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Find a wide range of fitness equipment, gym equipment, boxing gear, table tennis tables and commercial sports equipment at Fitness Superstore. Visit any of the Fitness Superstore showrooms located all over the country any day of the week or shop 24 x 7 at the online website. Use the customer service hotline to have your doubts cleared, enjoy next day delivery and even low priced Saturday delivery. Use the free online gym planner and avail the buy now, pay later facility on some order values.

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-5% Discount
-5% Discount
Save 5% + 1% extra for every Olympic medal won by the Great Britain Team @ Fitness Superstore
INSTRUCTIONS: Check the website each morning after 9am to see what the discount is for that day. Maximum discount of 10%. T&Cs… Read more

10% off today thanks to 5 medals yesterday!

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Body Power 20kg Chrome Spinlock Dumbbell Weight Set - £79.99 / £87.94 delivered @ fitness-superstore
This durable 20kg Chrome Spinlock Dumbbell Set is a great starter kit! Fully adjustable, you get excellent weight selection options. Solid bars feature easy-grip knurled handles. C… Read more
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Look heavy :(


Sort your prices out! Utter joke!


Save your money, gyms will be open again soon. That’s a good 3-4 months gym membership right there (:I


Chrome weights are around £40-60 anyway hope it helps 1 person who need some lovely Chrome dumbbells and for the price haters you (weight) for the price drop :) a little itl be a while 😁


Get the DeLorean ready doc....

Body Power 10Kg Rubber Encased Tri Grip Standard Weight Plates (x2) - £50.99 / £57.94 delivered @ fitness-superstore
-190° Expired
Body Power 10Kg Rubber Encased Tri Grip Standard Weight Plates (x2) - £50.99 / £57.94 delivered @ fitness-superstore£57.94
Body Power 10Kg Rubber Encased Tri Grip Standard Weight Plates (x2) If you can find a pair of STANDARD 10kg RUBBER plates let me know.

Are they not the 28mm Domyos ones?


Sorry should of said I am only interested in cast iron weights or the rubber coated cast iron. Thanks though


10kg 1 inch vinyls back in argos if that helps you.


Check decathlon, I got standard size (1 inch) about 3 weeks ago, same design as these for £20 each (excluding delivery)


The original post I responded to just asked for any kind of plates. They didn't specify vinyl/rubber. Personally my gumtree is full of people offloading cheap vinyl kit as the gyms go back. I'd be inclined to stock up on 2nd hand vinyl plates til the 1st hand market calms down.

York 10Kg Black Cast Iron 1" Plate (x2) - £59.97 Delivered @ Fitness Superstore
-123° Expired
York 10Kg Black Cast Iron 1" Plate (x2) - £59.97 Delivered @ Fitness Superstore£59.97
Manufactured from cast iron, these York Fitness Standard Weight Plates are perfect for increasing the workout load of your equipment. They can be used with all standard 1” barbells… Read more

That’s fine, Mirafit are a great company and still cheaper. Plus tri grip weights give more flexibility for training options, I use them instead of dumbbells for light shrugs and lateral raises. You would be better off waiting, all the prices are too high.


Think this thread deserves a time machine comment on prices.


£55 with delivery. I'd prefer York myself.

always_hungry 100 lbs for £99.95 But still dear

always_hungry £10 cheaper but still way too high for standard plates

Body Power 24kg cast iron Kettlebell £59.99 + £7.95 delivery @ fitness superstore
-158° Expired
Body Power 24kg cast iron Kettlebell £59.99 + £7.95 delivery @ fitness superstore£67.94
Decent deal in the current climate and more importantly it’s actually in stock. They have the 16kg for £40 too.… Read more
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Try decathlon Got some lighter weights for a decent price last week


I highly doubt that, whilst gyms will open soon, it’s going to be a different world inside them. Good luck even getting a slot to train.


They will be giving these for free when gyms are open.


As stated it isn’t really a deal per say, but there are masses of people who can’t get hold of home gym equipment, it’s in stock and can be in your home gym tomorrow. Many people are happy to pay a premium for that. I couldn’t care if this freezes over at all but there will be someone this helps I’m sure. If you can find it cheaper, available to everyone for delivery and in stock please feel free to post and I’ll happily expire this and send them towards your deal seen as this one is so bad (y) If not then please validate your point?


A ‘freezing cold’ button needs to be created for this deal!

