Fiver off every order at Toys R Us

Fiver off every order at Toys R Us



Delivery is £4.95 unless you spend over £150 so essentially is free delivery.

I can't see where you enter the code. I've gone through to check-out without seeing an option to enter a discount code. Does anyone know where I'm going wrong??

I can't spot it either Mikzos...
i can't find where you enter the code either!? :-( i was just going to order some xmas pressies and thought i'd get them delivered for free, someone please tell me what i'm doing wrong!
I just received this voucher with my delivery of Pixar Car toys from Toysrus this morning. It is a genuine code, says for online use only. I'm not sure where you type it in though. Will try later today, need more toys for Xmas.:)
Thanks spudgun, I think we are all waiting on your reply, hope its good news.

I was equally confused and could not find where to enter voucher number...and also I actually received this voucher direct from Toys R Us with my last order and it states only can be used online.

I emailed them and have just received a reply back today....

Apparently at this time they cannot accept vouchers online and can only be used in store!!

I have just replied 'why send me a voucher that states it can only be used online and not instore....'

I am currently waiting a response!!
Oh dear, that's a bit of a mix up isn't it!! Let us know what they say please Eve Welcome to the HUKD forums!

I'll click expired on this deal, as it really isn't happening right now.

I received this code on voucher through the post today with my toysrus order. When I read it, the £5 off is actually for [url][/url] (in association with Toysrus). There is no minimum order & the code is still 123527.

Yes my mistake as well, sent out with a Toysrus order but not actually for their website, was a bit confusing. Not such a great deal for Buyagift as thry are really expensive anyway. :-(
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