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Xmas Offer! Annual Gym Membership Only £159.20 @ Fitness4Less
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Posted 8th Dec 2015Posted 8th Dec 2015
Xmas Offer! Annual Gym Membership Only £159.20 @ Fitness4Less£159.20
Annual Membership - Christmas Offer Allows full access within all opening hours (peak & off-peak) for 1 year. Works out to only £13.27 a month! What a bargain! Why pay £50 a… Read more



Click here then take a look at the menu box for locations.


what locations?


damn i need a gym deal too..any other good ones on?


Use XMACISE no joining fee ..

Fitness4Less Gym Membership - £132 per annum - works out to only £11pm
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Posted 22nd Dec 2013Posted 22nd Dec 2013
Fitness4Less Gym Membership - £132 per annum - works out to only £11pm£132
Fitness4Less have a offer where existing members can introduce a new member for a reduced price of £132.00. So need to know someone who is already a member to take advantage of thi… Read more

Or maybe business rent is a bit more expensive in central London?


So judging by the photo it's not the sort of place that girls would go to looking for a fit guy;-)


maybe I'm just lucky they have this pre-opening price at acton at 12.99 per month for the whole year. I entered the promotion code (found it at the voucher section on this site lol) so there is no joining fee as well. Membership can be cancelled anytime by cancelling direct debit. Pretty straight forward.


London gym is £150. It is £18 extra a year.


How did you manage to do that? I swear pure gym is expensive, well the one near me costs £25.99 :|

Fitness4less London, Southwark - No joining fee with this code- save £55.46
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Posted 20th Dec 2012Posted 20th Dec 2012
Fitness4less London, Southwark - No joining fee with this code- save £55.46
Just in time for the obligatory new years resolution of losing some weight. Put off by the fact that youll inevitably join, go 2 or 3 times then quit? No problem, sign up free usin… Read more

All joining fees are a massive rip-off. It is akin to you having an annoying guide riding shotgun when you have just acquired a driver's license. There is no added value to this scam if you have been a gym member on and off. With this massive joining fee a new joiner, who has been around the block, gets nothing. I wish there was an Ombudsman looking after gym members' interests, all you have is a consumers' forum which is as good at biting as a dead butterfly. Have not voted for this deal either way......


Central London prices for you... It used to be £65 I believe, when they first opened.


Wow.. that's one big joining fee for that Fitness4less branch. My local F4L (Newport) has been either £25 or have done a few promos where there's been a zero joining fee. Good job they're doing no fee at the moment. Also, I don't know if it's the same with every F4L but mine are putting their monthly fee up from £14.99 to £15.99 in the new year.

Fitness4Less Gyms (including new London Southwark) - £14.99pm (No Joining Fee)
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Posted 12th Jan 2011Posted 12th Jan 2011
Fitness4Less Gyms (including new London Southwark) - £14.99pm (No Joining Fee)£14.99
Fitness4Less are opening up a gym in Southwark, London in March. Membership is just £14.99 a month and the first 100 members get no joining fee. Great for people in central Lon… Read more

Agreed, although I thought the freeweights area looked a good size (compared to other non super-premium gyms). Benefit over TheGymGroup from what I can see are that they do classes and have staff.


Not very impressive judging from the floorplans, unless all you want to do is cardio, and not 24hrs, either. Looks classier, though, than thegymgroup or Puregym.

AddictWeb Under clubs.


Does the website mention southwark? i couldn't find ref to it..

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