Body Power 10kg Tri Grip Vinyl Weights (2 pack) £33.94 delivered @ fitness-superstore
263° Expired
Body Power 10kg Tri Grip Vinyl Weights (2 pack) £33.94 delivered @ fitness-superstore£33.94
Finally back in stock! These are big so take that into account. Curling them will be annoying. I personally use mine for a bar and I have a cable pulley that also fits them perfe… Read more

mine arrived today, so quick delivery.


Delivery for me was quick (within a week of order date) when I bought these in May


Hopefully demand will start to reduce, and prices will start to lower - Gyms to re-open with social distancing within weeks / days.


I got these for £20 plus £5.95 postage last time. Happy with them but be aware mine weren't exactly 10kgs each - one was 9.9kg and the other 10.4kg.


If you're narked about the price now, just wait another 4 months and 3 weeks lol* *can be cut'n'paste into any thread where people are complaining about price increases (apart from the billionaire tax evasion schemes posts obvs!)

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Bowflex 2-24 Kg SelectTech Dumbbells (Pair) £449 @ Fitness Superstore
-411° Expired
Bowflex 2-24 Kg SelectTech Dumbbells (Pair) £449 @ Fitness Superstore£449 Free P&P Free
Expensive but finally in stock for a pair Best known adjustable dumbbells that’s been out of stock for ages They have the 41kg available as well for £699

Don’t buy from these crooks. Preordered the 25kg one. Waited 2 weeks and after several emails a group of us on here had them the orders cancelled. Terrible service from Sports Direct


I’ve expired as oos


This was one of my concerns before I bought them, but to be be honest I dont find it a problem. At the lightest weight you are still lifting the full lenght handle, but there are very few exercises that will be close to the body at the low weight where it will matter, and when you increase the weight on normal dumbbells they become a similar size. At the top of a shoulder press, they are are maybe a little wider then a spindle bar, but if you really need to you can twist your wrist a little to get them closer (y)


This kind of set up does sound appealing ie being able to dial the weight you want but in reality I think the size of the weights are too big (more like curling 2 barbells).


Yes, but that's still 50 quid cheaper than this for 12.5kg extra on each dumbell. Thought I'd been clear but I've now reworded my post so as not to confuse.

Body Power 5Kg Tri Grip Standard Weight Plates (x2) £13.99 +£5.95 delivery @ Fitness Superstore
319° Expired
Body Power 5Kg Tri Grip Standard Weight Plates (x2) £13.99 +£5.95 delivery @ Fitness Superstore£19.94
In stock, £19.94 including delivery. Weights in short supply so does the job. 8% quidco also.
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can you post any picture? thanks


Just had these delivered. Width is equivalent to 2x 2.5kg cast iron weights. Plasticy quality but what do you expect at this price point. If you desperately need cheap weights (which is what I did) then these are a no brainer. If not, wait and buy cast iron.


Thanks for sharing @Dealhuntarr (y) First post and over 300 heat (party)


I was talking about fruit juice, what are roids?


Needle in me right now. Why do you think I can’t afford Bumper plates. Clearly my money goes on roids (y)

21Kg VINYL Dumbbell Weight Set £44.94 delivered at fitness-superstore
311° Expired
21Kg VINYL Dumbbell Weight Set £44.94 delivered at fitness-superstore£44.94 £5.95
Good price for decent amount of weight These are vinyl though so not the best material but certainly not bad by any stretch 8% with TopCashback as well

Mental, they keep selling out though and selling for a lot more on eBay so price rises are inevitable


They've put it up another 50 to 499 now. Ridiculous!


Ordered, cheers.


Thanks for the heads up! Ive taken the plunge and ordered...eek!


Available now for 449

Body Power Solid SPINLOCK 6' Standard Bar £34.99 + £5.95 del @ Fitness superstore
32° Expired
Body Power Solid SPINLOCK 6' Standard Bar £34.99 + £5.95 del @ Fitness superstore£40.94
Lots of bars now in stock

Yino, these people may be thinking that the bar will not slide through the holes. I’m just ensuring they know that it will (lol) .


Well yes they will be all over the place (lol)


They technically will fit, but they won’t be secure (y)


i ordered a barbell and it was damaged and no reply , they never seal their tubes properly , while mirafit seal it properly. ps this was an olympic barbell 20kg and the end cap come off and inside damaged.


Be careful, if you order something and it’s damaged they will give you the runaround and you will be left with damaged goods

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