browse the sites - see what's available, also, think about the final set up - fish etc, a lot of peeps just go to the LFS and end up buying what they are told to buy - end up with mass amounts of live bearers, cannibal fish, nocturnal predators etc If needs must you can get the shop to order in your fish or even use a online verified aquatic store (don't use ebay) - where the fish are much cheaper but you have to pay around £20 for the registered courier... at the end, you'll have the aquarium you wanted then the perfect community tank ;) - oh - worth joining a few Fish groups on Facebook too for impartial advice, I wouldn't trust any advice from a Aquatic Store as they just want the money you have in their till - and will say anything to get it there... If in doubt - drop me a PM


Yeah i got a great tank silly cheap a few year ago, i'm redecorating my whole house now so i want a new tank set up so I can move my old one if that makes sense. Its stopping me decorating one of my rooms at the minute. I want to get a decent one now to match all my furniture so going to get a sideboard and tank to suit and as you say just modify it to suit.


Expensive ... i am happy with my second hand cabinet just got for 100£


Spot on, you pay the premium for the specially designed "tank stand" - you can buy a decent quality wood cabinet in any style you want then plonk the tank on, save a small fortune... it may need some rework on the back panel for pipes etc, but it's quick and easy.... Overall - best way for buying a tank etc - second hand on the fish keeping sites - aquarist classifieds etc, that way you can get a fantastic bargain, bigger, better, complete set up for a fraction of the price you'd spend on a basic shop tank, hood and stand - made from melamine... I picked up a quality 6ft, 2 x externals, 4 more filters, R.O, halides, loads more gear for £180, asked the guy if he could deliver - gave him £20, got well over £1k of tank and gear, for £200 you get a junky fake wood fish tank these days. Always have an idea of what you want and aim for that set up - don't buy a small tank, then a slightly bigger tank etc etc or you'll waste £££££ on the way to the final set up... Been in the fish business for..... 20+ years, been doing the fish for over 30 years.


Have a look on ebay, aquarist classifieds - for the basic item you want, then visit the site direct where there's often the same thing cheaper or with a discount code... you'll find some with inbuilt filtration/lighting/heating too - the filtration is very light work though so worth adding a decent external - but all depends on your desired set up of course.

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